Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt is a sweet and salty blend of almonds, peanuts, and walnuts drizzled in chocolate with a touch of sea salt.

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Our favorite!

This is one of the best bars for taste and nutrition. My family loves them and because they eat so many I am always in for a deal! Thanks, KIND for thinking of the chocolate lovers this Valentine's Day! ;-)

No need to protest!

All the palm oil protestors: KIND wrote this response back in October, so you can eat your favorite bars again:
At KIND, we also share your concern about environmental practices and we’re pleased to inform you that our palm kernel oil provider is a certified member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

Elephants, shmelephants!

Kind bars are awesome! I especially love the dark chocolate sea salt, and all the savory ones!
Keep up the great work!

Palm Kernel Oil is not consistent with your brand

I was very disappointed to find palm kernel oil included in your bar. It is not kind to the animal species whose habitat is being destroyed to grow the stuff. It is directly responsible for numerous species appearance on endangered lists. Otherwise a great product and I'll be buying them again when you stop supporting this destructive ingredient. Thanks for being open to comments

Palm oil

I'm disappointed After reading these review, I will not continue to buy your product .

Stop using palm oil in your products!

Dear Kind Bars,
I love the taste of your kind bars, especially the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt. However, I was seriously disappointed to read palm oil in the ingredients list. Having seen first hand the tremendous devastation that palm oil plantations cause in Malaysian Borneo to some of the worlds most diverse ecosystems, I can no longer buy your products. I even turned down free ones being handed out at my local ski resort! As a former customer (and future customer, if you remove palm oil!) I am requesting you to remove palm oil from all of your products.

Thank you,

LOVE these bars!!!

These bars are so good! Amazing that their are only 5g of sugar, My favorite are Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt

Unhealthy Palm Kernel Oil

Why are you using the unhealthy palm kernel oil in your Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt KIND bars?

Kind Bars

I hope what I read in another review about the killing of elephants to help make these isn't true........


I can no longer eat these after discovering this product has palm oil in it. You're killing the elephants and contributing to deforestation, Kind Bars! That's not kind, Kind Bars.


These bars are my absolute favorite, being a student I am constantly on the go and am always looking for a healthy snack that has just enough nutritive value to keep me going and curve my hunger until I can get home to cook! I definitely recommend these bars to anyone and everyone!

AWESOME and Healthy at the same time!!

I love these bars they are delicious and i feel like I am eating a Snickers Bar!! I want to buy them in Bulk but i cant find them in the stores!!!Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is my FAV

As a recent Type 2 Diabetes diagnosee

I LOVE these. Bought an 18 pack at costco, this flavor and the madagascar vanilla almond. LOVE them. Had cut out sweets since I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, and these taste great, hit the spot and are only 15g each.

My favorite!

This is absolutely my favorite KIND bar. Delicious.

You, nor for my tum

I was delighted to finally have a healthy alternative for a low sugar snack. After a strict detox, I added these back to my diet and my stomach is also not happy. After some experimentation, It appears to be the milk powder. I give it a 5 for people with no milk sensitivity, but the one is for me as sadly these will have to be removed from my diet.

Love Them

Absolutely LOVE these bars. A perfect mix of sweet and salty!

Love these

My favorite, perfect treat for people who enjoy snacks that are just a little bit sweet, but not too much.

Dark Choc Nuts and Sea Salt the best

Boy I wish you would offer coupons, love these bars, but can get expensive when you have a family eating them. they are truly the best. A great product.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil doesn't have to be unKIND - there are sustainable palm sources that are support smart eco practices. Look up the Round-table for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Response to Anne

Hi Anne, At KIND, we also share your concern about environmental practices and we’re pleased to inform you that our palm kernel oil provider is a certified member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

Delicious, but did it always have dairy?

Did you recently add milk powder to the recipe or has it always been there?

Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bars

These are outstanding! Very addictive & yummy. Never liked dark chocolate before but these taste different than the bitterness I e come across previously. These are a keeper in my household.

dark chocolate nuts & sea salt

love this bar cn take any where

Why Palm Oil?

With your companies "kind" commitment, why are you still using palm oil? Please respond.

Love Love love BUT KILLING my stomach

I absolutely love kind bars! They are so tasty I have had several different flavors - dark chocolate sea salt being my favorite. My problem is they are killing my stomach, I can't figure it out, I do not have any conditions that should cause me to have problems of bloat, gassy, constipation but for some reason whenever I have a kind bar my stomach is all out of wack within 2 hours of eating a bar. It is a huge disappointment having this problem when wanting to snack on these delicious bars. Not sure what is it in that is causing this reaction.

my favorite

very flavourable and healthy!!!

Near perfect if not for use of Palm Kernel Oil

I discovered Kind Bars at Whole Foods. It had the low sugar content that I was looking for and it tastes great. To my delight Costco carries it. But I am somewhat disappointed to discover that the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Seasalt bar contains Palm Kernel Oil. It would be a 5 star otherwise.

Near perfect if not for use of Palm Kernel Oil

I discovered Kind Bars at Whole Foods. It had the low sugar content that I was looking for and it tastes great. To my delight Costco carries it. But I am somewhat disappointed to discover that the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Seasalt bar contains Palm Kernel Oil. It would be a 5 star otherwise.


Love this bar this is my go to snack bar.

Unbelievable & Healthy Too!

I purchased an 18 pack of these bars at Costco; between myself and my family I will be running to purchase another box in under a week. Glad to see that there are no GMO's or other garbage in your products. They are amazing, keep up the good work.

My Favorite

My favorite KIND bar so far. Perfect combination. Nice to know I can get a healthy snack and satisfy my sweet tooth. Love it. Telling everyone !


This bar is so delicious and I know I am eating good ingredients that will work as a real snack and curb my hunger rather than wasted calories. This bar is my favorite KIND bar!

Delicious flavors with periodic crunchy salt texture - delightful.

Definate re-order. This is the perfect balance of nuts/chocolate/salt for a bar. Even tricks you into registering it as a dessert though it is low sugar and high in protein and healthy fats.

Quite simply the best I have had!

Great ingredients, healthy and delicious ..they are at Target too...and cheaper!

Best Bar I've Ever Had

It sounds like hyperbole, but the Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt bars are truly the best I've ever tasted. The sweet and salty flavors are perfectly balanced, there's no artificial aftertaste, and there are only 5 grams of sugar--perfect for my prediabetic diet. Thanks, Kind, for making a nutritious snack that's actually a pleasure to eat!


love all the lower sugar kind bars and this one is by far my FAVORITE!!

dark chocolate nuts and sea salt

I found this in my daughter's room and I love it but I can't afford a whole box for 100.00 + can u send me coupons. Dona Geren. 40 Cain ct. Bridgewater, nj 08807. Thank you

Excellent product!

I am a huge fan of the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind bars! Whenever I travel, I always pack a box with me. I love that it has only 5 grams of sugar. Thank you Kind for your delicious snacks!

Love this

I love the dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt. It's always difficult to eat breakfast on the go - and enjoy it. This is my breakfast on the go.

Just Right!!!

By far one of the best kind bars I have had. Just the right mix of dark chocolate, nuts and sea salf.


I love these bars! They are very filling and taste absolutely AMAZING!!!

Finally, I found my perfect match- Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

I just had some few days ago and I must one of best bar had in my life. It's really delicious. It's not totally "healthy" but it's healthy. And after I eat the bar, I don't feel hungry after ward. Usually, when I eat a bar, I feel like eating another one or something else. But this bar, KIND Nuts & Spices with Dark Chocolate.....it's just amazing. I loved it and if you like dark chocolate and nuts then I recommend this one. Try it, you will like it.

KIND Nuts & Spices with Dark Chocolate... OMG, bought on a whim & now I am totally HOOKED... at least they are halfway decent for you! Thanks for a great product...

LOVELY! Just a bomb of a product (I am 57). Please feel free to use my promotion... For a consideration, of course... LOL! Thanks! Yvonne L. Wilson

dark chocolate nuts & salt


Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Finally, a fantastic snack that my diabetic husband loves! He keeps these in his desk, and I love them as well. These bars are my daily dessert! I would love to see dark chocolate, nuts and coconut!! Great product!!

Kind almond &coconut

I enjoy kind almond & coconut. I only wish they made them with 5g sugar, they are my favorite snack. Am addicted to them.

So Good Too!

I agree with you Lisa! Almond Coconut and Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt are terrific! Such a bonus that they are healthy as well!

Gluten Free Deliciousness

When I got diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity it shocked me. I wondered what on earth kind of snacks could I have?
One day while looking for something else I came across the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt -- the rest is history.
Then I wondered about enough protein and too much sugar but I checked them out and found the Peanut Butter+Protein. These two are permanent staples in my kitchen pantry now. Thank you for thinking of us Gluten Free customers and for also keeping the sugars low in many of your bars. (No GMO means a lot to me, too!)

A Treat for Diabetics!

I have diabetes and these bars, with 5 grams of sugar, are an incredible treat! Thanks you for thinking of those of us that can not eat most foods offered in todays world!

My First Kind Bar 02/10/2014

I experienced my first Kind Bar just this month. I had been seeing them, but I never ate one until I was at work and I had to put away some returns from another department, and this Kind Bar was in the cart, so ever time I'd look in the cart to put something else away, I just kept on looking at that Kind Bar, and kept on saying,(man that Kind Bar looks yummy).That's when I made up in my mind, I am going to buy it and try it. A nice co-worker purchased for me and the rest was history.... I LOVED IT. And I see that it is good for me. I was like wow!!! I think I will make this a new outlet for myself, instead of a high calorie candy bar.

Thanks guys no more candy bars for me :))))

So Good!!!

I just love these - loaded with nuts and just the perfect balance of sweet/salty. These are perfect for when I get the mid-afternoon munchies! The Almond/Coconut is my second favorite - just like an Almond Joy without the super sweet.

It's Simply The BEST!!!

I've tried several so call healthy bars; however,nothing compares to the KIND "Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. It is awesome!


I have eaten maybe five different flavors of KIND bars and each is simply perfect. The taste is pure, with no bad after-taste. The consistency is perfect. It tastes fresh. KIND really has their act together by using only minimal ingredients. Even though the bar is less than 1.5oz, it still fills me up a bit. Hoping to convine KIND to offer an auto-ship make-your-own variety pack...

Best for sure!

These are the best tasting and the best for you! I get boxes of them when i go to the grocery store. Best bars I have ever had!


I was looking for something quick to grab between work and school. I bought several different bars. The KIND bar was the most delicious of the bunch, and had the extra added benefit of having the lowest sugar.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I will buy these again and again.


You want pure awesomeness in your mouth? This bar is it. Whoever created this delicious taste of heaven, has to smile rainbows and also has to have a pet unicorn because whoever they are, they are that awesome for creating such a divine recipe.

Healthy & delicious on the go snack

I got a bar of this as a freebie from a half-marathon I just did. I'm ALWAYS looking for quick, on-the-go snacks that are healthy yet tasty. A tall order and hardly anything ever fits the bill! This bar really hit it though; its a great little snack with lots of fiber and protein for the size, and just enough sweetness and chocolate to feel like you are getting a treat, but only 5 grams of sugar. This is great for someone like me who tries (albeit sometimes unsuccessfully) to avoid excess and added sugar which is so terrible for us.


I just did a 10K walk for diabetes and what was handed to me??? Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bar...OMG, I love it. I've never had it before and I'm so in love with it. I told my coworker about it and she said that she likes it too but it's tough to find at stores...thank you to whomever combined all these delicious flavors together...Perfection.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Heaven!

This is my new favorite snack/dessert/addiction!

THe BeSt!

My fav KIND bar! Salt is perfect! Chocolate is perfect!!!

beware palm kernel oil

Tasty and yummy with low sugar, but why palm kernel oil?? Very high in saturated fat and not healthy at all. Read up on palm kernel oil and you'll find out its an unhealthy, cheap oil that withstands high heat well. You're arteries will thank you for staying away from palm kernel oil. Palm oil is slightly better but still with a good amount of saturated fat. I'm saying no to this bar.

super good

a coworker gave me one of these bars cuz she doesn't like "health food". The joke is on her! It was absolutely wonderful. I am ordering a box

Great for those loving Sweet & Salty

I would have given a 5 if the Sea Salt weren't so predominant. I do not use table salt or a substitute so for me, the deliciousness of the bar was slightly marred by my taste buds being overwhelmed by it. BUT if you are used to sweet &salty, this WILL BE your "go to" bar!

Very good

very good. enjoy it.

My Decadent Treat

I've tried other KIND bars but this time I had a craving for chocolate... Tried this and flipped!!! This bar was to tasty! The chocolate and the salt....YUM!!! Who needs to go to a chocolatier when you can have this?!?!


I order these by the box and have one every day!

Wholesome Goodness!!!!!

Thank you to the makers of KIND!! This snack bar is filling, and lasting addictive. I love it!!!!!! I cannot comment on any of the others since I haven't tried them. I was in the checkout line at Whole Foods when the chocolate bar caught my eye. Gotta try it to appreciate, and savory such.....Wholesome Goodness!!!!!!


This bar is fantastic: rich in taste, filling, the chocolate is superb; very stisfying. Indeed, curbs hunger. Low in sugar, too. Sure, its 200 calories but its absolutely worth it. Superb texture and taste! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best bar ever!

Great snack with a coffee.

It's the Bomb !

My son told me about kind bars after he and his wife started a low carb diet. I just started the diet this week and it is Great to have such a yummy snack to satisfy the sweet tooth ! I will be purchasing some more of these .

Best Ever

Love this bar! I can't believe it only has 5 grams of sugar. I can't get enough of these! Yum!

Outrageously good bars!

Planning on purchasing by the box... The best snack in between sessions on the ice!! Great job KIND for producing such a wonderful snack bar that the whole family loves!

Salty & Sweet

This is my all time favorite bar - the sweet and salty mix of chocolate, sea salt and nuts is yummy in the tummy! My new addiction <3


This kinda bar is one of my absolute favors it allows me to eat what it craving and stay on my diet!


The BEST EVER good for you health bar!!!!! Love it and am addicted to the salty chocolate goodness of it....plus it keeps me full for quite a while. :)

i didn't know

Now that I know about the dark choc and sea salt bar.....i will start my hunt for them locally....yummy

the absolute best!!

This is the best snack to keep in your purse. It kills cravings for sweet and salty treats, and is workable at 200 calories.

5 Star Bar

First tasted this as part of a promotional in DC last month...Have been searching high and low for more ever since. My new "go to bar" if I can find them


I agree, the best bars EVER! So dang good. When you get a bite of salt with the chocolate it's just so dang good and satisfying. I felt guilty eating it!

Do you like nut brittle?

Leave one of these in a cold car and you end up with a sweet and salty treat that snaps and crunches like peanut brittle! Not only have I loaded up at our local grocery, but I found a groupon that helped me buy with a decent amount of savings from the website. Would have been better if I could have used both groupons at once to save on shipping, but it's still about 5 free bars at the end.

New Favorite

Love this flavor, my new favorite. Seems to sell out fast though, harder to find, but worth it.


By far the closest thing to heaven with only 5 sugars! Trouble is I can never find them in retail and when I do I usually buy them out!


The dark chocolate with sea salt bars are amazing! i look for them wherever they sell Kind bars- but this flavor is really hard to find! Why do so many stores carry every flavor other than this one?:(


Too many nuts as well as the combination of nuts make the bar hard and too chewy for my taste.There are better less expensive bars on most grocry store shelfs.Not a fan at all!!!

Help - I need my stores to carry this flavor!

I no longer see them on the shelves at Mom's and Roots. I would also love to see the Dark Choc & Sea Salt at Trader Joes, Wegmans, Whole Foods and other places that often carry a large selection of KIND.


My absolute favorite snack bar. Tasty, chocolatey, nutty, salty. It doesn't get any better.


a great treat to have on hand when the need for chocolate strikes! and even my husband asks for this one!


Sea Salt and Chocolate, two of my favorites. I cannot believe it's healthy. Thank you!

Dark Chocolate

OMG! These are the best tasting bars that I have ever tasted, my friend gave me a bar to try and the same next day I went GNC and brought a box.


These are fabulous, but has anyone also noticed this flavor is not in ANY of the stores? And I'm talking stores that have a ton of the other flavors. It is just bizarre to me. With that said, these bars are fantastic.


I have tried a few KIND bars and I recently got this as a free sample. The bar is amazing! It has a sweet and salty taste and the dark chocolate completes it perfectly. I will definitely be buying these!

Feel like I am cheating on my diet but I am boosting nutrition and zapping cravings...

These taste great - that is the number one thing to say about these bars - they feed my need to snack on something superb. I usually go off my plan and reach for something salty or chocolatey in my weakest moments but now I that I have built these into my daily diet plan I am calmer and experience fewer out of control hunger cravings. Bottom line: this bar has helped me stick to my diet plan and lose 40 pounds in the last year. Last but not least, as a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I have struggled to get enough healthy fats in my diet and this one bar a day boosts my daily heathy fat intake into the normal levels despite my reduced calorie count. So this bar is a win, win, win for me! Love it.




This is absolutely the best Kind Bar I have tried. All of the Kind Bars I've had to date have been delicious, but this one is something special. Good job on this one!!!

Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

It is by far the best snack bar I have ever tasted. Try it and you will know what I mean. Dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt all combine to give your body a "non-guilty" pleasure.

Not poop

They taste great and are nutritious and my dog eats them too

;) :) :););):):) yay for kind bars


Had this bar for the first time yesterday and I LOVE it! Awesome snack bar! Now I need a stash...


It is somewhat difficult to find a great tasting snack bar with few ingredients, unprocessed ingredients at that, and LOW in sugar and carbs. However, KIND bars, especially this flavor, is beyond amazing and delicious. I tell everyone I can about them and I always stash one with me wherever I go! Thanks KIND snacks!

Best Snack Ever

I'm not huge on having a bar as a meal or snack I never seem to be fulfilled. However, the Dark Chocolate nuts & sea salt hits the perfect spot. I get the sweet and salty I need when I'm craving something terrible like a chocolate bar. It tastes just as good (maybe better) without the guilt or additional calories. By far my favorite of all that I have tried.

sea salt and chocolate bars

the best bar yet!

First & Favorite KIND!

This was my first KIND bar and is still my favorite - check out my order!! For my clients who rebel at eating healthy snacks, this is my GO TO recommendation. It's a win 'em over EVERY time!

Best bars forsure

These are the best bars I've ever had! I'm wanting one so bad, where do you fingd them? They are sold out where I bought them!

Dark Chocolate

It is amazing how great tasting and how great I feel eating dark chocolate! And in moderation, it is very good for you!

OMG ~ Best Bars Ever

Just the right ratio of salt to sweet. Crisp nuts and very filling.

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Nutrition Facts

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt


Mixed nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts), chicory root fiber, honey, palm kernel oil, sugar, crisp rice, cocoa powder, non GMO glucose, sea salt, soy lecithin, milk powder, vanilla extract.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (0%), Vit. C (0%), Calcium (6%), Iron (8%),Vit. E (25%), Vit. B1 (4%), Vit. B2 (8%), Vit. B3 (8%), Vit. B6 (2%), Folate (4%), Phosphorus (10%), Magnesium (15%), Zinc (6%), Copper (15%), Manganese (30%)

Allergen Information

Contains peanuts, tree nuts and dairy. May contain nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 200
Fat Calories 140
Total Fat 13g (20% DV)
Saturated Fat 3.5g (18% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 125mg (5% DV)
Potassium 210mg (6% DV)
Total Carb 16g (5% DV)
Dietary Fiber 7g (28% DV)
Sugars 5g
Protein 6g