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apple cinnamon & pecan

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12 bars

product description

Apple pie is great until you need the apple peeler, baking dish and uh - oven. That's why we love this bar as much as our Grandma - sweet apples, nutty almonds, cashews, pecans and the perfect amount of cinnamon and spice.


Contains 12g of fat per bar. Contains almonds, cashews, pecans and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Polysorbate 80 - This synthetic compound is used as an emulsifier, a defoamer, and a surfactant. None of those uses include "making delicious healthy snacks" so we left it out.
Featured Ingredients


Naturally sweet and nutritious, we find crisp hand harvested apples grown in the best orchards with lots of water and plenty of sunshine.


Slightly sweeter in flavor than a walnut, our Large and Fancy pecans (seriously, that's the description!) are harvested from trees grown in America.


Did you know that cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree? The unique flavor comes specifically from the aromatic oils in the bark and is used in sweet and savory recipes alike.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

36 reviews
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Marcellino 12/13/2017

The Best!

The first i've tried + still by far the Best!
Yoga Princess 5/1/2017


This is like eating eating a pie, without all the fatty things. I have one after yoga to reward myself for all the hard work. It tastes so good I feel guilty!
Rebekah 5/1/2017

Best Bar EVER!

This flavor is by far THE BEST! I LOVE most of the KIND bars, but this apple cinnamon tastes like you're being bad, when you're really being better than good!
Mishael 5/1/2017


This is probably my best bar! It is a bit hard to decide which exactly is the best, as most are fantastic, but this is surly amongst the best!
Rebekah 5/1/2017


This flavor is by far THE BEST! I LOVE most of the KIND bars, but this apple cinnamon tastes like you're being bad, when you're really being better than good!
nancy 5/1/2017

first time i have ever had this bar not sure i would like LOVED IT;

Alan Chaillet 5/1/2017


This is my favorite bar and all the Kind bars are the best tasting natural nutritional and energy snack bars I have every had anywhere the Universe!
KATHY 5/1/2017


Sunnie 5/1/2017

The Best!

I eat this instead of dessert and I don't even miss it! Amazing
judy 5/1/2017


really good hits the spot when your hungry.
Steph 5/1/2017


So yummy! I get this with my Starbucks coffee every morning!
Courtney 5/1/2017


I'm an apple & pecan FANATIC and this bar is the best thing ever made!!! I keep a bar in every bag & purse I own!
Amanda 5/1/2017


Seriously, This flavor is AMAZING. All of the flavors are delicious but this one is definitely my favorite. It's not hard like other nut bars, and it's the perfect amount of apply and cinnamon taste. The nuts are perfect, they aren't hard and hard to chew like other bars, this is just a really easy and delicious bar to eat.
lowvoltguy 5/1/2017


This is quite possibly the best snack bar I've ever had! I really like the fact you can read the list of ingredients and not scratch your head wondering what the heck you're eating.
Angela 5/1/2017


I grabbed this and ate it while waiting in a Starbucks line for my coffee one afternoon..... I was completely stunned!! This is the best snack bar I've ever had, hands down!! Most are very dry and crunchy and lacking any real flavor but this was moist and chewy and very tasty!! Totally loved it!!
PHYLLY 5/1/2017


Was given one @ the recent American Diabetes Association 5K walk. It was soooooo good! Not too sweet and a little chewy. It has the perfect balance of low to zero carbs, sugar, protein, fiber, etc. Since the walk I've tried some of the other flavors - they are all good but the apple is the BEST. Having a little problem finding this particular flavor so I just may order direct. Thanks KIND!
nutmut 5/1/2017


One of a kind! I am hooked!
Anonymous 5/1/2017

Delicious and Healthy

This flavor is fantastic because it tastes almost like a dessert (because of the natural cinammon) but is healthy for you, the pecans are what its all about! Highly recommended!
Emily 5/1/2017

Love it!

My current favorite flavor! Tastes like a delicious dessert without all the unhealthy ness
Kristina 5/1/2017


Bought this in line at Starbucks today before heading to class... First time I have ever been truly impressed by one of these types of bars... Is shipping free to Canada? Want to buy these in bulk.
Amber 5/1/2017

Love IT!!!!

This was the first Kind bar that my boyfriend and I were introduced to. We couldn't find it in the stores and tried a variety of others. The cranberry almond ended up being our favorite until I found this bar again. It's such an amazing treat tasting almost like an apple pie but much healthier option. I wish I could find it in more stores in my area, for now I'll have to continue ordering online.
Andrea N. 5/1/2017

Love most of the ingredients,

Would enjoy this SO much more if there were NO raisins
Cindy 5/1/2017

Apple cinnamon & pecan bar

OMG! Never tasted this brand before but it was so delicious & gluten free too . It was crunchy yet chewy ; I couldn't stop eating it . Would love to find them in a store so I could try several different selections .
Pat 5/1/2017


I love this bar. It has so much flavor and a fresh taste. I bought it at an airport and ate it on the plane. I kept thinking "Why did I only buy 2?" I've been looking everywhere for these, but only found some of the other flavors. This one is my favorite.
Beth 5/1/2017

Yummy - but needs more cinnamon

Love this bar! But I am a cinnamon fan, especially of Vietnamese Cinnamon. This bar needs a bigger hit of cinnamon to get 5 stars from me. : )
Renee 5/1/2017

these bars are

Leslie 5/1/2017


I initially tried only the nut delight bar and fruit and nut bar, as I am very picky and hate chocolate, but this week I branched out to a few other flavors. The Apple Cinnamon was the first of the new flavors and I LOVE IT! I will be buying many more of these! Great to toss in a gym bag or purse in the morning. (and they withstand the Texas heat fairly well!!)
David Hinds 5/1/2017

Excellent Bars

I eat 3 Kind bars a day and they have helped me lose 110 lbs in the past 3 years......
Caitlin D 5/1/2017

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Bar

Just had my first Be KIND bar today - Apple Cinnamon Pecan, and it was delicious! I absolutely loved it! Tastes great and I can't wait to try more!
Jack McCune 5/1/2017

Great bar!

This is my favorite bar. I just wish I could find stores to carry the AC&P.
Elizabeth 5/1/2017


This is by far my most favorite KIND bar! It's chewy and crunchy at the same time, and has just the right amount of sweetness...tastes like a dessert!
Sam 5/1/2017

Amazing but where are they?!

These are by far my favorite KIND bar (runner-up being the Cranberry Almond), but where can I find them? They used to be at my local Sprouts Farmers Market store but now they're gone... Please don't tell me they were discontinued!!
D Ramos 5/1/2017

Amazing Bar!!!!

My favorite bar out of all the flavors! It's so sad that Sprouts stopped carrying them : (
Jerry 5/1/2017

they still carry them at Whole Foods

I, too, used to purchase these at Sprouts. Not only do Sprouts no longer give case discounts on bars (at least my local branch no longer does), but they don't carry this flavor anymore. All is not lost, however, as Whole Foods still has them for a surprisingly low price, and with a case discount applied, they come out to $1.50 a bar. Happy shopping!
Erin M. 5/1/2017

Did I mention yum?

This flavor is amazing! Kind sent me two to try after my previous favorite flavor was discontinued. Now of only I could find these on a store in Maryland in the Baltimore-DC region
(No luck so far.). Once I find them, I'm buying a whole box (case is a littleuch for at once). New favorite!
Cherie 5/1/2017

Best Flavor Ever

Just bought 36 bars off of Amazon as I can not find these in stores locally. I am not crazy about most snack bars, but this one takes the flavor of apple/cinnamon/pecans and almonds with a dash of honey....Wow! Flavor eruption in your mouth! Awesome!

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