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Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew | KIND Nut Bars Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew | KIND Nut Bars

blueberry vanilla & cashew

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product description

The scent of a freshly baked blueberry breakfast on Sunday morning is one of our favorites. And with this berry-laden bar you can make any day a Sunday. With creamy cashews and the slight touch of vanilla and honey, this is a wholesome snack you can take with you anywhere, anytime.


Contains 12g of fat per bar. Contains cashews, almonds and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Propyl Gallate - An artificial preservative. No thanks.
Featured Ingredients


A KIND Team favorite (it's always the first nut to disappear from our office trail mix stash), we only use smooth cashews for their creamy taste and texture.


A notorious member of the berry family and one of the only truly blue foods out there, these beauties are native to North America and harvested only when the delicate fruit falls right off the bush with no pulling.


This sweet, spiced flavor is derived from the seedpods of the vanilla plant which, interestingly, is a vine-like member of the orchid family.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

44 reviews
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Mike 5/23/2017

Best Bar out there

I love this bar! Flavor is awesome!
Bri 4/7/2016

Best one by far

This is the best kind bar! Ive tried all the other ones and there amazing too but the blueberry and vanilla go so good together! I could eat them all day!
Gus 3/11/2016

Reminds me of a blueberry pancake

This bar is one of my very favorites, because it takes me back to my childhood. Remember back-in-the-day when a really good continental breakfast was included with your stay at even a middle-of-the-road hotel? I do! When I was a kid my family would travel and we'd stay at this one hotel that, on certain days, their breakfast included blueberry pancakes. This little bar takes me all the way back to that time and place with its rich flavors! And it's WAY healthier than a short-stack of pancakes!
Nancy 4/18/2017

Why make these with 40% less sugar now - TERRIBLE THIS WAY

They are awful this way. Hard as a rock and dry and less flavor. Please make the ORIGINAL blueberry vanilla and cashew bars ONLY
Jackie Risden 3/22/2017

Love them but have soy which acts like estrogen

I absolutely love these bars and was very upset when he found out they contain soy which acts like estrogen in the body. I am one month out from Endometrial cancer operation.The box does not even say how much soy It contains.i'll have to check your other bars to see if they have soy also. Very disappointed. A great product for those who can't eat so I though. Thank you
Julie gentry 10/2/2016

In love

I have wanted to like the Kind bars but found it hard to do because they were to hard but now I have found this one cashew blueberry & vanilla. far the very best & so easy on your teeth and roof of your mouth! In love with my new Go To bar!
Amanda 9/9/2016

So yummy

I love the fruit & nut Kind bars, but i'd have to say the Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew are my favorite! I wish they had a little less sugar and a little more protein.
Aria 1/23/2016

Sooooo good

I've tried most Kind flavors, and they're all awesome. I have to say though, that this one is probably my favorite. The blueberry and vanilla go so well together. Love these.
Adil 10/24/2015


I like these KIND cereal bars because they contain almonds and cashews which is good specially for overall energy; Thank you KIND for making healthy snacks.
Crystal 2/8/2015

KIND blends are the absolute best

Great bar!!!! Very refreshing. KIND bars are kind to tastebuds!
Crystal 2/8/2015

KIND blends are the absolute best

Great bar!!!! Very refreshing. KIND bars are kind to tastebuds!
mj 2/5/2015


I'm obsessed with this flav! It is literally a blueberry muffin.
Laura 1/23/2015

Favorite Kind Bar

This is by far my favorite KIND bar. Absolutely love the blueberry and vanilla flavor mixed with cashews!
Erika 1/3/2015


My favorite! Great taste!
Anne 12/23/2014

Wow! Addictive.

I usually go for Almond & Coconut, but there were none in the rack today so I bought this one instead. New favorite! Awesome, chewy, great fresh blueberry taste and lovely vanilla level. Great with my green tea!
Forrest Calhoun 12/19/2014


I just finished one of these bars. A waste of time and money for a tasteless, bland piece of garbage!!! Don't waste your money!!!
Lacey 10/25/2014

Awesome :)

I had this for the first time today and it tasted like blueberry pancakes. The vanilla is so strong and it goes so nicely with the cashews and blueberries. This is so delicious!
Cassie Reese 10/4/2014

Wonderful and nutritious bars!!!

I was just introduced to the Kind family of bars as of yesterday, and I am hooked already!!! The flavors compliment and blend together effortlessly creating and wonderful and fullfilling bar!!!
ashley 8/20/2014

One of the best flavors

This is my second favorite and being that my favorite is so difficult to find, I normally end up with the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew and I have absolutely no complaints about it. Delicious and not too sweet.
Amanda 8/7/2014

Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew

My fav KIND Bar!!!
Jay Aronson 7/28/2014

Office Assistant

Alyshia 6/26/2014


These are amazing! I certainly didn't expect a healthy snack to be this flavorful & delicious!
SHAUNA 4/30/2014


A nice alternative to the chocolate bars but hard to find.
Starla Johnson 4/14/2014


Just tried my first Kind bar which I received as a sample from a food chain over the weekend. I will definitely be purchasing a supply of bars!!! Very delicious!!!
Patti 3/25/2014

Exceptional snack bar!!!!!!

I just happened across the Blueberry, Vanilla & Cashew bars. OMG! These are fabulous! But I am concerned... My local Walmart doesn't have them on the shelf any more :) Appears they switched to plain Blueberry-Vanilla bars instead. PLEASE don't discontinue this variety!!!! The cashews are what really makes it yummy and I think it's the best one you have. I actually live in NW Arkansas which is home base for retail giant Walmart. Please don't make me shop elsewhere just to get my snack fix! I hit every Walmart in our tri-city area today and bought every box I could find that was left. I am super excited to see them still on your website and that I can order them by the case. I will do that ASAP just in case they are about to become scarce!
Veronica g 3/20/2014


Got the pomegranate , blueberry, pistachio at a function I attended.
I kept it for a few days because I thought it might be too sweet
I was pleasantly surprised and now I am hooked. What a great snack!!!
Arren Salazar 3/10/2014


Kim 1/8/2014


I love these bars and they are very satisfying. They will definitely hold you between meals. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate and Cherry cashew
Gina 10/31/2013

Obsessed :)))

I was in Starbucks getting my usual drink, I wasn't too hungry, but want a healthy snack, I looked down and read the back of the blueberry vanilla & cashew. I decided to try it and ever since, I've been obsessed! Absolutely love these bars! I eat them daily! I only wish they carried them at Starbucks again :(..
Jeanette 10/24/2013


I was given 1 from a friend I absolutely love it I was given the almond and apricot it is so good and the ingredients are all good I will definitely buy them I especially like gluten free.
Leah 9/28/2013


The madagascar vanilla almod is soooo good. I was at a dog park when I was given a sample and now Im hooked.
Nancy 9/23/2013

Man are these tasty!

I take my lunch to work every day, and I like to pack a healthy snack to help me stay away from the vending machines. I'm also becoming increasingly concerned about GMO foods. The KIND bars are super-tasty and have great crunch. I bought a bunch individually for a good price at Ralph's (a Kroger store) in Los Angeles, so you don't need to go online or to Starbucks, or even to Whole Foods, to find them.
SandrA 9/19/2013

OMG!!! These are great!!

I was never much of a fruit bar person. I always thought they tasted, either too sweet or to dry. I happened to see these in Bed Bath & Beyond and out of curiosity I picked one up. I thought to myself, here's another bar that's gonna be way too sweet. I started reading the ingredients, and yes, I can actually pronounce them. They sounded pretty good so I bought 2 just to see how there were. Now they are the only fruit bars I buy and I've been telling everyone I know about them. They are delicious! My favorite is Apple, Cinnamon & Pecan. Keep them coming!!
June 9/13/2013

Love them

First tried these at a Starbucks. When we got back home found them at the health food store, but not the blueberry one. I am not to crazy about paying over $2.00 a bar either,so I don't get them very often. Really hope they come down in price a bit. I love them though!
Abbie Terry-Lewis 9/13/2013

Perfect!!!! Snack Bar!!!

I found these bars in a display while at Wal-mart pharmacy getting my meds. Having to change my eating habits due to my HBP. I read the ingredients and my daughter ,who is 11, said "let's try one". We almost fought over the one!! Having to change my diet makes this the perfect healthy treat for my snack attacks and when my daughter has ballet after school, this makes for the great pick me up snack for her, she gave the granola bars to her older brother, til he tried the bar with the drizzled chocolate, now he's hooked! I get these bars at Wal-mart for a great right price!! THANKS KIND!!! KEEP THE BARS COMING!!!
Kim 9/8/2013

love these

Love these bars. Dont know where other posters are from...I am in North Carolina and I get my KIND bars at Lowes grocery store.
jamie 9/7/2013

Best bar ever!

Amazing taste and lots of nutrients. Very impressed! Keep it comin.
ALFRED 8/31/2013

Wow.... How Great

I too found this at a Starbucks, I pulled an all nighter preparing for a meeting, took early flight without breakfast, got to hotel with imbeded Starbucks and asked what I thought would be a stupid question..."Do you have anthing that is glutan free and better yet also Lactose Free?" at first I was given an odd look , when I turned to leave another person behind the counter called me to come back and look at the Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew Fruit & Nut. I had to look no further for breakfast and lunch. The prominance of the all natural igredients is great, if you are intollerant to Gluten and Dairy this is a Slam Dunk. My only concern is eating too many in a day, with 14% of dietary fat in a bar is a concernt.
Amber 6/20/2013

Favorite one yet!

My only complaint is that no one sells these yet expect I either have to buy the 72 pack, or keep paying $2+ dollars a pop. Hope this gains in popularity enough to be offered at more places or in different quantities.
Victoria 6/20/2013

Great Bar

I purchased the Blueberry, Vanilla and Almond bar at a Starbuck's store. It is so good. This is now one of my favorites. Kind makes healthy eating delicious.
cris welisch 6/7/2013

Soy Lecithin and Almonds

I LOVE your KIND bars, as I do not eat gluten. But, I am disappointed to find there is soy lecithin in it. I do not eat soy products, and wish you could find another product to replace the function of the soy lecithin.

After 300 hours of Nutrition study, I learned how acidic and bad the brown almond coating is for us. We cannot digest it, and it creates a toxic environment for us. The brown coating on nuts is nature's way of insuring that the nut=seed will be protected until it can get into the ground and sprout.

Will you reply@f0

Thank you,

Jess 5/2/2013


John 5/1/2013

Delicious, highly addictive and healthy. Finally available online

I do not give the 5 stars lightly. Try one and you will understand. The only problem I have is that the average Blueberry, Vanilla & Cashew kind bar lasts about 50 seconds for me. Now that I can buy a case, I could get into trouble here. This new online price is great too. I think I paid twice that much at Starbucks.
kathryn m. 4/13/2013

Total Shock

I could not believe how amazing these bars were ... I've tasted a lot of snack bars, but this one blew me away. YOU CAN TELL how pure the ingredients are with the first bite. I'm ordering by the case. Thank you KIND bars!!!!

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