Everything you want in a treat, everything you expect from KIND


KIND BARK is a delicious treat featuring nuts with premium dark chocolate. Each variety of KIND BARK also features ingredients such as quinoa for a slight crunch or drizzled salted caramel for sweetness. The #1 ingredient in KIND BARK is always a nutrient-dense ingredient like almonds or peanuts.

Generally, retailers will shelve KIND BarkĀ® where premium dark chocolate is sold.
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what's in this bar?


Chopped Almonds

Smooth California almonds, roasted to perfection and chopped just enough.

Dark Chocolate

Rich, dark chocolate.  We can’t get enough.


Fun fact: peanuts are not technically nuts at all! These 'legumes' grows underground with a green leafy top, but don't worry - they're still packed with a crunchy, nutty flavor.