Fruit & Nut Delight

Fruit & Nut Delight

KIND Fruit & Nut Delight is a crunchy blend of heart healthy mixed nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, peanuts and walnuts), dried apricots and raisins.

72 bars per case $100.00

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Average Rating (34 reviews)

Great Bar!

My favorite snack through out the day. Throw one or two of these in my backpack everyday.

Not in Philly Area Either

My very favorite for MANY years. I can never find the fruit and nut delight. Can't you PLEASE send to area stores or make smaller quantities available on site????!!!

Literally my favorite breakfast

I am not a morning person, and it has always been hard for me to get up early to cook some breakfast. I don't know what I would have done without Kind nut bars! It's a great way to eat a fast, healthy and nutritious snack. My favorite part about the bar is that you can clearly see all the ingredients. With all the other bars, it's hard to tell for sure what exactly is mixed in there. I love these bars and I'm really happy I found them!

Keep Fruit and Nut Delight Bars in Stores!

I have been eating KIND bars since they first came out; almost EVERY singe morning for breakfast. I have tried just about every kind and my favorite still remains.....Fruit and Nut Delight! However, they are getting harder and harder to find in stores! I hope you will keep them on the shelves. They are the best!!!

No ingredients listed on pkg

I am on the Atkins Diet and need to count carbs. There are no ingredients listed on your packaging. I thought that there is a new law citing the ingredients must be on pkg


This is my favorite, but I can only find this particular flavor in airports!!!! No store in my area carries them, BOOOOOOO!!!!! And I really don't need 100, lol. I stock up when I can. Send more to Portland, OR!!!!!!!


Love These..

I love these and can not find them in my area so I have to order me a case every 60 days.

So good!

I think my husband and I would starve to death without Fruit and Nut Delight bars. So flavorful and just right. Not crazy about the sweeter, more 'candy bar' like varieties, but we eat these by the case.

Best snack in the world

I don't like fruit bars because they have a bad flavor but this one is so so good and am in a diet so it cures my sweet tooth

Amazing discovery

Found them by accident at wawa gas store. Not eating carbs so this is a fabulous substitute. Has made my 10 day bootcamp go more smoothly! Thanks KIND!

Favorite bars

Love these!!! I am able to find them individually or in boxes of 12 at some health food stores and Wegmans grocery store.

Best breakfast in the car ever

So yummy to eat in the car as I drive to work! My mouth is overjoyed when a brazilnut is encountered. Eating a Fruit & Nut Delight as I drive makes the insane traffic and risky drivers around me seem like nothing. I only wish they were a bit bigger!

cant have them ALL as favorites

WONDERFUL! I am a celiac (wheat intolerant) and have to be very careful. I love fruit and nut combinations of all sorts...these are incredible.... It is hard to not eat them all quickly.... but what a terrific treat with a cup of coffee!!

Quantities are disappointing!

Good bars, sad they don't provide for those who want smaller boxes of their bars.
Why are they only available in gigantic quantities!?Seriously, 36 and 72 bars?! No 12, or 18 even? So many!

OMG Soooo Good!!!!

A year or so ago I was flying and they has this on the plane. I feel in love with them. So tasty, simple goodness in every bite. Thanks KIND.
I will eat this before I go eat Thanksgiving foodies. :)


Wow! Just discovered these and they're what I've been looking for! Wish they had a wee bit more protein, but am so glad they're not loaded w/ sugar!!

Amazing! Wish they were cheaper.

These are out of this world but a bit pricey for my budget!




back to thw store fast enough to get a supply
after one bite! This sure will beat a hamburger & fries snack!


i brought my first KIND plus blueberry pecan + Fiber Bar and i must say it was outstanding this is something i can give my grandchildren , but i do have one request since they are gluten free why can't they be sugar -free also.

The best thing.

I was going to try some of the other flavors but I'm hook on these..

Kind Fruit &Nut Delight

I purchase one of your bars and there were a rock in it, I love your bars but was very suprise with what I found in it. Please be careful with the ingredents in which the bars are made of.

I love these bars

I eat 1-2 everyday

nice product

delicious stuff

Replaced Meal

All the right ingredients, fuilling!!


i just ate my first kind bar a almond and apricot let me tell you it was outstanding i loved it great job kind


I get so bored of dull granola bars, not to mention they're high in Weight Watchers points for what you get. These bars are so delicious and such a treat! They're expensive but totally worth it!



Gluten Free/heart condition

The first time we seen this item at Publix in Florida we got a few and boy let me tell you what we was amaze by the taste and it's has no gluten in it we was so excited to have found gluten free food, Thank you KINDS!


I take these along as I shop and warad off hunger! They are really good!

Not a health nut & I love these!

I am not health nut, and I just love these!! Thank you for making something healthy, that tastes so good!!!!

My fav!

Eat one every day! Love it!!


My favorite one..absolutely delicious!

Good stuff!

This stuff is so good!!!

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Nutrition Facts

Product formulations and packaging may change. For current information, refer to packaging on store shelves.

Fruit & Nut Delight


Mixed nuts (peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts), honey, dried fruit (sultanas, dates, raisins), non GMO glucose, crisp rice, apricots, apple juice, vegetable glycerine, flax seeds, soy lecithin, chicory root fiber, citrus pectin, natural apricot flavor.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (2%), Vit. C (2%), Calcium (4%), Iron (6%), Vit. E (15%), Vit. B3 (10%), Selenium (60%), Phosphorus (10%), Magnesium (15%), Copper (10%), Manganese (30%)

Allergen Information

Contains peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and soy. Made in a facility that processes tree nuts and sesame seeds.May contain pits or nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 200
Fat Calories 120
Total Fat 13g (20% DV)
Saturated Fat 1.5g (8% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 10mg (0% DV)
Potassium 190mg (5% DV)
Total Carb 17g (6% DV)
Dietary Fiber 3g (12%)
Sugars* 9g
Protein 6g

*Includes 5g Added Sugars