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Honey Smoked BBQ (72 bars)

Honey Smoked BBQ

  • 72 bars/case $107.50
  • 24 bars/case $37.50
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Who says “barbeque” has to be “junk food” if it doesn’t come from a grill? Now that’s just unfair. Whether you’re a grill guru or not, you deserve great bbq taste year-round, and we’ve met the challenge to bring you that here. Nothing artificial or greasy, just bold, all natural flavor. We respect the barbeque. Do you?
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Real Ingredients

Our bars are made from 100% whole ingredients: almonds, pumpkin & hemp seeds, pea crisps and spices, delivering 10g's of protein per bar.

  1. Protein-Packed

    22% of each bar is protein, and because it’s from a combination of legumes, nuts and seeds, it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

  2. Why Peas?

    Pea protein is an easily-digestible, non-GMO source of plant-based protein derived from peas.

  3. The Ideal Combo

    Each bar has 42% less fat per serving compared to almonds alone.*

    *Source: 45 grams of dry, loose almonds vs STRONG & KIND bar; 9.66g protein vs. 10g protein; 22.5g fat vs. 13 g fat; Almond Board of California

Why 10g?

The amount of protein you need depends on your activity level and weight. Most people can achieve their daily needs without the use of protein supplements. For example, a 180-pound guy who works out regularly needs about 80 grams of protein a day — any more is unused.

Nutritional Info +

Ingredients / Almonds, pumpkin seeds, honey, non GMO glucose, pea crisp (pea protein isolate, rice flour, rice starch), hemp seeds, tomato powder, sea salt, spices (cayenne chili, black pepper, clove, cinnamon), sunflower lecithin, garlic powder, distilled vinegar, molasses, natural smoke flavor, mustard seed, citric acid. Allergen Information: Contains almonds. May contain nut shell fragments.

Vitamins and Minerals / Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 8%, Iron 10%, Vitamin E 35%, Vitamin B2 15%, Phosphorus 20%, Magnesium 25%, Copper 20%, Manganese 40%

Allergen Information / Contains almonds. May contain nut shell fragments.

Serving Size  /  1 Bar (45g)
Calories   /  230
Fat Calories  /  140
Total Fat   /   16g
Saturated Fat   /   1.5g
Trans Fat   /   0g
Cholesterol  /   0mg
Sodium   /   125mg
Potassium   /   220mg
Total Carb   /   15g
Dietary Fiber   /   3g
Sugars   /   6g
Protein   /   10g
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Reviews (4 people recommend this)

on 8/12/2014


I had high hopes for these, but the flavor is just pretty awful. Probably would work better with a sweet bbq but this one is more of a smoky salty bbq and it just taste like you are licking a bbq spice rub.

on 7/9/2014

Bad oil being used

I tasted the dark chocolate cherry cashew. Great taste and a great snack. Only negative is that you use palm kennel oil which we all know is on the unhealthy list of oils.

on 5/28/2014

These are awesome!

I just picked up 3 of these bars from my local Kroger the other day. Im obsessed! The honey mustard one was awesome, and Im currently enjoying the honey smoked bbq one. Such a nice addition to the other sweet ones the company makes, nice to have some savory flavors!

John West
on 4/18/2014

sugar content search

Why do you make it so hard for a customer to find the sugar content for each bar? You have an ingredient tab and a low sugar tab but when you click on the bars listed on each page, unless the sugar content is listed on the front of the wrapper the sugar content is absent. You have many customers, like myself who are diabetic and that information is critical to our purchase. I'd suggest you either list all the ingredients for all the bars or make it so we can easily see and read the back side of the package.
Thanks. You've got a great product but you sure make us work for the information.

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