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Say Hello to Alisha Golden of Do Something Epic Agency

Hi, I’m Alisha Golden and I’m the founder of Do Something Epic Agency, a marketing, branding and talent management firm geared towards helping people live purposefully to change the world.

I believe we all have a unique purpose (or finger print, if you will) that serves as our own internal GPS, showing us who we are and guiding us to exactly where we need to be in each moment. When we embody and live from this uniqueness we bring about union, flow and positive change, not only in our own lives, but also in the world.

With the fast pace of our every day lives it’s easy to lose sight of this. I’ll be sharing helpful tips on how we can tune back into our purpose in a really fun and exciting manner. I’ll also be sharing ways we can best share this uniqueness and tap into the part of us that is pure magic.

Beyond this, I’m also a yogi, a runner, a self-proclaimed foodie, and green juice-drinking, travel junkie. In fact I recently moved back to New York City from living abroad in Europe for three years, you can read all about that journey here.

I’m committed to facilitating change by holding myself accountable to exactly what I want to see “out there” in the world. I strive daily to bring the best version of me into all that I do, but I’m far from perfect. Much of what I share here will come straight from my life, life experiences and things I’ve learned along the journey. My hope is that is serves to encourage, inspire and activate you too to Do the KIND Thing.

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Alisha Golden
Alisha Golden, Contributor

Alisha Golden is the founder of Do Something Epic Agency (DSE), a lifestyle, brand strategy, marketing, and management firm for conscious people, brands, and organizations. Along with her management of the Do Something Epic Movement, Alisha serves as a grant advisor for The Pollination Project, a seed grant organization committed to giving daily, as well as a member of the board of advisors for Provita, an on demand service for yoga and fitness.

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