November 04th, 2013

Do the KIND Thing with Waves for Water and the KIND Community: A Firefighter’s Home Rebuilt

By KIND Editor

One month ago, volunteer firefighter John Gelalia was living in his gutted house on the New Jersey shore without furniture, electricity or running water. Although John helped to save lives and homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he was also one of the hurricane’s victims, still struggling to rebuild his life a year after […]

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September 13th, 2013

Do the KIND Thing with W4W: Rebuild a Firefighter’s Home

By KIND Editor

Thousands of homes destroyed.  Millions of lives changed forever.  The crazy part?  Hurricane Sandy was almost one year ago and lives are still being affected today. Through KIND’s recent partnership with clean water organization,Waves for Water, a light was shone on just how detrimental the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still is today.  John Gelalia’s story […]

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