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product description

This bar belongs on a country road where the sun always shines and life is simple: sun-ripened American blueberries and nutty pecans jam-pack this fruit and nut bar for a rustic, delicious snack you can (fortunately) enjoy anywhere.

Contains 12g of fat per bar. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Propyl Gallate - An artificial preservative. No thanks.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


Slightly sweeter in flavor than a walnut, our Large and Fancy pecans (seriously, that's the description!) are harvested from trees grown in America.


A notorious member of the berry family and one of the only truly blue foods out there, these beauties are native to North America and harvested only when the delicate fruit falls right off the bush with no pulling.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

51 reviews
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Dan Miller 5/1/2017

thumbs up!

really unique wholesome taste and great to know that I am treating my body right as well!
Mpants 5/1/2017

a shade below perfect!

I love this flavor, but I love the Blueberry-Vanilla flavor offered at Starbucks way more. This is a great second-placer but if you have the chance to check out the Blueberry Vanilla, go for it! Can't wait until they offer it in bulk.
Amber Muhlnickel 5/1/2017


This was my first KIND bar flavor. This past weekend I was looking for something healthy to eat, because I just started a New Year's Diet, and nothing in the book store at the college was healthy...until I stumbled on these. I was amazed at how absolutely delicious they were. Now here I am, ordering a case of them! You hooked me, and reeled me in with this one!
mcbkind 5/1/2017

Agree with Mpants

Ditto...This one is good,but the Blueberry cashew vanilla bar available at Starbucks is WAY better. When can we buy them at the other stores?
Cara 5/1/2017

Nothing Better than the BLUE

I am an absolute Blueberry JUNKIE and Pecans are my favorite nut, so this bar is a dream come true for me. The best part is they are portable and good for you! YUMMMMY!
tricia 5/1/2017

blueberry vanilla

I just had blueberry vanilla cashew from starbucs...amazing!! Anyone know where I can buy in bulk?
Suzanne 5/1/2017


This bar is INCREDIBLE and is definitely one of my favorite KIND bars.
Jenn 5/1/2017


Cant wait to get my order!
Lindsay 5/1/2017


The blueberry pecan + Fiber is the best!! There is only one place that I have been able to find them and I sell them out every week!
Sasha Vuillaume 5/1/2017

start selling the blueberry/vanilla/cashew everywhere!

I am with you guys-LOVE the blueberry, vanilla, cashew bar.
duprejmt 5/1/2017

Blueberry, Vanilla & Cashew

Hey Kind.... see the ratings here? They are not for the pictured "pecan fiber" bar. They are for Blueberry, Vanilla & Cashew. Imagine all the people looking for these bars and they can not find them to purchase. You guys are losing some big money. Think it over and have a great day.
Dree 5/1/2017

Love it!

We picked this one up at whole foods tonight and really loved it!
Ellen 5/1/2017

blueberry vanilla cashew please!

where can i find these?? omg i love them!
kim 5/1/2017

loving it

i went to whole food this weekend an try this bars i did not try it until two days later i love the bars will be buying them again
Anita Hill 5/1/2017

Blueberry Pecan

Heatherb 5/1/2017

Blueberry Vanilla Cashew

When can I get a shipment of those? I am going broke buying them from Starbucks!
Stephanie 5/1/2017

I WANT Vanilla Blueberry Cashew!!!

Where can I get these?! I don't want to buy them individually from Starbucks for $2.50 a pop when they sometimes have them in stock. I need a steady supply, pretty please!!
jack palangio 5/1/2017

blueberry pecan

simply amazing,can't get enough!!!
All your products are GREAT!
(said like tony the tiger)
aixa morales 5/1/2017


please sell the blueberry vanilla cashews on your web soon. I am going crazy looking for those.
They are AMAZING!!!
Jen 5/1/2017


Bluberry, Vanilla, Cashew is SOOOOO good! So mad I can't find it here!
Robin 5/1/2017

Blueberry pecan

k floyd 5/1/2017


very unique taste and very yummy
Hazelphine 5/1/2017

So Good!

I brought this bar from Targets in Florida and i fell in love with it i certainly will be given my grandchildren for a nice snack and i will also buy more of this product now that i found the site for them i would probably enrolled in the advantage program. But can you leave out the sugar just like you made it gluten free
K 5/1/2017


I LOVEEEEE the Blueberry/Vanilla and cashew bar! why aren't those available online!@f0!@f1!@f2
W 5/1/2017

Soooo Gooood

Coconut & Almond oh so GOOD!!
Pam 5/1/2017


Finally! a gluten-free fiber bar that is GREAT tasting!
Tim 5/1/2017

Blueberry Pecan is the best

I eat 2-3 of these each day. Great Product. Been buying for 6 months using Kind Advantage. Its is great.
Amy Daniels 5/1/2017

Blueberry Vanilla Cashew

I'm not reviewing the fiber bar but rather the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew that I can only seem to find at Starbucks! I love that bar and it is the only granola/nutrition/fitness type bar I EVER buy regularly. Please sell online!!!! :)
Christi 5/1/2017

Blueberry Pecan +

Best granola bar - EVER! The perfect crunchy texture in this delicious, bluberry-almond-pecan, dessert-like, bar of goodness!!
Gillian 5/1/2017

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein

First time trying these....will DEFINATELY be buying and trying more of them!!!!!
Lori 5/1/2017

OMG Amazing

I bought this bar so I could try it out for my sister who is on a Gluten free diet. It is amazing, I went back to the store and bought six more so I could have them for breakfast everyday this week. WONDERFUL
Jody 5/1/2017

I WANT Vanilla Blueberry Cashew too!!!

I LOVE the Vanilla Blueberry Cashew and would buy a case in a heart beat! Why don't you sell it on your website@f0@f1@f2 Bummer...
brianthomas77 5/1/2017

Blueberry Vanilla Cashew

I echo this sentiment on the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew bar. Is this specific only to Starbucks? How is it that the company makes it but doesn't advertise it on their website or sell this flavor elsewhere@f0
Hannah 5/1/2017


SO good! Definitely one of my favorite flavors! But I do love the blueberry vanilla at Starbucks the best!
KLWalcott 5/1/2017


Seriously, come'on now. Why do I have to go to Starbucks to buy this bar...Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew. I would love to buy this in bulk or at the very least, at my grocery store. It is literally the best bar from Kind...and I've tried them all!
Jessica 5/1/2017


Please offer the Blueberry Cashew Vanilla by the case through your website! I purchase one daily at Starbucks, and just purchased a different variety case through this site, of which i am confident i will love just as much! But I am still waiting for the day to combine my purchases! Thank you for such an amazing product! Keep us happy!
Suzuki Yamaha 5/1/2017

Ninjas in black outfits

Love it!
cheekies 5/1/2017

you cannot go wrong with any KIND bar that includes blueberries

Not to be redundant but I completely agree with the roars asking why Starbucks is the only place we can purchase the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew AND the other KIND fiber bar, Apple Cinnamon Nut?! Both are superb flavors as this one is and should be more readily available :)
Rob 5/1/2017

Another request for BLUEBERRY VANILLA CASHEW!!!


Got a BVC at a Starbuck's in CA. WANT MORE!!
Pauline 5/1/2017

OMG Blueberry Vanilla Cashew NEEDS to be sold by the case HERE TOUT SUITE

Now this is getting a little ridiculous that the only outlet since this bar's inception is Starbucks. Is this some licensing issue where it is ONLY sold there@f0 On a weekly basis I'm making SBUX a small fortune because I'll buy their entire case and I'm getting poor. Well not really but you know where I'm going with this. Could you please sell this bar on your website by the case@f1
Phyllis 5/1/2017

Blueberry Cashew Vanilla are the BEST!!!

I would love it if we could order the Blueberry Cashew Vanilla. I bought 2 of them a couple weeks ago @ a Starbucks & I LOVE them!!!
Lisa S. 5/1/2017

Blueberry Vanilla Cashew in grocery/natural food store, please!?!

I would also like to buy the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew flavor at my local grocery or at least natural food store instead of having to go to Starbucks. It's definitely the best flavor out there, however, very disappointing its only available at Starbucks.
Dan 5/1/2017

Simply Awesome

I would be able to eat these everyday for the rest of my life without getting tired of them!!!
Megan 5/1/2017


Excellent product, very tasty and filling!
Angela 5/1/2017


So yummy I crumbled one up into my Greek yogurt for a parfait!
Stephanie 5/1/2017


These are my favorite for fast breakfast.
Lauren 5/1/2017

My Favorite but...

This bar is one of my favorites by Kind, but I'm afraid to have learned that perhaps Hexane-extracted soy ingredients are used@f0 Such sadness...
Claudia 5/1/2017


These are so yummy! However, I just discovered the Caramel Almond Sea Salt, so I'm switching it up between those two flavors. My boyfriend hides them from me so that I stop eating them! It's my fave snack!
Debbra Armdt 5/1/2017

Amazing quality

I have lost over 200 pounds throughout the last several years, through changing my diet, and these snacks make it easy and so good in the taste & value of the Kind bars & other snacks ! Keep up the good work !
Chris 5/1/2017

Blueberry Pecan & Apple,Cinnamon & Walnut bars

These are my favorite flavors, but they are so hard to find. Love your products!
Tammy 5/1/2017

My Favourite Snack!

I am in love with KIND bars! My favourite is blueberry, vanilla and cashew. I could seriously eat these all day. Sadly we don't have as many choices of flavours in Canada, but these are my number one purchase when I travel to the states. Thanks for making something delicious and healthy!

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