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May 2017 Entry

Art Across Ages

Nikki Therrien
Boston · MA
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

LBFE aims to relieve isolation and loneliness among the elderly through community-based programming. By giving individuals the opportunity to spend time and engage with people from different generations, cultures, and backgrounds we create understanding, friendship and empathy. The world becomes kinder when we spend time together, and people live happier lives knowing that there are people that care for them, and for whom they care in return. Our inter-generational programs aim to disrupt ageism and create a platform for people to form meaningful relationships with individuals who they may not have the opportunity to meet elsewhere.
We believe it is everyone's right to engage in activities that promote positive personal growth at all ages.

How will you use the $10k?

Over the course of six months we will run three six-week intergenerational art courses taught by professional artists and teachers. Students will enroll in the art courses of their choice through partner organizations: teens and tweens from the Boston public library and elders from Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly. On the seventh week of each course, students will present their work and host an evening of art-making open to the public in which the students will become the teachers. Funds will be used for program supplies, refreshments, and artist stipends.

What impact do you hope to make?

LBFE serves individuals in Boston aged 70+ living in senior housing buildings, primarily in subsidized housing units. Residents of these buildings are culturally and linguistically diverse, many of whom do not leave their homes often due to transportation and language barriers. The proposed art program would serve:

Weekly Program at the South End Boston Public Library
60 aged 70+
60 under 18

Monthly CitySite Art Classes
180 aged 70+
75 aged 18-24

Other Details
Art Across Ages
Art Across Ages
Art Across Ages
Art Across Ages

After recruitment of both older and young participants, our first art class will begin in June shortly after our current student volunteers leave for the summer. Students will learn different mediums including sketching, watercolors, clay, and more. After 6 weeks, participants can celebrate their new skills and friendships at a student-led art gallery in mid-July. From there the next program will begin in a different neighborhood with a new class.

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