almond coconut cashew chai

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product description

Inspiration comes from everywhere in our kitchen and sometimes it comes in the form of a homemade almond coconut coffee cake that we deconstructed and turned into a nutritious combination of nuts mixed with toasted coconut and chai spices.

Contains 14g of fat per bar. See nutrition panel for saturated fat content. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Artificial Colors - We think our ingredients are beautiful enough on their own so we don't hide their good looks with any fake coloring like Red-40, Yellow-5 or Yellow-6.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


Fun fact: coconuts are actually a stone fruit (like a peach) and not a nut. Raw, dried or toasted - you name it, we got it.


A KIND Team favorite (it's always the first nut to disappear from our office trail mix stash), we only use smooth cashews for their creamy taste and texture.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

47 reviews
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Lori 5/1/2017

Want opportunity to buy less of this products

Almond Coconut Cashew Chai bar is outstanding! Love it and want to buy 36 bars but only option is 72 :(
Benita 5/1/2017

I had no Idea!

I was just given this bar as an "Act of kindness" from a Starbucks I frequent, and Oh My God! I love it, I have never had a fruit and nut bar that tasted so fresh and great. It really tasted like a gourmet treat. Job well done.
Megan 5/1/2017

Want opportunity to buy less

I too, wish the Coconut Cashew Chai bar came in the pack of 36 bars, its definitely my favourite and I wish it was available!!
amy 5/1/2017

almond coconut cashew chai

Please distribute in smaller quantities.....I want this bar! : )
amy 5/1/2017

almond coconut cashew chai

Please distribute in smaller quantities.....I want this bar! : )
Chad 5/1/2017


Please sell these in smaller quantities! I wish they sold these in the local grocery store too =(
Kristie 5/1/2017

My new favorite

I got this through Starbucks as a free item and I am so happy that I did. It is my new favorite flavor. I wish I could find it in stores, but will certainly buy from the site if I can buy in 36 instead of 72. Super tasty!
Patricia 5/1/2017

want to know how to buy smaller quantity- almond coconut cashew chai bars

These bar are fabulous I absolutely love them they are the best flavor of kind bar I have had.I just wish I could buy them in quantity of less than 100 or72
Tokyo 5/1/2017


I also had the opportunity to have one these bars for free at my local Starbucks. Best bar I've ever had! I'd like a box of a smaller quantity, though.
Janet Kramer 5/1/2017

What I would like to see.

Please distribute the Almond coconut cashew chai bars in small quantities, I love them! 20 for $20.00 and I would buy them for me and for gifts.
Meredith 5/1/2017

Want More

I love this Bar and cant find it other then at Starbucks. Please make more available!
Lorie 5/1/2017

In Utah

As like all the reviews before me I was given a sample by my local Starbucks. You nailed it on this bar. The chai is not over powering and is a perfect blend with the almonds, coconut and cashews. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make these available in smaller quantities and more readily available.
Perfect 5/1/2017


It's perfect. Please listen to your customers and make this available somewhere other than Starbucks and in a smaller quantity online. Please.
Perfect 5/1/2017


It's perfect. Please listen to your customers and make this available somewhere other than Starbucks and in a smaller quantity online. Please.
Krystal 5/1/2017

I love this bar

Please, please make this bar available at grocery stores!! This bar is so good, but I can only find it at Starbucks and even then have a difficult time finding it.
Erica 5/1/2017

SO good

Just tried this bar for the first time & immediately came to write this review. One of the best I've tried! Definitely my new favorite. Plus it's good for you; an added bonus
Liv 5/1/2017

Help a sister out!

Please sell this in smaller boxes. I have been craving one of these bars ever since I tried one and can't find them again anywhere.
tanner 5/1/2017

nobody wants 72 bars! why dont u listen to your customers!?? the bars are excellent but i refuse to buy..... 72 is way to many and cant find elsewhere so no kind for me for now

Cristy 5/1/2017

love this flavor

Absolutely the best flavor but unfortunately its only available at starbucks (rare to come across as they are always out) and on the KINDsnacks website but must be purchased in very large quantities (72 bars).
PLEASE please please make available in smaller quantities. :(
Emilie 5/1/2017


Favourtie bar i have ever tried!!! please make available in supermarkets and online in smaller boxes!!!! Had to go to Starbucks and ask them to sell me a box just so i have a stash!
Can't just order a box of the type of bar that I like? Seriously lame. 5/1/2017


Can't just order a box of the type of bar that I like@f0 Seriously lame.
Smaller quantities! 5/1/2017


Would buy more of them if they weren't in such large quantities! Just want to buy 1 box, but can't find them in stores anywhere....EXCEPT STARBUCKS!
Cheryl 5/1/2017

Can't buy anywhere else besides Starbucks@f0

Please sell in other locations than Starbucks. This is my favorite flavor.
gabrielle 5/1/2017

The best KIND bar!

AMAZING! The best bar I have ever had. Please please please make this available in other places other than starbucks!
Devon brooks 5/1/2017

My bars

Love the taste
Leeanne 5/1/2017


This is the best bar you make! Please make it available at other retailers other than Starbucks or available for purchase online in smaller quantities. I would love to buy offline or at Publix instead of buying out my local Starbucks monthly!
Emily Moore 5/1/2017

My Most Favorite Bar!!!

Please start selling this bar at more retailers! This is by far your best bar ever!!! Even maybe sell smaller quantites on this site? I dont like only being able to get it at starbucks.
JJ 5/1/2017


This was so delicious I almost couldn't believe it. I was so excited to buy my own supply but unfortunately the 72 bar order size is just not useful / realistic. KIND - Please make these available in smaller quantities!
Shawn 5/1/2017

Love At First Taste

The ACCC bar is the best fruit & nut bar I've ever tasted! Please sell let other retailers carry this product. This bar sells out quickly @ my Starbucks I frequent regularly & I have to go to other Starbucks to get it.
Lauren B 5/1/2017

Best Kind Bar To Date!!

Absolutely love this bar!! Was on a serious hunt at other stores after I got it at Starbucks, until I finally gave up the quest. :) Please sell in smaller quantities on your site and make available at other retailers like Target, Whole Foods and/or Publix. Thanks in advance!!! ;-)
Jackie 5/1/2017

Best bar I've ever had!

Spent the last two weeks searching every grocer and realize I had this bar at Starbucks. Put this product on the shelves in a normal quantity and more people will have the opportunity to love it! :)
L 5/1/2017

Love! Love! Love

These KIND bars are incredible. Please make them avalible in stores or smaller quantities.
Sarah Hanson 5/1/2017

Need in Store!!

Love this flavor...why isn't it available in stores for purchase@f0!@f1
Nicole Potito 5/1/2017


I LOVE the chai flavored bar. This is by far my new favorite, and I'm so sad that I can't find it in any stores! Can that please change? Kind is the best!!!
Diana 5/1/2017

Smaller quantities PLEASE!

Best bar out there, but only available at Starbucks (sells out frequently) or in a huge quantity here. Please make available in smaller quantity on this site. Thanks!
Shala 5/1/2017

Please release it!

Love love love the chai bar! Please make available at grocery store! Or at least Amazon! Pwease!!!! Yes we are begging!!!
Heather 5/1/2017


omg..tried this at starbucks and it was amazing!!!
Sally 5/1/2017

Please sell at grocery stores

Please comsider selling this at Walmart, Kroger or Whole Foods or amazon
Jill 5/1/2017

Almond Coconut Cashew Chai - DELISH!

Please make this more available. I can only find it at Starbucks. Please make this available by the box in some of the national retailers that sell your other flavors. Publix, Target, Fresh Market, Walgreens or Amazon. Love this so much but only get them one or two at a time. So frustrating. So delicious.
Chiggy Patel 5/1/2017

You're only KIND if:

1) You make this delish bar more available besides Starbucks and small merchants. Eg Amazon, grocery stores. OR
2) Smaller quantity on your website
Ash 5/1/2017


Could you please please make "Almond Coconut Cashew Chai" bars available to consumers in packaging of 12 or 15 or 20 or 24 bars. Thanks
Stacey 5/1/2017

Need it now

Please provide in smaller boxes.
Jennifer 5/1/2017

Found at food lion

Tried for 1st time & purchased at Food Lion! Caramel almond & sea salt. Freaking delicious!!!!!
Michelle 5/1/2017


Please make the almond coconut cashew chai ones available in smaller boxes or at stores!
Karen 5/1/2017

Smaller boxes please!

LOVE these but I'd like to purchase in a smaller quantity because they'll go bad before I can eat them all.
Lorrie Dickerson 5/1/2017

I need these...

I had the pleasure of eating these little gems in several Starbucks across the country, but they are nowhere to be found in local grocery stores or even online (aside from huge cases which the average consumer has no use for, as the quantity would prove to be wasteful in the long run). Please, please package these in smaller quantities. Please! I have Celiac disease, and a gluten free but thoroughly tasty treat like this particular bar is difficult to come by. <3
Jen 5/1/2017

Delicious but Where can I buy these???

I happened upon one at a Starbucks. And I've been on the search ever since. I don't need 100 but would love to buy a normal size box. These were great!!! Please provide info on how to purchase. Thanks!

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