KIND Advantage Starter Kit  - 3 Flavors

KIND Advantage Starter Kit - 3 Flavors

Healthy snacking is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. We designed the KIND Advantage Starter Kit as a healthy habit-maker, ensuring you have plenty of delicious KIND bars to keep hunger at bay the nutritious way.

The KIND Advantage Starter Kit includes an exclusive mix of 36 of our three most popular flavors (only available to KIND Advantage members): Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants, Almond & Coconut, and Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants.

36 bars per case $48.00

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Oct. 25, 2015

I thought of your site to order healthy treats for Halloween, but too many of them have some type of soy in them. So I gave up trying to find an assortment box that didn't have soy. Could the bars be made without?

Pick our own 3-4 flavors for auto-ship packages

I absoIutely LOVE your bars! And I wish I could save by auto shipping - absoluPick 3 or 4 flavors instead of you picking? I wish I could. None of your packs mix the ones I want. I would need to order two - and not eat many of one pack. Rather pay extra at the store.

Love your products…BUT

Love your products but HATE your website and your shipping department leaves a LOT to be desired. No question that your bars and snacks are the best out there. But this is NOT the easiest web site to navigate. I hate the colors that pop up on the individual items as you scroll down the page. There are so many problems with the shopping portion of this website that I get frustrated EVERY time I try to order. As far as the shipping department I got duplicate orders 4 times while I was signed up for the Variety pack autoship. It was made right every time, but it was such a pain in the --- that I put it on hold.


First your system RUSHES YOU !!!! when want to place an it disappears in a few seconds...SECOND...i selected (1) box every (2) months and your system was charging for (2) boxes when I only want (1) box every (2) months....Love your stuff but your IT department...UGH!!!

LOVE THEM >>>> BUT...!!!!

Your system wont allow me to enter an order with the frequency, what do I do?!


I agree with everyone else. I'd need to choose which bars I liked rather than have the combination being predetermined for me. I might like 2 of the 3 bars, but why waste one's money? I'd rather buy in bulk but your policy/operations prevent it. So I have to hassle with a store purchase and/or various online distributors who don't always have a good selection of all the bars you offer. Oh, whoa. Issues in life can be tedious. The purchase of Kind bars and the availability of various Kind bars is one of those issues. Too bad. Great product.

Allergies to be accomodated please...

I have a son with life threatening allergies to all dairy and peanuts. I have given him couple of varieties of the KIND bar that is free of these allergens and he loves them. It is very hard to find granola bars that are safe for him and I am glad to have found KIND. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find them at Costco or places where I can order in bulk. Hence I am on this website looking to make an order. However, the variety pack orders does not allow me to pick the three kinds of bars that I want. This pack here KIND Advantage Starter Kit - 3 Flavors, I can give him the two kinds but not the DARK chocolate one since it has peanuts. In Canada, peanuts are not even allowed in school so I can't even use it for my other kids. There has to be a way of choosing the type we want in the variety pack. Does anyone know where I can get the KIND bars in bulk in Ottawa, Ontario? Help is appreciated :-)


when you can let me pick my favorite bars to customize my auto shipments, you'll have a customer for life. til then, i'll just pick up a few of my favorite flavors when i am in the store and do without when they're out. i love your bars, i eat 1 or 2 every day when i have them, but am really picky about which ones i like.


when you can let me pick my favorite bars to customize my auto shipments, you'll have a customer for life. til then, i'll just pick up a few of my favorite flavors when i am in the store and do without when they're out. i love your bars, i eat 1 or 2 every day when i have them, but am really picky about which ones i like.

Advantage Starter Kit

I just received my order and I've been sharing all of the products with my fitness clients. Love that we can grab and go with a great tasting snack!

Please Variety!

I echo above comments. i am ready to cancel as i am tired after a yr. now of the same three flavors. why cannot there be a variety available? its too much of a great thing.

KIND Bars are the bomb!

I love the KIND bars and like having them around as an alternative to grabbing something to eat that is full of empty calories.

Yummy Goodness wrapped into one lil bar!

I give the Kind Starter Kit five stars for tasting delicious and being healthy. I would bring one with me every day as my snack for after lunch when I need a boost of afternoon energy. They are very filling and with a cup of green tea I am a very happy camper. Since I have a weakness for chocolate my favorite was the cherry and dark chocolate. This bar kept me in check from overeating any chocolate bars or candies. I do much better staying on track with my diet when I have something healthy and available with me or in my pantry. The discount in using the advantage starter kit helps save on money and is a bonus getting them delivered without having to think about it! Thank you Kind for making a great product and spreading the love!!! Peace!

Awesome flavors, but I'm aching for some variety

As much as I enjoy the delicious 3 flavors in the starter kit, I wish I could switch them up every once in a while. C'mon Kind, variety is the spice of life.

Would. Like To. Try. Differnt. Flavers. Recoup. From accident

In bed great for snack or lunch with salad. Please send samples. Thank you.

I love these bars

These bars are great. So many varieties so I never get tired of them. Most importantly, they don't contain all the harmful ingredients that 99% of food out there has in it.

A Terrific Starter Pack

I had tried Kind bars at Starbucks and liked them. They are packed with protein, low in sugar, Gluten Free and they actually keep me going. I bought this pack with the Groupon and loved it. My favorite bar is the Dark Chocolate Cherry. It's my "candy bar" in the afternoon. What I liked about this though is I tried new bars I might not have tried before and I loved them all. I eat a Kind bar 2-3 times a day, often as meal replacements or snacks. I keep them in my purse and never travel without them. I'm a true #kindaholic.

Great Snack that I feel good about eating.

I follow WW and these are perfect. They are natural, healthy, filling, chewy and satisfying all packed into a 5/6 point value. I actually liked the almond coconut and the cranberry almond better than the one with the chocolate on it, which is shocking to me, but they tasted so good and so healthy that I sort of didn't want to mess it up with the chocolate!

Cherry Pit

I just bit into a Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar and found a cherry pit that almost broke my tooth. Thank God I did not swallow it. I could not beleive.

Please respond.

kind bar

I purchased the cranberry almond...and the nuts are rancid....I almost lost it....the date code is until August 2013......can't say that I will ever purchase another.

Kind bar

what is the nutrition facts for the kind bar? How much protein are in the bars?

The BEST Snack Bars EVER!!!

Due to recent health issues, I had to overhaul my diet and it was very hard to find a decent snack bar that wasn't loaded with fat, sugar, gluten, etc. Then to my delight, I stumbled on Kind bars while searching through the snack bar section of the grocery store. I've tried just about every one and have yet to eat one that wasn't delicious! :) Even better, though are the new bars with dark chocolate, so now I can occasionally have one of those as dessert and not feel deprived or guilty for not eating right. YAY!

groupon works on the $25 pack

36 fruit and nut bars with my groupons (18 per pack). shipping cost is a bit much, but it's convenient, and the bars are good. with the cost of the groupon and shipping, it somes out to a tad less than $1/bar. fortunately for me, my kids are more fond of chocolate chip granola bars, so more for me!

Cheaper anywhere but here

I can get most of these bars at my local fruit/veggie market. They are cheaper there than on this site. They are also cheaper at Walmart. I too ordered the Groupon and now wish I hadn't. My family doesn't like all of the flavors but I don't want to get 72 of one type, I would love to pick and choose my variety box. If I could pick 72 that I liked, that would be ideal. Groupon was not such a good idea.
BTW... how can someone with a peanut allergy eat these? They are manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts. Read the allergy information (hard to find at first).

What a scam

The Groupon deal was no deal- !!! Cheaper at Publix - Amazon
I will not purchase again !

Cheaper at the grocery store

I am a HUGE fan of Kindbards, they are always on sale at my local grocery store for $1/bar MUCH cheaper than even the Advantage price and you can buy them individually. I am very disappointed in the options on the website.

Love These!!!

Thank for Kindsnacks for these wonderful tasting and healthy snacks. Just placed an order for monthly delivery for the family!

Great product, unwieldy site.

Dictating which 3 flavors are available in your variety packs (which are packaged as 3 boxes of 12), seems contrary to Kind's company philosophy.

not a good deal!

I love Kind Bars, the low rating is not because of the bars themselves but because the deal available is neither economical nor is the varitity choices what I eat. The only way I can get the one I want is to buy 72 bars. In addition, the Kind bars are much cheaper at Walmart. $4.68 for a box of four.


I love these bars. Bought two Group on deals to get $50 worth of bars ...Come to find out you have to buy 72 bars. I am single. I dont need that many bars! My favorites are not paired up ....No mix and max section. I am attempting to get a refund from Group On and can pick these up at my local shop. My mistake for not checking your website before purchasing the group on. Very disappointed. I thought MAYBE I could apply my two group ons to a 100 dollar order and still be out of pocket $50 but the site wont let you do that either. I'm frustrated. Not the first time I threw away $20bucks. MISREPRESENTATION!

Groupon disappointment

I have never tried a Kind bar. I was hoping to purchase the Groupon and then try them individually and choose which I might be interested in. I won't order them after this. Pretty rotten stinky offer.


i just bought a 10.00 groupon! i don't want a revolving case! i just wanted to try your product


I'm very disappointed that there isn't more flexibility in putting together an order with the bars you want. I don't want 72 of one variety of bar! I want to put together a case with different types of bars.....the bars I know I like! KIND you are very inflexible with your ordering.


I really have my KIND favorites. I too, did not read the Groupon. I thought I could order just the amount and only the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew which is my very favorite. I am spending way more than the Groupon. I am disappointed!

Groupon sad

I like the KIND bars also thought I could pick which ones I wanted. after this will stick to Wal Mart or Giant Eagle.

Groupon faux pas!

Love Kind bars, and jumped at the chance to get a variety pack of the Almond Coconut, Dk Chocolate cranberry cashew. Until I found out that's only available if you sign up for automatic continued delivery. Everything else is $$$$. NO! Feel a bit swindled. Purchased the "grains"- 6 bags of oat and honey clusters for $32, less $25.00 groupon for $10, plus $7 shipping is $15 additional out-of-pocket. $4 a bag, which is what they are on sale for this week at Big Y. Well, at least I broke even. And the oat and honey clusters are fantastic, no gluten diary or soy.


I bought the Groupon and am sorry I did because I only like the Nut Delight but am not going to pay $100 for a box. So looks like I'm out the money I paid. You should allow people to buy in smaller quantities. I'm really disappointed with the way you advertised this deal.
Lois 1/26/13

Yummy but.........

is it possible to order 36 count boxes of the poomegranate, pistachio blueberry flavor via the website. I get the 12 count boxes from the grocery store. We are gluten free, dairy free and peanut free so it's hard to buy the combination packs. Either way the above is the BEST ever!!! I would buy the 72 count box but I just cannot afford $107 at a time. We love these bars - children included. They eat it faster than we can afford to purchase it. Thank you so much for your assistance!!

Great, but better price just about everywhere else

Love these KIND bars, but hate the prices and options on this site. How come it's more expensive to buy directly from the manufacturer than from

1) Pack of 12 on, rather than buying 72 bars at once on this site. Amazon also offers free shipping.
2) $1.29 per bar on (even lower if you sign up for auto delivery), rather than "$1.49" on this site. Come on, you can do so much better than this.

As soon as I use my groupon, I am going back to Amazon. This is KIND of ridiculous.


I just discovered them and I love them. I can get them for $1 a bar at the local HyVee

Don't fall for the Groupon Deal!!

I should have checked the website before getting that groupon deal. Now i am ending up buying more than I would have want to spend or need! You can't even order individual bar and you are stuck with one whole case! Disappointment!

Great, but they're cheaper at WalMart

Box of 4 at Wally World for $4.75


Not sure why the macadamia apricot is being discontinued, but that was a great flavor. Also hoping kind continues to maintain its quality as it first began. Was introduced from its bare beginnings and have been a fan since. Please steer clear of GMO almonds and other processed ingredients. Also wish corn syrup could be eliminated from the ingredients. It's unfortunate that you try to trick customers by labeling it as "glucose". Fillers are taking over and I see this company following the rest of the pack all too soon. Decrease quality to make more profit.... It's all about money! Gotta pay for that Obama care!


Well first of all I guess I didnt read the whole groupon deal and now Im stuck. I guess. I have my favs and just wanted to order them individually and I cant. Maybe you can get back to me on this if I can I would give it a great rating. I was also gonna order a couple new ones that sounded interesting. In the cube which I will have to go with and still put out more then just the shipping I will receive some I dont really like and thats a bummer. The ones that I do like I really like though.

More Options

I LOVE KIND bars, but I'm allergic to coconut. It is very frustrating that my only option is to buy 72 bars, or to buy 36 bars and have to give away 12 of them. I wish I could put together my own variety pack, or that I could get only 36 of one type of bar.


I absolutely am in love with KIND bars! The dark chocolate/cherry cashew is my favorite snack of all time. True wholesomeness, flavorful, delicious, and made in the USA. Can't beat that!! Thank you KINDly.

So good!!!!!!

I was introduced to kind bars through QVC. Me and my family are hooked with them. The only thing is that in PR their distribution is limited...


I love the ones that I have tried.....the coconut one is the best!!!! I love it!!!I love the face they are gluten free!!!! I would like to buy a variety box

I can only have just one kind

I can only eat Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants I can not have any of the others ones because of the almonds. I would like to see more types for cashews, like cashews with coconut, cashews with raspberries. These are great


great snacks




These bars are so nice and good for when you're just a little peckish


I absolutely love kind bars!!!!!! I love how fresh they taste and the flavors are so simple and pure but just right! I love the cranberry almond and recently tried a vanilla blueberry that was delicious. Cannot wait to see more flavors at my Walmart! Keep up the good work, just do not slack on quality and jack the prices up even higher as you become all the rage. I don't mind paying a little extra for something so awesome, but I would like it if they were a tad more affordable and stay as such! Love Kind!


Lately your products are smaller, thinner, and gooey rather than the previous dense, nutty compact bar you used to be. They weigh less too. I'm sorry to find out you're going the way of making cheaper bars, rather than upping the price, because I don't want more sugar and sticky filler I want more substance.
Please consider going back to your outstanding quality.


I can say I was really surprised with the flavor. So tasty and delicious,also moist. I have tried other granola bars, but they don.t taste as good as this bar. I like also the health benefits everything in a small package.


My favorite is the cranberry almond! Just can't get enough...
Every so often I can get them at my Kroger store on sale, and that's a good way to supplement between shipments. I have introduced my mom to Kind Bars, and she is enthusiastic too!


So good. I would buy the 36 deal if there was no coconut involved. Love the other flavors. Maybe give people a choice? Bar are delicious. Thank you.


I first tried the almond cocount, I just love anything coconut! Then I tried the chocolate cherry cashew and fell in love! These are my go to snack at work since I seem to always be hungry.

Satisifying Goodness!

i first tried kind bars from a local supermarket and they were delicious!

Office Manager

I love to pull one of the bars out & have a quick snack at my desk during busy times to give me super smart brain-healthy food to complete my tasks ~ THEN take a deep breath!
They are very satisfying in every way~ taste, calorie, size, clean ingredients and even the packaging!
Thank you!!

"Simple Things Just Are"

Thank you.




Bought this as it was one of the few options in the online store that didn't require me to buy six 12-packs. Already knew I liked the dark chocolate cherry cashew flavor and have really enjoyed the almond & coconut, too (was new to me). Looking forward to trying the cranberry!


I was introduce by a customer and was blow away. KIND is soooooooooooooooooooooo good so much better than those other brands that claim to be good for you. PLEASE SEND ME COUPONS I am hooked and will be buying your BARS. I don't have a printer to print it out . THANK YOU KIND FOR THINKING OF ALL WHO WANT TO BE HEALTHY THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE WITHOUT FELLING GUILTY

Love them

Found them on QVC, and have loved them from the start.

So Delicious!!

Absolutely LOVE these bars! I have one every single morning as my mid-morning snack to help me get through to lunch. I would be lost without them!! Absolutely worth the slightly high price. Thank you KIND!

Starter Lot

I loved eating all of these bars! My wife liked the chocolate ones.

I cannot eat Quaker granola bars anymore, for these are so much tastier and better for me

Eating these bars also did satisfy me so that I did not turn to crackers or cookies when I had a hunger craving. I didn't have that craving.

Kudos to you folks.


I saw them in Wal-Mart, that's what I said Wal-Mart. I have been hooked sense! I try not to eat candy bars, but this is just good, no for real, this is good struff and good for me. Thank you.

best bars in the market

I have bought different flavors at Sprout's, Trader Joe's and even Wal-mart, sadly I haven't been able to try them all, but I love that they only have the right ingredients, and you can taste 'health' on them, it's great that they have whole almonds and whole fruits, I am very curious about other varieties, wish the supermarkets will carry ALL the flavors, thank you KIND for creating this amazing product!

The KINDEST thing you can do for your family

These bars are fantastic? I don't think enough could be said about them...crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet...all cravings reduced to a single bar...genuious!


SOOOOOO GOOD, I work downtown, and they were passing them out, so doubled back to grab more. These are quite tasty, and keeps me from reaching for my TWIX..LOVE THEM. tHEY ARE A BIT PRICEY..

You are killing me with Kindness

I stumbled across these great bars while shopping at the grocery store last night. At first I was hesitant, I thought - okay here comes another sugary snack that appears to look nutritious but isn’t. It was love at first bite. The best protein snack ever, without the enormous amount of sugar normally found in other protein bars. I’m definitely a fan for life. I am driving back to the grocery store today to stack up.


they are very satisfying.


Luv them

You ought to be ashamed....

I was introduced to your bars by accident. I had a craving for nuts and fruit and there they were. The Cranberry almond bar got me hooked almost immediately...the only thing that stopped me was I had to put my groceries in the car. Before I even finished the bar...back in the store I was...buying more...

You ought to be are going to put the junk food industry out of business..I no longer buy one bar at a time. I buy them by the case of 8 boxes at a time and I am lucky to still have some in a couple of weeks...

Finally, something thats good and good for you. Thank you...That was KIND.


i recently tried the KIND+ dark chocolate cherry cashew at the REI store here in san diego. these bars are so tasty! i just wish they were a little less expensive, but they're worth the price.

greatest snack

love them all the flavors are great

Kind bars

I love your products!

The Best Ever!


Best snack bar ever!

I ordered a box from QVC and now am hooked. Great for diabetics.

Gluten Free

I am Gluten Free and have had a difficult time finding a bar that was really tasty. Kind bars have definitely filled this void.

Love, love love!

I can't believe how good they are!


I was introduced to this bar at Meijer's and WOW, totally delicious and nutricious.

Tasty Goodness

I tried the Apple Cinnamon Nut + Fiber Bar this morning. My first time tasting KIND -ness. I was hooked after the first bite. I am looking forward to trying the other varieties.

Their great

Got them from QVC. Was looking for another item. I didn't even see them on the show. took a chance and am very glad I did. I will get more very soon.

Now Thats Good!!!

First timer. and now committed to eating KIND der. What an all natural treat. You want to share but it is really hard to do so. Thanks for making a difference in my life.

Sneak-in the Flax!

Almond Cashew with Flax - Excellent!

Loosing pregnancy weight!

I am not a health bar / granola bar type of person. But I just had a baby and trying to loose the pregnancy weight so I've been watching what I eat and exercising. While walking through a health food store I saw these on sale and decided to give them a try. Since I'm trying not to eat heavy before my workouts or snack on junk in between meals these bars have been life savers! Not only are they super delicious but they give me that boost of energy I need to keep going. Perfect on the run and now I always keep a couple in my purse. They truly help me be mindful of what I'm eating when I crave something sweet. Instead of the candy bar I have a KIND bar and no guilt yay!

Weight loss success with Kind Bars

I have been using Kind Bars for meal replacement and snacks for 2 months and I have list over 30 lbs. Besides the health benefits, they satisfy my sweet tooth!

Everything Tastes So Good!

I had been sampling the bars of another so called healthy snack manufacturer, whom I won't name but just say they make juice too. The bars were nothing short of disgusting to taste but I told myself, "hey it's healthy it's supposed to suck". I decided to check the sodium in the nutrition facts and discovered none of the bars were less than about 120 mg! I picked up a nearby KIND bar to compare and the sodium was like 20mg, 30mg!!!! Sugar was like 5 mg, I was like what???? When I tasted the Seasame & Peanuts with Chocolate I was blown away! I can taste the peanuts and the chocolate tastes like chocolate. My wife bought the Mango & Coconut it was delicious, I told her THIS IS MY NEW SNACK.

Snacking at it's best!

I was introduced to the kind movement by a co worker
and now I'm hooked.


almond &coconut

This is my first time trying your bar it was very good i want more thank you for putting good stuff in and the bad out keep up the good work.p.s. i cant believe this came from New York.

Nut Delight

I can't beleive it I just enjoyed this bar so much
I'm going out to get more.


I love the almond coconut bars. I have to follow a gluten free lifestyle and these taste like baklava to me, which I crave. Thank you!!

OMG - need to spread the word and be kind to others

Ordered these bars from QVC.. will never eat any other bar but yours...

Travelers who fly

I fly in the US 4-5 days a week. There is nothing better to eat at an airport. These bars taste fantastic. This starter kit is a great deal. They charge$3.75 at the airport. So this is a fantastic deal. Thanks for making this traveler healthy. Sign up and make you like better,:)


so yummy

Blew me away

Tried the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and had to verify the label again. How can anything this good for me taste this great? It blew me away and I will be a KINDer person!


Picked up the Almond & Coconut at the airport in Jacksonville, FL. Never have tasted anything better!

Best snack ever

Just received the starter snack I have ever healthy & tastes wonderful!!! I have sent the link for the starter kit to everyone!!!!

Wonderful snack with no guilt!

This is a great snack with all the things that are good for me. Thanks for the tasty treat.



Gluten-intollerent customer

I bought a few of these bars at the Health Store and would like to keep them on hand, so would lie to order them. Could you send a box every three months instead of every month? They are a delicious snack and I do enjoy them. Thanks


The first time I saw these bar I was like I won't like them, I tried one now am hooked. My favorite so are the Fruit & Nuts (in yogurt) and almond & coconut. A very healthy snack, can't wait to try more flavors!!!


Great bars!


Love the blueberry cashew one!

Healthy eating for nurses

these bars are awesome........want to see about getting them to stock our pantry at hospital... I am a nurse and nurses don't eat well when they are hungry.....thanks.......

Great taste and healthy too!

I had my first bar after the Rodeo Run in Houston today. They are wonderful. I plan to buy some for my team at the office for healthy snacks.

Great Healthy Snack

I've had many of the traditional granola & energy bars and was looking for something that met my expectations for good taste, wholesome ingredients and affordable. I picked a few up at Midwest Mountaineering in St. Paul and sampled them on the way home.
They were very tasty and satisfying! Thank you for creating a great food product! I have ordered my first 3-variety pack and intend to share the kindness with others.

Starter Kit

Loved the coconut almond bars. The cranberry almond and dark cherry chocolate are good but I am looking for to trying others. Glad I joined!


My sister sent me a box from QVC and they are wonderful. My husband likes them too. Keep up the KIND work!

Love! Love! Love!

What a treat! Great to keep in your handbag when you need a snack. Perfect on the ski slopes when you don't want to stop to eat, but just need a little something. Love! Love! Love!


Was looking for a healthier snack.Gave these a try. These bars are delicious! The peanut butter/dark chocolate is the best followed by the cherry/dark chocolate. Do you see a pattern here? Kind's dark chocolate is the best. I bought my second box of 18 & I'm going back for more.


I bought 2 at Publix over the weekend thinking that they would make a good afternoon snack. I just finished the second one. I can't wait to get more! I was looking for something not too sweet. They are GREAT!


I tried the Kind + Cranberry Almond - great - can't wait to try the others!!!


I was hesitant to try them when a friend offered it to me but once I did, I could not believe how good it was. I want more!

Very Satisfying

I ate one of these somewhat unexpectedly as it was given to me. It was crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet all in one...AND GOOD for me. Will definately purchase again!!

Better Than Candy

My family loves KIND bars. We eat KIND bars instead of candy bars with high calorie and no nutrition value. My child loves Nut Delight and is looking forward to trying other flavors.

Very delicious

Love that nutty taste and filling they are in a crunch!! No pun intended...........


This bar is winderful! A great substitute for some one who loves sugar!


These bars taste great, are good for you as well, and you can pronounce all of the ingredients! I feel good about what Im putting in my body! Finally!

Dark Choc/Cherry

I liked the first Kind bar I tried (can't remember which one it was, though). Then, I tried the dark chocolate cherry bar and was really sold.

Nice work.

Love! Love! Love!

We love the coconut almond the best!! I have to hide the case from my husband or they would be gone in a instant!


Tried the cranberry almond bars and they were not only excellent in curbing hunger, but excellent in taste!! Definately the NEW "It Bar" in my house!!


this stuff is great. its tast good an its part of my everymoring routine


We bought a couple of Kind Bars as we began a hike in Hawaii. Four hours later we pulled them out as we were enjoying the water falls on the north shore of Kaua'i. I could'nt believe how good they were. We bought a couple more on the way back to the room. These Bars are great!

Yummy! Will Share!

Had my first Blueberry at American Heart Assn. gathering. Delicious! My diabetic friend loves them because no sugar spike! I'm buying a case for her and one for me. Thanks!

Great bars!!

I am trying to cross over to a more healthy lifestyle. I found I wanted something sweet all the time. I tried these bars and loved them. They have natural ingredients without all the fillers. Great product!!

Love Them!!

Had my first kind bar, and it was awesome!! Can't wait to try other flavors.


OMG! ! ! Having being diagnosed with Celiac disease in May. . .this is by far the best "anything" gluten free I have tasted! !


I just had my first KIND Plus bar and it was absolutely awesome. I tasted the Mango Macadamia+Calcium. It was sooo gooey good and I actually tasted the Mango and the Macadamia nuts were wonderful! The Kroger and HEB stores in Katy, TX carry them, yea!!!

Even My Husband likes them

I bought several different flavors to try. My husband is pretty picky when it comes to food. So far every flavor he has tried he liked. I have been looking for a healthy snack bar that is gluten free and I found one that both my husband and I like.


got first bars from QVC and iam completely hooked now and on your site looking for more-thanks

It does a body and mind good

I ordered the bars on QVC and now the whole family is hooked. I have to share with gluten intolerant friends. Taste and nutrition are fabulous. Better than a candy bar.

Energy Bar

Absolutely loved these bars as did my boyfriend, never thought an "energy bar" / fruit & nut bar could taste this good. My conclusion after eating my first bar yesterday was "excellent", and to whomever developed this bar "job well done"!

Kill me with Kind bars!

I ate my first one today at the train I'm online trying to oder some

Impressive & Yummy!

I just tried the blueberry vanilla & cashew and it was delicious! Recently discovered that I am gluten intolerant and I will definitely be adding the Kind bars to my daily diet! Thank you!


The very best bar I have EVER out in my mouth!!!

Great flavors!

My husband too discovered them today! Great bars!


Discovered them at the store and now I am hooked. Love all the flavors. I eat 1/2 bar for morning snack and the other half in the afternoon.


They don't even taste like bars, it's like I'm eating a dessert. My favourite is definitely the Blueberry Pecan. It tastes like a muffin!


Love these Bars. Just bought 20 bars today.




Amazingly delicious! So glad my husband discovered them today-



Wonderful food

I love them all! Thanks for being a kind food industry.


Very tasty with natural ingrediants. Love them and will be buying more for myself and for my kids school snacks

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What is not to love about these awesomely delicious bars? They not only taste great, but they are good for you as well, and you can pronounce all of the ingredients. Soi do something nice for someone you love, buy them a case or 2. I did!


The very first time I had one of the Kind Bar I just love them and I have not Stop Buy Them. I find them at Kroger in Humble on 1960 and the Next Place was Academy on 1960 I go to the place to get them and I get 20 everytime they are just that good and that is the true people's need to try them and they will not be sorry that they did try Kind bar all Flavors are good.

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Nutrition Facts

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants 72 ct


Cashews, dark chocolate flavored coating (palm kernel oil, chicory root fiber, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor, salt), dried cherries (cherries, sugar, sunflower oil), almonds, glucose syrup, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), honey, peanuts, raisins, crisp rice (rice flour, sugar, salt), unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, chicory root fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (50%), Vit. C (50%), Calcium (4%), Iron (6%), Vit. E (50%), Vit. B1 (2%), Vit. B3 (4%), Vit. B6 ( 2%), Folate (2%), Selenium (2%), Phosphorus (8%), Magnesium (10%), Zinc (4%), Copper (10%), Manganese (15%)

Allergen Information

Contains cashews, almonds, peanuts and soy. Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds. May contain pits or nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 180
Fat Calories 80
Total Fat 9g (14% DV)
Saturated Fat 2.5g (13% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 20mg (1% DV)
Potassium 140mg
Total Carb 22g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 2.5g (10% DV)
Sugars 14g
Protein 4g

Almond & Coconut 72 ct


Almonds, coconut, honey, glucose syrup, crisp rice (rice flour, sugar, salt), soy lecithin, chicory root fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (0%), Vit. C (0%), Calcium (4%), Iron (4%), Vit. E (15%), Phosphorus (6%), Magnesium (10%), Manganese (15%)

Allergen Information

Contains almonds, coconut and soy. Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds. May contain nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 190
Fat Calories 100
Total Fat 12g (18% DV)
Saturated Fat 5g (25% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 25mg (1% DV)
Potassium 150mg (4% DV)
Total Carb 21g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV)
Sugars 12g
Protein 3g

Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia Nuts 72ct


Almonds, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar), macadamias, honey, non GMO glucose, crisp rice, chicory root fiber, sunflower oil. VITAMINS: Vitamin A (Vit. A Acetate), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate).

Vitamins and Minerals

Vit. A (50%), Vit. C (50), Calcium (4%), Iron (4%), Vitamin E (50%),Vit. B1 (4%), Vit. B2 (8%), Vit. B3 (4%), Vit. B6 (2%), Folate (2%), Selenium (2%), Phosphorus (8%), Magnesium (10%), Zinc (4%), Copper (10%), Manganese (30%)

Allergen Information

Contains tree nuts. May contain nut shell fragments.

Serving Size 1 Bar (40g)
Calories 190
Fat Calories 110
Total Fat 13g (20% DV)
Saturated Fat 1.5g (8% DV)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 25mg (1% DV)
Potassium 130mg (4% DV)
Total Carb 20g (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV)
Sugars 11g
Protein 4g