Almond & Coconut

Almond & Coconut

KIND Almond & Coconut is a naturally sweet and chewy blend of whole almonds and coconut.

72 Bars per case $100.00

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Average Rating (146 reviews)

A delicious bar with no dairy!

It's so hard to find gluten and DAIRY FREE food that tastes great but this is definitely one of them and will be on my shopping list from now on. Thank you for making great tasting healthy snacks :)

Yummy, but you gotta love coconut!

Just finished off an almond/coconut KIND bar and I really enjoyed it! But I wasn't thinking it'd be a bold flavor of coconut. It was a little too much for me, even though I like coconut. The almonds were nice and crunchy, and the honey made it seem like a little dessert. I think for now I'll stick to the other fruit/nut bars and treat myself to almond/coconut once in a while.

Omg!! Delicious!

I tried the Almond Coconut bars when they were being handed out after a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. My boyfriend was about to turn down the free offer, when I yelled at him to take it and boy am I glad that I got 2 out of the deal (mine and his)!! These are the best nutrition bars I have ever had! I love throwing them in my bag,for a healthy snack while I run around at work (I'm a waitress)!! I've also recently started the Herbalife diet plan and these are an approved snack on the list! Yay!

Umm Umm Good!

I'm a THICK CHICK and I will choose this COCONUT ALMOND BAR over a Snickers any day. Super awesome and tasty!

awsome natural goodness

I love the taste and content of the bars. Non GMO is important as well as gluten free. All natural ingredients and overall the best bar ever. Thank you.

Almond and Coconut

This product is awesome, they were handing them out at the Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival this year. I will be buying these for now on and pick a different nut for my grandson who is Autistic so he is Gluten Free. They are so delicious and full of flavor.

Excellent flavors.

The flavors here are stellar. I could eat 10 of these at a time.


I have tried many different brands of health and energy bars, but so many of them are much too sweet to be "healthy". I am very impressed with the KIND products and their focus on natural, low glycemic, low sodium, gluten free etc. ingredients. My very favorite is the wonderful ALMOND & COCONUT BAR...........they are the ultimate, delicious, healthy snack. Thank you for being so KIND!!


I have tried many different brands of health and energy bars, but so many of them are much too sweet to be "healthy". I am very impressed with the KIND products and their focus on natural, low glycemic, low sodium, gluten free etc. ingredients. My very favorite is the wonderful ALMOND & COCONUT BAR...........they are the ultimate, delicious, healthy snack. Thank you for being so KIND!!

What happened to the MACADAMIA and APRICOT bars????

The macadamia and apricot Kind Bars were my favorite! What happened to them?

Your website

Why don't you fix your website so I can actually complete an order.

Best bars I have ever purchased.

I wish I could find these bars in more than one store. The store only carries two types. I pay more than a dollar a bar. Packaging is four to a box. If you can tell me where I might find a more diverse store that carries your products that would be helpful.


This is the perfect bar for me before a workout. It is gluten free and dairy free. It tastes delicious. I have no nuts allergies and if besides almonds and coconut has peanuts is better for me. I also use it as a satisfying dessert. I am very happy these bars came in the market. I have tried all of them and this is my favorite bar.

incorrect labeling

I purchased a box of these from Co-op. The box does not mention peanuts. The nutritional information on this website does not mention peanuts. The individual package says the bar "may contain peanuts". With a life threatening allergy to peanuts, this is very dangerous. Fortunately I read the package and did not eat this.

Heaven in my mouth

The title says it all.


I live in Nassau , Bahamas. I'm into health and fitness. I purchased my first Almond and Coconut bar from fitness connection (BAH). Owner Erin Ferguson did a superb job with selling it to me. I had given up on protein bars because of the bland taste. Kind bars are amazingly delightful... it's like once you crunch you can't stop. I love my Kind Bar". I've tried 4 different flavors and I only have positive things to say about them. I recommend these bars to's a must try!

I have really enjoyed the almond and coconut bar its great! I want to know about the calories each bar contains.

It's great I have really enjoyed the bars that I have tried.

Health can be good!

I purchase my first kind bar at Walmart. It remind me of a health almond joy. I loved it.

Best BAR I've tasted!!!

A co-worker of mind knows I like to eat healthy OR at least try. She gave me this flavor combination to try and I'm hooked. This is the perfect snack without feeling guilty. I'm going to by this one in addition to other flavors to have variety. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Best BAR I've tasted!!!

A co-worker of mind knows I like to eat healthy OR at least try. She gave me this flavor combination to try and I'm hooked. This is the perfect snack without feeling guilty. I'm going to by this one in addition to other flavors to have variety. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Almond & Coconut

Best snack I've ever had.

Also Addicted!

I purchased my first almond coconut bar while waiting for my ride at the train station in New York Penn Station.
It was the best ever! I love coconut and I love almonds, could not find a better combination. The coconut taste so fresh. I purchase a box of 12 on a regular basis from the Giant food market in my area here in PA for $16.99. I am trying to limit myself to 2 per day. I'm hooked.

WOW! The best tasting one yet!

I'm having a blast trying all of these different flavors. Cleaned out my veg drawer in the fridge and filled it with KIND bars. The veg just goes bad anyway - buy it and don't have time to prepare it! This one is AWESOME. But a lot of sugar so I won't buy it again. Enjoyed it though. Probably the best one I've had yet! Thank you KIND for this great product!


My coworker got this at our vending machine. We are hooked. It taste natural. We both came from Asia. This was like eating real coconut. And the almond taste great. I only tasted a little, grabbed the package so that we could find out more about the product. Found your website and now we are ordering.

Yum! Coconut and Almond Bars!

These are awesome, but with just a slight drizzle of dark chocolate, they could be the best EVER!!!

Healthy, naturally sweet, filling

I love the almond/coconut bar! My husband and I are doing a healthy rating cleanse and this is what we eat for a snack/treat! It's chewy, full of flavor, and filling.


I decided to try the Almond Coconut and will be going back to the store for more! This was an awesome snack. I was nervous at first thinking it would be too sweet, but it was just the right amount of flavor and not super sweet! Great snack!

Almond & Coconut Bars

These bars are amazing!!! It deserves more than 5 stars! I tried all the Kind bars their all delicious, but my 2 favorites are the Caramel Almond & Sea Salt and the Almond & Coconut Bars !!!! YUMMMM...........

Kind Coconut/nut bar

I went to Target last nite and bought your Coconut bar, what a treat, I had it as a snack in work, I certainly will be buying more, it was really different, not too sweet (I hate those real sweet bars). It was totally satisfying and will curb my hunger until supper.


These bars are so incredibly good, I am absolutely addicted! Such a great alternative to carb loaded, sugary granola bars with zero substance. A great snack to toss in my purse for a healthy pick-me-up!

So good..

These are the best I have ever good....

Delicious and filling

Love the coconut in this.

Healthy and Filling

The KIND bars are so healthy and filling. Low gluten is a plus too. Thanks for a wonderful product.


Be Kind Eat Healthy!!

Where can i buy them in Florida

love the coconut but can't find it in Florida only Georgia can I only buy a box of 100?




I love the Almond & Coconut but would like to purchase them in bulk. Can you offer a smaller bulk quantity? I checked Sam's, Costco's, and BJ's Wholesale and Sam's only offer the protein bar multipack. Thanks in advance for a great product.

Products very good---website needs work.

Your Products are very good. I really like the almond and coconut bars. However, placing an order on your website is a nightmare. It took about 2 hours and 6 tries to be able to get to the "check out". Your site needs to be fixed so you don't lose business---in particular mine.


Love the Coconut & Almond bars! Wish they were available at Costco or SAM's.


Love the chunks of coconut and sweet taste. Wonderful!


Love these Bars, but buying 72 Bars at a time is a bit too much. Where can you buy them in South Florida other than online?

The Best

Tried these first from the Seattle airport and have been ordering them since.


I was hungry at work and needed a snack omg!! nit was so good I wanted another I have tried the others but I think the almond and coconut is my favorite.


I'm a pretty tough sell on products of this kind. My family has a health food store, so I have access to all types of bars. Kind is the BEST I've tasted! I see cases in my future!

The Best Bar Ever

I tried my first Bar a month ago and I am now buying them by the handful! I love the coconut and walnut bar the best. They are the perfect pick me up snack! Although they don't sell them in nearly enough places in Chicago, I still try tell store owners about them. My two daughters also like them and I can feel safe knowing they are eating something good for them also.


I tried my first Kind bar today at The Color Run in Orlando, Florida. I can't believe I've never had one of these before. I am now completely and thoroughly addicted. The Almond-Coconut bar is simply incredible and I'm going to rush out tomorrow to find them and try other flavors.


These were given out after the color run here in Hawaii and they were so delicious. We left the run wanting more and knowing we were going to have to order some. Love how they are healthy and sans GMO's and such. The almond & Coconut was amazing :)


These were given out after the color run here in Hawaii and they were so delicious. We left the run wanting more and knowing we were going to have to order some. Love how they are healthy and sans GMO's and such. The almond & Coconut was amazing :)

My dessert

I love these, and I used to hate coconut. It's toasted flakes combined with almonds and yummy stuff to make it like a coconut macaroon for when I want a dessert.

Great Snack Bar!

I found this snack bar while traveling at the airport. I was waiting for my connecting flight, so I stopped at a restaurant to by a salad and bought one almond and coconut snack bar that was next to the cash register. It was delicious! I wished that I had bought more than I am hooked and I'm ordering a case of almond and coconut. They taste great and are very satisfying. You have to try it! You, like me, will absolutely LOVE it!

What a delicious surprise!

I stopped at a little general store on route 202 in MA, heading home from moving my daughter back to college. I was looking for a relatively healthy snack for the 2 hour ride home. The clerk suggested the KIND bars. OMG! So delicious! I bought an Almond & Coconut and a Dark Cocolate & Peanut Butter. I am totally "jonesing" for them now. And.... They are quite healthy. Will be trying other flavors. KUDUS!

I'm Officially Hooked

Picked up a few of these last night at CVS while waiting for my son's prescription. Had my first bar as a late morning snack today. While I am not one for any kind of snack bars (we stock the Quaker ones in the office and I won't touch them)these looked so yummy I figured I'd give it a try. I like that they're not too sweet and I love the whole almonds, but the coconut! Oh, my! I am a huge coconut fan and will eat it raw most mornings, but the combo of the almonds, coconut and just right amount of sweetness has me wanting more! Definitely going to have the office order a case. JUST FOR ME! : )

Delicious !!

Just like eating a yummy dessert! Love them- we need

Just what I need. A new addition...

Ok... I stumbled on the Almond Coconut. Dangerous enough. I then added a square of Godiva 85% dark chocolate just to be funny. OMG-kill me now.... This is absolute snackfood euphoria...


I found out I have a gluten allergy about 4 months ago, and it is very difficult to find a snack. Thank you so much for this bar. Almond/Coconut is so amazingly good and not to sweet.But the best part is it's Gluten Free. I now have my whole family hooked. Can't wait to try thr others.

Why cheaper on Amazon?

I love these bars, but wouldn't the "KIND" thing to do be to charge loyal customers less than the price they would pay at Amazon for a bulk package?

Soooooo Good!

I enjoyed my first Kind Bar at the Color Run 2013. They were so good I could not wait to get my hands on more. By far the Coconut/Almond is my favorite. Thanks for creating a healthy good snack!

Out of this world Delicious!!

Discovered these when standing in the Wal-Mart Pharmacy line. Oh my goodness, when I got home and took the first bit, I was hooked. The most delicious snack bar out there. A little on the pricey side but worth the treat every now and than. Almond & Coconut is the only one I've tried because of my deep love for both ingredients. Wal-Mart does sell the 4 bar box for about $4.50, a better deal than the single bar @$1.49. Thank you Kind Snacks for something so good!!


Amazing! I would take this over a candy bar any day. And do I ever love sweets.

so sad to see soy in the ingredient list

Kudos to you for most of the bar (esp the non-gmo glucose!!)... would love to become a regular buyer, but won't touch them until they either don't have soy or it specifically says "fermented organic soy lecithin".

Perfect Pairing

Neither one takes over the other- the pairing and balance of the almond and coconut is superb :)

Amazing Bar!

This bars are amazing.. Great taste but why so many calories?




I love this bar. Its perfect not too soft, not to hard. It's sweet but not crazy sweet but most of all it has ingredients that are good for you and you can taste. The coconut is such a nice touch! I love!
Buying the case is great because ive been ONE bar go for 1.99 to 3.99 (at the airport). Pricey but yummy and worth it! :)

Has to be the best Bar I've ever had

I don't feel like I stole my kids granola snack bar this is a bar that I can feel like an adult eating, but if my kids eat one I don't have to worry about if it's healthy. I feel like i'm doing my body a favor when i sit back and enjoy this bar.
Thanks to the KIND.


Taste great that's for sure. Very sweet, so if that's not your thing try one of the lower in sugar nut & spice bars. This one is pretty high up there in sugar content. Another reviewer mentioned the soy lecithin and that it was a GM product. I hope not, I thought KIND was GMO free and the four bars I have in my house do say GM free on the wrapper. If it isn't, I won't be buying them anymore as I am trying to rid myself and my family of that particular food evil. Hopefully KIND is on the side of the good guys in that particular battle.


Totally addicted to these bars! Only issue is that I'm having a really hard time finding the almond/apricots bars anymore.
Also how come Walmart sells the 4-packs (for less than $1.25 each) and your on site bulk price for 72 bars is $1.39 each?


While Traveling with my sister's family in Turkey these bars saved us from hunger attacks. I had packed about 8 bars when I left and I wish I had packed twice the amount. I did end up sharing them and my sister and her 3 kids all loved them too!

Loved the fresh coconut and nuts. I always travel with KIND bars, and usually have one to two in my purse in case I don't get a chance to eat.

Mmm coconut

Good stuff, I love coconut, so this was a great bar for me. It loses a star for being a bit on the sweet side for my taste (would love a "lower sugar" version of this bar, since it has lots of good fat in it and I would like to be able to eat more without blowing my carb count).

So Good

I just bought these at Walmart and omg, it was so good, it's a little sweet but yummy! I love Almonds and Coconut and Honey. It was like the granola that my mom makes, I love that there aren't a whole lot of ingredients in the bar also. I'm not a calorie counter so the amount of calories doesn't bother, I just count the grams of fat and see where the fat comes from. This is great for when I'm working out too.


This was the first flavor of Kind bars that I tried & will most likely always be at the top of my favorites list. To eat a snack bar that is this healthy & to only taste coconut, honey & almonds is great, as sweet as candy, but much better on the diet

wow better than a candy bar

Amazing I pick one of the Almond coconut kind bars up on the way home from work.trying to make heathier choices.I grab this bar with the thought that maybe it would curb my sweet tooth. to my amazement it tatse better that a candy bar.

"The Bomb"

Good to the last drop!!!

Yummmmmmy-licous and Declicious

My favorite flavor!!!! This bar has been the best snack and it's gluten free! Love love it! I am sharing the love with my friends to jump on board the KIND band wagon!

Curves the 2pm munchies

Love Coconut and this bar curves the 2pm munchies. They are great for my afternoon hikes.

Oh So Cocu-nuty

I love these bars, not only for myself but for my whole office. The taste of coconut stands out with the almonds. And super chewy. Great to eat, smell and give to a friend "it's the kind thing to do".

First Timer

I saw this product recently on QVC but didn't want to invest in something I had never tasted. So when I went to Smiths yesterday, I picked up a four pack of the Almost & Coconut. Had my first one today and it was SOO Good. So fresh, and you could taste the honey. I plan on trying all the flavors. Had I not seen the product on TV I wouldn't know the name KIND. So you should thank QVC for advertising your product. Love it, I will always have these bars around.

Phoney Reviews Much?

WOW! All perfect spellers and all lovers of the exclamation!!! How is it that everybody but me and the soy person just loves these?

As an experienced internet sleuth, I see signs all over these reviews of having been written by the same person.

My review? Pretty good, but cloyingly sweet, and with 6 grams of sat fat, they're not exactly dead-center in the health food category. (Yes, spare me the response on how healthy cocoanut sat fat is, I've hear it.)

It's a good bar, but with 10% of my day's total calories and 30% of the sat fat, I'll keep these little calorie bombs at arm's length.

At last...

a bar that I can eat for breakfast that doesn' t make me wanna puke! I love that you can see the ingredients. Bravo!

KIND almond & Coconut bar

I was diagnosed with celiac disease 1 1/2 years ago and have tried alot of different gluten free snack bars! this was BY FAR the best one I have tried yet!! So delicious!!


This bar is by far the best I have ever had. The taste combination is unreal. Not only does the bar look incredibly delicious, the taste is amazing!! I just started trying KIND bars and I plan to hit the store on the way home to get more Almond & Coconut!!!!!

What a flavor!! It's great to be kinded with COCONUT

This bar rocks out! Without a doubt one of the best bars around. Like it better than a chocolate bar. Buy the mixed box and this one goes first EVERY TIME!

Good Stuff

This bar is soooo good. It is very healthy and tastes like an Almond Joy. I eat one every day and am not tired of it.

Best on Planet

The best tasting bar on the planet!!!!


Melt in your mouth good! I love the pieces of coconut! This is the first KIND bar I've tried, can't wait to try more!!

Better than an Almond Joy

I'm currently on an eating plan and for a snack they kept listing KIND fruit and nut bars. I was nervous to try them, as most healthy bars are inedible. This is now my favorite take along snack. I'd love the try some other flavors, but this one is so good I haven't gotten past it yet.

Fantastic !

I am in maintenance phase of Atkins and their bars really don't agree with me since they contain sugar alcohols. I saw this one on the shelf and saw that it contains the most important things when doing a low carb diet. I have a couple a week and couldn't be happier. Coconut with it's natural appetite supressent, the almonds that are low carb and high protein and a sugar that doesn't cause a spike. Perfection !

best healthy snack bar on the market

and it's absolutely delish too!

All is good except ....

I would give this one a 5 if it did not contain soy lecithin.
Too many companies use soy because it is so cheap and erroneously labeled healthy. I urge you to do the research and eliminate soy from your foods.
Soy is not a health food. It is the most highly processed food in the food supply. It is also genetically modified to contain insecticide.
That can never be a good thing!


Hands down best bar I've ever eaten! Got one for first time yesterday and woke up thinking about it this morning. Kept wrapper thinking I might frame it or put it in safety lock box so that I never lose touch with what brand, type of pure happiness this is. Lol then came on line to find where all I can get this. I'll take a truckload please!


I have bought several KIND bars and like them all, but this is by far THE BEST! Driving down the road one day, I happened to be a bit hungry and had this one in my purse so thought I'd try it. It was SO good that my eyes almost rolled back in my head and I thought I was in heaven!!!
You definitely have to try the Almond and Coconut bar!

Expensive Bar - Yummy Yummy !!!

I liked the product but it is very expensive when compared to any other BAR's. Please see if you can give some offers if we buy them in bulk.

Thanks !!!


This bar is awesome when I have a craving for something sweet this is what I grab. I actually brought in several bars to have my co-workers try and they love it. we even started bringing in different bars on a weekly basis


Seriously perfect snack. Feels like a real treat. My new favorite!

Slam dunk over Kashi

I had 3 in the same day and could have gone for another but time ran out. ;) an excellent combination.

This is THE ONE for ME!!!!!!

It is the best flavor combination ever! I feel like that I am back in Hawaii....and remember when I found a coconut on the ground, and actually took that coconut, threw it up in the air to get the one in the coconut tree to bring home with me...The flavor brings me back to nature of how it was grown in the natural environment. To see how the Hawaiians extract the meat and milk from the coconut was a special event when I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It brings back memories of the reason why I love coconut so much.
I do like some other flavors but I still get more of the Almond & Coconut! This one is for ME!

Great !!!

Great boost during and after along ride, plus the advantage of great taste. Perfect.

no other snack bar stands a chance!

In all of my life, i have NEVER tasted such a good snack bar as the these ones! no other snack bar stands a chance to the KIND snack bars! they are without any competition!

Awesome! Our Favorite Bar!

Sweet but not too a low glycemic candy bar, similar to Almond Joy! Satisfying and doesn't get you binging on carbs afterwards. YUM!!!

Melt-in-Your-Mouth YUM!

I got emotional because I couldn't find these in the local grocery store when I went back home from school. It is nutty and melty and chewy and just all kinds of perfect.


The best bar I have ever tasted. You guys definetly got this one right.


I'm not a fan of coconut at all, but these are AWESOME!!! Give these a chance, they hit the spot!


what an amazing combination of almond and coconut-perfect with my morning coffee and keeps me going for hours! really great flavor and excellent on the low glycemic index! please dont ever stop making these coconut bars!!

please make mini size!

these are THE BEST! wish they didn't have so much sweetness (could save good calories) -- it doesn't need the over-to-top sweetness.

nevertheless, I LOVE THESE and WISH WISH WISH you made them in mini size.

i try to just eat half...but it's so hard, you understand, right?! PLEASE MAKE MINIs! Thank you. ; )

Love coconut bunches

I just had one of these for the first,but not the last, time today. I wanted something sweet but not overly sweet. So I kept going around the store and found these. Never heard of KIND before but the name and color of the package caught my attention. I took a chance and boy was I happy! No I mean really happy! I love coconut and almonds and there was nothing in the ingredients that I could not pronounce.

I may order some from you because they are sort of expensive at the store.

Thank you Jesus!

It's an excellent snack, very satisfying and feels safe to my body. What kindness!

Fantastic Snack

Recently visited Whole Foods in OKC, saw this item and decided to try it. Only bought two thinking I may not like it, WRONG! Love, love, love..........IT! :)

As good as a Macaroon

I love coconut any way that it comes and this is as good as a Coconut Macaroon - but healthier! You can eat it as a healthy snack or as a dessert!!


I bought one of these at a local grocery store last night. Wasn't expecting much, since my experience with a Cliff bar did not end favorably. Brought with me to work today and my first bite was phenomenal. I cannot speak highly enough of this product! Kept me full and was not too sweet or gritty like other bars. Go try for yourself!!


This was a happy surprise! Very delicious!

Almond & Coconut

when I tasted this bar , I felt like I'm getting an Organism , It really hit the spot , made me feel great and sastified

Great except for the chicory

The first bite was really promising, but by the second bite my mouth had started to burn. Now my whole mouth is red and itchy. Evidently the chicory sparked some "oral allergy syndrome" caused by my allergy to birch pollen. So if you're allergic to pollen, be careful, but OAS doesn't cause anaphylaxis or anything, so it's worth the risk to find out.


I do not really eat things that are healthy.. but this is SO delicious. My aunt sent me some in the mail because I am away at college and I am in love with these. You can take every bit of the bar (the almonds, coconut, and the HONEY). You should buy some for sure.

Nice combo

My son is not a fan of coconut (in fact he tells everyone he is allergic to it-he is not)......he (hesitantly) took one bite of the Almond-Coconut bar and said "WOW! These are really GOOD!"


This past Saturday I stopped at a gas station to buy a snack as I was a bit hungry. I must have spent 15 minutes trying to find something healthy. Well way at the bottom of like the 4th or 5th shelf I stumbled upon this most delicious HEALTHY bar. It is my absolute favorite and I'm telling everyone about them. They're a bit pricey, but I was lucky to find them 4 for $5 at my local grocer. Love, love, love them!!


I am a BIG HEALTH NUT, been taking supplements for years - have great energy , but need an on the go snack for iin between my meals!!! YOU ARE SO KIND!!!


I love this one the best so far...but have not tasted all of them yet...I loved evry bite!!! I am going to need to keep a supply on hand..


LOVE LOVE LOVE my very fav ! just had one now im buying 72 bars :)

Thank you Thank yoy

I am always so sad when the last bit is gone.

Best bar on the market !! Delish!!@

This is my favorite flavor combination- almonds & coconut. And these are by far the best I've ever had- so fresh-tasting!! My son got one so I decided to try one too & now I'm hooked!! NO more candy bars for me!! (& no more conventional energy bars/granola bars- they taste too sweet & artificial!)


I got this as a snack at a TerraMar activity, it looked good but I thought it would have the usual funny taste that bars sometimes have. It was really fantastic. No funny taste, no after-taste. Great stuff.

almond & coconut

Absolutely awesome, by far the best snack i've ever had. My great love for almonds and coconut has gone to another level with this snack.

Best flavor

I love these bars! This is my favorite flavor. Filling and delish.


I have tried other bars, and with a gluten allergy those "others" tend to not satisfy a craving. These are amazing, and although I have tried many Kind bars, this is my absolute fav!

great job!

this flavor is by far my favorite! i used to eat candy bars and high fructose corn syrup, and i love that these are so guilt free! I love coconut and almonds...maybe some chocolate on top would make it even more heavenly:) all in all, great job KIND!

I love Coconut

I love anything with coconut in it. I can down a whole bag of almond joy in one sitting. This is way better than almond joys!! Love it.


Being a Yoga Instructor and a Personal trainer I am always looking for healthy snacks and this is by far my favorite after dinner treat!! All Kind bars are great and super healthy, but this def satisfies my sweet tooth and they are Gluten Free!


Saw someone with this at a health supermarket and decided to give it a try. So glad I did, absolutely delicious! I will be ordering by the box!


just finished the coconut and almond bar..too good to be true..amazing, filling, and way better than any candy bar. those all seem yucky to me now ..this KIND bar is full of life and satisfies all the taste buds :D i must get to the store today to buy more!!


I love love love coconut but I don't want to eat the sweetened kind (read: candy bars). So I tried this, and I cannot wait to get another bar! The coconut was fresh tasting, the almonds were nice, it was good all over the place!


This is an extremely tasty, healthy treat. I look forward to trying more flavors!

so surprised!

I had no idea this bar was going to taste so good! who needs candy?? Delicious!

omg. yum.

i bought one of these for a trip to a music festival several states away. that was in july, it is now march, and i found it stashed in my room. in the hustle and bustle i must have forgotten to eat it. present day: i'm at work. i'm very hungry and a vegetarian- and i'm very hungry. this was the most delicious snack i could have brought with me. i will DEFINITELY be buying more of these. it was amazing. the coconut was almost juicy. i am still really excited about eating this and that was two hours ago.


I have always love, love, loved coconut! and I think its wonderful since I can't have gluten.


this makes me not even miss a candybar. Will become a staple on my weekly grocery list.


I love them


I just ate my very 1st KIND bar. I am hooked! I tried a free sample at Whole Foods and ran over to the eisle to buy. I also got the Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protien for after my work out tonight. I can't wait!


Just ate my first Almond & Coconut bar last night! It was fantastic! A nice blend of two complimentary flavors plus a little honey for the sweet tooth in us all!

Best tasting bars on the market, bar none!

These are definitely the favorite bar of my wife and I, they're great with coffee and very low glycemic so you're blood sugar doesn't spike. The taste is incredible, I only wish they had more protein but I can't reallyl quibble...

Toooo Good

Playing golf and had this for my snack. Walla. Shared a bite with friends. Now we all want them! Perfect to keep you going for the four hours on the course. Heck, anytime!!!


I Love this combo!! I hope you never discontinue this flavor- I would be heartbroken!!


I just ate my first KIND bar and it was the Almond & Coconut one. OMG!! SOOOOO GOOOD! I will absolutely be going back to the store and buying more. Thanks for making these yummy bars!


Purchased one Almond & Cocount Bar it was wonderful!!!!! Found them on sale and purchased one whole box.

Just finished one

I wish I had another! This is the only one I have tried (so far). I'm looking foward to the other flavors... this one is so delicious!

New Customer

Looking for a quick, flavorful snack I found my new Go-To "candybar." My favorite flavors mashed up into one satisfying treat! Loving that it's delicious and healthy!


I am a huge fan of coconut, add almonds and you most definitely have my attention. This flavor combination is outstanding! You taste the coconut, you taste the almond; it is a perfect harmony of flavors!

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Nutrition Facts

Almond & Coconut


Almonds, coconut, honey, non GMO glucose, crisp rice, chicory root fiber, soy lecithin.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (0%), Vit. C (0%), Calcium (4%), Iron (4%), Vit. E (15%), Phosphorus (6%), Magnesium (10%), Manganese (15%)

Allergen Information

Contains almonds and coconut. May contain nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 190
Fat Calories 100
Total Fat 12g (18% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (25% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 25mg (1% DV)
Potassium 150mg (4% DV)
Total Carb 21g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV)
Sugars 12g
Protein 3g