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Reset for a New Year

How do you feel about the coming new year? Does it make you nervous? Or do you see it as a chance to reset and start anew?

Looking back on my 2013, I see many positives and negatives; many lessons learned and not learned. My goal for the new year in 2013 was to purposefully put myself in situations and places that were completely new to me. I accomplished this primarily by running bridges, industrial neighborhoods, trails and forests near Buffalo, New York. Learning lessons wasn’t as easy. It took until late fall for me to realize how disheartening it felt to miss a running goal by a small margin like eight seconds. The “should’ves” and “if only’s” amplified the uneasy feeling. This became a great motivator that ended up creating some success by late fall. This lesson makes the coming new year exciting.

For me, 2014 is filled with possibilities. Last year, if you would’ve told me that I would win a BMX contest and a trail running race two weeks apart, I wouldn’t have believed you. It happened in a two week period in late October. So, who knows what will happen in 2014? Maybe I’ll run in Europe, though a cave, up a skyscraper or actually finish a marathon. All I know is last year’s plan of putting myself in new situations seemed to work out well. Now combine that with the lessons learned plus a fresh reset and that seems like a recipe for an exciting 2014.

So, what do you think about the coming the new year? Do you see it as a chance to reset where the previous year’s issues can be forgotten? Maybe you see it as a clean slate to write out new life stories? However you see it, make sure you make the most of it.

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Jim Cielencki
Jim Cielencki, Contributor

Jim Cielencki is a former BMX professional who can't seem to shake the thrill seeker in him. He founded Sunday Bikes in 2005 and continues to wear many hats there today. Jim has also written for numerous BMX magazines and websites.

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