Classic Variety Cube (16 Pack)

Classic Variety Cube (16 Pack)

This isn’t just any old box. It’s a KIND cube. Filled with 16 healthy & tasty bars, these cubes make a perfect gift for any snack lover…including you! As unexpected as the tasty and healthy snacks inside, each cube side falls away to reveal not only bars but a unique KIND card as well that lets you pass the kindness on. Now you can give, snack, and give back all at once.

The Classic Variety Cube contains two bars each of the following flavors you love:

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein
Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt
Blueberry Pecan + Fiber
Cranberry Almond
Almond Cashew
Almond & Coconut
Fruit & Nut Delight
Madagascar Vanilla Almond

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