The Nutrition Collective
We love that you love nutrition.

You’re so passionate about nutrition that you’ve dedicated your life to it. And we think that’s amazing.

As it so happens, we’re committed to healthy eating, too. That’s why we started the KIND Nutrition Collective, a group of registered dietitians to work collectively with us to help people be kinder to their bodies. Apply now to be a part of this effort. We’ll bring the (nutritious) snacks!

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You’ll get tools, resources, and tasty snacks!

We’ll provide you with a wide range of resources like nutrition information, product samples, coupons, early access to KIND’s health and wellness initiatives, invites to exclusive events and more.

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Here’s how you’ll get involved.

By doing exactly what you’re already doing. Being a Nutrition Collective member means inspiring people to live healthy, nutritious lives, and letting people know how KIND can be a part of their new lifestyle.