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Chipotle Honey Mustard | Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Honey Mustard | Sweet & Spicy

chipotle honey mustard

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product description

Sweet and spicy. We don’t mean putting hot sauce on your ice cream (unless you love hot sauce and ice cream), we mean chipotle honey mustard. It can’t decide if it wants to give you a hug or a slap on the back. Kind of like your crazy uncle, except made from whole nuts and seeds, it actually tastes good. And it won’t make you listen to stories about the “glory years." You’re welcome. 

Contains 16g of fat per bar. Contains almonds. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - We pick the healthiest, tastiest ingredients we can find so our snacks don't need the help of flavor enhancers like MSG.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.

pumpkin seed

Fun fact: every pumpkin has about 500 seeds. We slow roast each one to perfection for a subtle sweetness and nutty finish.


One of the world's most widely used spices, mustard comes in yellow, brown, black and even white, each with slightly different flavors. We prefer the slightly spicier kick found in brown mustard seeds.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

29 reviews
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Heather 9/23/2015

Can't go wrong!

I've been eating the Hickory Smoked and Honey Smoked BBQ for months almost daily so I wanted to try this one not only had to search which store had it in stock since these are so popular but I found one took one bite and just like the rest BOOM! Just as amazing! These are amazing Kind Bars came up with an amazing product line here savory these bars are literally fantastic and to die for.
Jordan Carr 9/22/2015

Best Nutbar ever

I was biking around Sea Port Village and this very nice young lady gave me one one of these from her giant bag of bars. Then, I saw the flavor "honey mustard" and took it just to be polite and stuffed in in my bike bag. A few days later i'm cleaning my bike and find it again. So I eat it... Best nut bar EVER!!! I love sweet salty savory nut bars/granola bars. This one is really all about the savoriness factor with a hint of sweet. I'm gonna buy some next pay check for when I need a good midday snack.
Courtney 7/30/2015

Excellent !

I've only had the honey mustard and the roasted jalapeno but these are absolutely delicious and very satisfying.
Joseph 9/13/2018

Love the Sweet and Spicy bars! Don’t stop making them!

I fell in love with these when I started buying them from Target. When Target stopped carrying them, I signed up for a subscription through Amazon Prime. Now the bars are out of stock on Amazon, and even here on the Kind Snacks website. Please don’t stop producing these awesome bars! Many of us enjoy savory flavors more than sweet flavors. There are 25 flavors listed under the “Kind Bars” tab, and none of them are savory! The market needs these!
John Karney 6/14/2017

Used to be Best Nut Bar Ever

I have been getting the Honey Mustard bars for a long time. I bought 5 boxes/month. I just got my shipment and noticed the packaging had changed. Oh well. I bit into it and couldn't taste any honey or mustard. Instead, there was a nasty pepper taste. I looked at the packaging and noticed the word "chipolte" had been added. I'm not very fond of hot spice. It used to have a little spice, but not unpleasant. This isn't exactly killer hot, but it is unpleasant and the good taste is gone, the bad taste is quite noticeable. I won't be ordering any more of these. I also noticed that the other reviews are for the old bars that I liked. Not the new recipe, so beware of the other reviews on here. If they're more than a few weeks older than this one, they're probably not referring to the bar that you'll get.
Bethany 9/13/2015

Please DON"T discontinue ...

Love these savory bars for a quick and satisfying snack or part of a meal. So sad the shelves were cleared in our store today. Please don't take them away!
Carol 9/4/2015

A little honey, no mustard. Disappointing.

I didn't dislike the taste, but it had barely a hint of honey mustard. Chili was the predominant flavor.
Patrick 8/21/2015

Honey Mustard not!

Saw these new Strong flavors from a brand I have come to enjoy. Picked Honey Mustard as this seemed likely to be the least surprising possible choice. However I didn't find my bar to be honey nor mustard. Was more a mild chili. Made me check the label again as I thought I must have picked up the wrong one and I just was having a expectation/cognition event. Nope. So maybe this is their idea of what honey mustard should be@f0 It's just not anywhere near my reference for the name. Maybe the BBQ will be better.
Nancy 7/13/2015

Finally , a perfect low sugar snack

I thank you for this terrific option for a high protein/low sugar pick me up!
brooke 5/7/2015

Perfect tasty snack

I was a bit skeptical when i first seen the honey mustard in a "granola type bar" after years of only having tried the sweet versions.... Well, These are totally amazeballs! Im going back to get more today. They are such a great snack alternative to my usual craving of salty crunchy chips. I'm definitely going to try all of the other savory flavors too!
jwoolman 4/26/2015

Amy- you have an allergy....

Amy- you say you have no food allergies. Yes, you do- you reacted to something in the bar. There is nothing wrong with the bar itself. I have food allergies myself. Look at the list of ingredients, especially noticing any ingredient you rarely or never eat or that you don't eat in large quantities. Anything can cause a reaction, and your first reaction can come after many exposures that did nothing. A friend discovered an allergy to a common spice, for example, only after eating a dish loaded with it. In smaller amounts, he had never reacted. Good luck! It can take a lot of detective work tracking these things down. Sometimes we have cyclic allergies, meaning after a period away from the allergen we can eat the foods occasionally. I'm like that with tomatoes. Other allergies are permanent (eggs for me). But really, don't assume the bar was bad- you had an allergic reaction. Be aware that you can develop others, although varying your diet can help avoid that.
Jefiana 4/6/2015


I like the jalapeno the most but this is pretty tasty. It takes away my cravings and gives me a good amount of energy. Highly recommended for anyone working to loose weight bc these are helpful in my opinion.
Lauren 3/18/2015

The BEST! Recommend to all my patients

I'm a dietitian, and for many patients it can be hard to find savory snacks that aren't cheetos, chips, etc. This bar (and the whole Strong + Kind line) are not only portable and delicious, but they're packed with nutrients. Bravo!
Amy 3/15/2015

Tasty but something really weird in there

I have no food allergies at all, but after eating this bar, the entire inside of my lower lip is raw, like it's been burned. Maybe it's just the spices, but it's not pleasant. It is a very tasty bar tho, for what it's worth.
JK 3/9/2015


Gluten-free, dairy-free, and taste like THIS??? You had me at Hello. Seriously. This is my other favorite. NOT second favorite. I LOVE THE SAVORY BARS!!
Janie 2/2/2015


These bars are insanely good!! I tried one and just ordered 2 boxes! They taste like pretzels covered in spicy mustard..can't wait for my delivery
Joan 1/24/2015

Very very good

I love all the not-so-sweet varieties, and this is becoming my new favorite. My only request is the addition of some hemp protein to at least one flavor, maybe get the protein content up to 15 grams?
Abby 1/6/2015


Second favorite to the almond and coconut. Tastes like the best pretzel you ever had, but not starchy and with 10 grams of protein! Low salt and low sugar too!
Shannon 1/4/2015

Great bar!

I was so happy to try these bars! I love the sweeter Kind bars, but sometimes I'd prefer a savory healthy snack packed with goodness. These deliver with a ton of flavor.
Michelle 12/15/2014

Honey Mustard

I had this at Energy Events Brew Fest and they are amazing. I don't eat "granola" bars because I don't like sweet. I will totally eat these for lunch or a great snack. Even for breakfast in a hurry. Thank you so much for making a savory bar.
Jordan 12/7/2014


These are so good! They are the perfect sweet and spicy. If you like mustard you will love these
Lauren Anderson 12/1/2014

Addictively savory

These have completely replaced my way less than healthy Snyders Honey Onion Pretzel bites snack habit. So savory and delicious, all the flavor, but none of the bad stuff. I can eat these every day, at any time of the day. Even breakfast. They're that good.
Pat 10/31/2014


A Kind Bar & bottle of water always accompany us on our daily walks. Honey mustard bar is a disappointment. For our taste the flavors do not blend well.
Lisa 10/30/2014

So good!

This is so good! It reminds me of a hot pretzel with mustard on it!
Casey 10/20/2014

Wanted to like these, but...

I really, really wanted to like these. I'm generally a fan of salty/sweet, sweet Thai chili, and the like. And I LOVE Kind bars. However, the honey mustard version is all bite, and no flavor or sweetness. And, as other reviewers have said, too many calories and sugar. A more balanced flavor, with the bite but well-rounded, would have been much more appealing.
sandy couture 10/15/2014

Thumbs up on the Honey Mustard!

I am a big fan of all the Kind bars- love the honey mustard the best! Do I detect a hint of wasabi? If not, why not???? This should open up a whole vista of salty/sweet/spicy combos! Why stop now? Kind bars are of natural, unadulterated healthy ingredients and you can tell that the minute you bite into them. Should we call them conscientious candy? Save-the-earth sustainable snacks? Or just plain old delicious empty-calorie-deviant delectable delights?
I'll be on the lookout for new tasty variations.

Thanks for making a wonderful line of products that I can enjoy with a clear conscience!
Paula VC 10/8/2014


Love these, super yum! Always looking for healthy and yummy snacks to eat, this new bar is so good!
Cindy 7/29/2014

money mustard bar-yum!

i only wish there weren't so many calories in it and sugar. If you could figure out how to lower those and increase the fiber, they would totally rock. Love the mustard bite. Nice welcome change from chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt. The fact it it gluten free andgmao free is awesome.
stefanie 5/1/2014

Honey Mustard Bold & Tastey!

I'm always looking for new bars without peanuts. I've always loved the kind bars...especially the almond & coconut. I just came across the strong & kind bars and purchase all 4 flavors the store had. Today - Honey Mustard bar...mmmm...just the right amount of sweet & spice. I can't wait to try them, but I have to pace myself.

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