The Kindaholics Variety Plan - 18 Flavors

The Kindaholics Variety Plan - 18 Flavors

The KINDAHOLICS Variety Plan delivers rotating assortments of KIND best sellers, and newest flavors. Order of shipments will depend on when you sign up. See below for monthly shipment details:

KIND Healthy Indulgence Mixed Case (February, May, August, November)

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein

Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants

Peanut Butter Strawberry

Blueberry Pecan + Fiber

Apple Cinnamon & Pecan

KIND Healthy Snacks Mixed Case (January, April, July, October)

Fruit & Nut Delight

Almond & Coconut

Almond & Apricot

KIND PLUS Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants

KIND PLUS Almond Cashew + Omega 3

KIND PLUS Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protein.

KIND Nuts & Spices Mixed Case (March, June, September, December)

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan

Madagascar Vanilla Almond

Caramel Almond & Sea Salt

Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Chili Almond

per case $90.00

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Average Rating (46 reviews)

Great snack and Gluten Free!

Love that they are Gluten Free and a healthy Snack!
I do have to say I was disappointed in the Chocolate Chili bars.....too Spicy!!


These are the best. No other bar compares. Worth every penny. Loved every bite. Great great great. Great. Best snack for between classes. woohoo

Best Ever

Never been disappointed by a KIND bar. They are excellent snacks and meal replacements, and I've been giving the cubes as gifts!



Excellent Snack

very good


Best Snacks Ever!

Good bars.

These are pretty good. I like the low sugar.

These are the best

We found these by accident on Home Shopping Network and what an awesome find. We are on auto ship and can't wait for the next shipment to arrive. They are the best!



We are KIND people now!!....

Tried the bars awhile ago, purchased at a grocery store, was not impressed. Gave them another chance recently, and loved them!! I think freshness was the issue. Just ordered the auto shipment variety pack...can't wait!!! Love the low sugar bars...great opportunity for diabetics to enjoy a great tasting treat without guilt. While I love the "healthy" aspect, for me it's all about the taste, and they taste great!!

I love Kind bars

I love every bar I have tried so far. They keep me satisfied for a while to, which is great. I will keep buying these for sure.

I like every favor I have tried!

I like all the varieties I have tried, but cannot find all the favors in my stores. It would be great to have a Kindaholics Variety Pack that included all the flavors in one shipment so we could try them all.

A great name for wonderful products!

I am a fan! I love the name-KIND. A great message. I have given bars to people as a thank you. I will continue to tell friends about KIND.

Imma KINDaholic

Love this product, just tried the almond and apricot bar! First time ever seeing these and I am in love, came straight to the website to order bulk! So when I get paid imma try to get them all! I can't wait to go down the different journeys of taste with this company! It's gonna be a hit!

Imma KINDaholic

Love this product, just tried the almond and apricot bar! First time ever seeing these and I am in love, came straight to the website to order bulk! So when I get paid imma try to get them all! I can't wait to go down the different journeys of taste with this company! It's gonna be a hit!

I love Kind Bars

If there were a house fire and I had to save my Kind Bars or a family album I would have to say I'm going to miss those photos.

Haven't met a Kind bar I didn't like !

10 STARS! discovered these on QVC and first bought them at the local Walmart. I AM HOOKED. Even the varieties I'm was dubious about (chocolate cherry) taste pretty darn good. Have them in my desk at work, at home, in the car. Have told all my co-workers about them ! Just one suggestion - I like all the varieties so much could you make a Kindaholics Variety that included all the flavors in one shipment?



Oh my goodness!!! Best thing ever!

I tried my first KIND bar when getting a coffee at Starbucks. I liked it so much that I started getting new kinds every time I went to Starbucks for coffee. After trying several different kinds I decided to see where I could get an assortment to eat everyday without going to Starbucks everyday, so I came to the website and saw the Kindaholics package. I am so excited that I am going to be sent these bars every other month. They are so yummy and good for me!

KINDaholics Variety - the way to go!

Absolutely love the variety from this option. Our household favorites have been the dark chocolate sea salt, almond apricot, and the cranberry almond. There's 4 of us in the house and we can all find somethine we like with the variety pack. The kids look forward to the automatic delivery and opening the box to see which flavors we have -- like opening presents.

Very healthy and great quick snacks between sporting events/practices. So glad we signed-up.

ive have tried many before Kind

as a personal trainer and massage therapist for a NFL team, i am on the go and rare;y have to sit down for a meal.... during the football season, i work 10 + hour days... the Kind bars have saved me from eating junk between clients because break time is non-existant... i recommend these to alllll my clients. everyone is hooked (Im looking for a kick-back...ha). ive am planning to order on the website since normally i buy cases in my grocery store. also, i will be traveling internatioanlly in a few weeks and i always worry about fidning healthy food in another country. i think a case will get me through. as long as they dont get confiscated at customs (wink wink).

Great Tasting & Nutritious

I bought the Healthy Indulgence Cube (20 Pack) and found the bars delicious. I then bought THE KINDAHOLICS VARIETY subscription to have more of the bars on hand. It’s well worth the price. I’ve even introduce them to friends of mine and they loved them.


First I will start with a criticism, I really wish I could customize my monthly shipment and do a combination of small bars and regular as well as granola.
Now, I will say that by receiving the predetermined assortments, I have definitely tried bars I would not have tried otherwise. I have some new favorites!
Kind bars are delicious. They really are filling and satisfy the urge to chew.
I think that 72 bars every month can be a bit much, even as part of a routine, so it would be nice if there was a 1/2 size order.
I can't wait to get my next shipment!


i like your bars

KINDaholics Variety

Since ordering KIND bars is by the case, I ordered the KINDaholic variety pack so that I could try many different flavors. There are many that I have tried and liked because I ordered the variety pack. I probably wouldn't have bought a whole case of some of these prior to trying them, but now I feel like I can target my next order better.

I really love these bars as I am trying to balance weight loss, gluten free, and pre-diabetes nutrition all at the same time. These have been a blessing to me. I also freely share them with friends and family. Everyone thinks they are delicious!


Bes tbars ever!


Bought these at Trader Joe's and introduced the almond and coconut bars to my wife and now we are both addicted. Just ordered my first case WOHOOO.. can't wait for it to come!
Thank you KIND for your great product!

Everyone MUST know about this!

My dad is a health nut. I LOVE Kind bars and I introduced him to them. He has never turned one down!

Great snack

Love when these arrived! Great snacks and 2 flavors had plus protein, which were a great way to start the morning! Otherwise Kind bars makes snacking easy, satisfying, and tasting great!

love them

My grandma gave me one, since I m having them everyday

the best

Can I tell you how awesome this deal is? Sure I can, we're good friends who go all the way back to the beginning of this review and that one time I'm sure I smiled at you on the street because I'm friendly like that. Now that we trust each other, I know we can talk about subscribing to KIND bars. You'll love it. No more mystery apple puree bars disguised as other fruit for breakfast, no sad fiber bars disguised as candy and definitely no more of those unrefrigerated milk and cereal bars. No - every day is nuts and goodness you recognize. I promise jealous friends and co-workers. the best part is that it's all phenomenal on the taste front.

Great snacks!

They are DELICIOUS!! and only 210 cal. More flavors please....

LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!


best gluten free snacks!

After living with Gluten allergy for over a year, I was estatic to find the KIND bars and granola. It's not easy finding convenient, healthy, tasty snacks that are gluten free, not to mention low in sodium (i have high blood pressure) and not a lot of sugar, plus a nice amount of fiber. These products have everything you want in a snack without the bad stuff. Amazing.

I like to save the chocolate or yogurt bars for when I have a sweet craving. It takes care of it in place of candy. The spice bars and fruit and nut bars are the best snack I could have between meals or before a workout, especially the Walnut Macadamia. It has so much protein in it that I can eat it an hour or two before a workout and still have plenty of energy.

I can't thank you enough for these amazing products. Thank you!!

Kindaholics Variety

We tried & loved the apricot & almond bars so decided to check out the Kindaholics Variety. When we made our purchase, there were only 2 varieties shown--the best sellers and the new flavors (72 full size bars each).

Our eagerly awaited order just arrived today (fast shipping!) but I was disappointed to see that rather than receive 72 full size bars, we got 96 mini bars. I now see the minibar option listed as a 3rd variety, but that wasn't shown at the time we placed our order over the weekend (and believe me, i was so excited after discovering these bars that I visited the Kindaholics page SEVERAL times).

72 full size bars (4g each) = 2880 g
96 mini bars (2.4g each = 2304 g

Difference = 576 g for the same price

I would've much preferred getting the 72 full size bars as they're more bang for the buck.

On a positive note, just tried the almond & coconut and yum!

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Bar

The apple cinnamon pecan bar has been my substitute for a dessert for the last 2 months. we've gone gluten free in the house and when I miss cake, muffins or pie - I grab a bar from our kindaholics variety box. PS I've lost 4 lbs

Oh so Good for you!!

My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic and these things are his saving grace! The do not effect his blood sugar.

I'm in love

I bought a handful of the bars from a local health food store and returned to the same store a week later and bought double the amount! It seems I'm a KINDaholic now :P


I feel good eating the KIND bars - YUM-E and healthy at the same time. I just got my order and love the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew!


I have been getting these at my corp. cafeteria & have also found them in convenience stores at the gas station when on trips. These are soo fabulous and healthy. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am when I come across a product that is convenient, very tasty and best of all keeps me on track with the healthy lifestyle that I strive to live. Your product helps in the fight to keep on track when our culture supports just the opposite! THANK YOU!!! YUM YUM.!


I was so excited to receive my first delivery of KIND bars. They are DELICIOUS!!!!!

Best Flavor!!!!

I haven eaten quite a few organic bars in my time and I came across the KIND bar at my local grocery! It was so amazing! The flavor was incredible! I cannot wait to order off of the website and get them at a better price!


taste so GOOD and HEALTH!!! wow all i can says!!! :-)

Awesome stuff...

I love the assortment of all the flavors. Love it love it love it!!! =)

Amazing Taste

I ordered Kind Bars from QVC about a month ago (much more expensive). I LOVE them and decided to order some more and came to the KIND website and signed up for Kindaholics. So much cheaper for a product that I eat everyday-- sometimes twice a day!!! I can't wait to receive my first box.

best bars i ever had

i love your bars they are so good

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The Kindaholics Variety Plan - 18 Flavors