May 26th, 2014

10 Things I Learned About Life from Working on a Farm

By Quinn Asteak

Three years ago I started working on a farm because I needed a reason to get out of the city more often. I crave nature the way some people crave chocolate. Instead of a bimonthly binge, I figured a weekly indulgence would be healthier. My original intention with farming was to cultivate a practice of […]

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May 08th, 2014

Say Hello to Health Coach Quinn Asteak

By Quinn Asteak

Hi, I’m Quinn Asteak, a former fashion stylist turned health coach, healthy cooking expert and sustainable farming educator. I’ve been living in New York City for fourteen years, but make a run for it to the country every chance I get! Day to day, I wear a lot of hats (literally and figuratively)! As a […]

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April 11th, 2014

Vidas360: Local Farmers Markets Inspire Us to Lend a Helping Hand

By Vidas360, Maria and Alvaro

Follow Maria and Alvaro on their trip around the world as they spread kindness and share how to Do The KIND Thing in their travels. Get a better cultural understanding by visiting farmers markets or offering a helping hand. In our travels, we are always looking to deepen our knowledge of the culture, people, traditions […]

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