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May 2017 Entry

Awareness & Education for Turner Syndrome

Alexis Gratton
Holmdel · NJ
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

If you haven't heard of Turner Syndrome, we're not surprised. Turner Syndrome is a little known genetic condition that affects every 1 in 2000 girls. Turner Syndrome brings with it many different medical challenges, ranging from heart defects to developmental delays, but these can be treated as long as patients receive an early diagnosis. Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) brings awareness to this condition to ensure that every girl and woman affected receives an early diagnosis and important treatments & care. Together we can make a difference and provide a future of hope for everyone affected!

How will you use the $10k?

The KIND donation will allow TSF to distribute startup kits and enroll 200 participants in a web-based welcome course. Startup kits include posters, flyers, resources, and items to help girls and women understand their diagnosis and begin to advocate for themselves. The welcome course will educate patients on how to manage and care for Turner Syndrome. While many patients and caregivers have difficulty finding support and ample care in their area, especially after receiving a difficult diagnosis, TSF can make the world kinder by providing support to patients in their communities with the help of the Kind Foundation. We can change the stigma of a Turner Syndrome diagnosis by providing education and empowerment instead of confusion and shame.

What impact do you hope to make?

Hundreds of thousands of girls and women across the United States are impacted by Turner Syndrome, not to mention their families and caregivers. Imagine receiving a diagnosis for yourself or your loved one of a condition that you have never heard of. Imagine the questions and concerns you would have. Imagine the confusion, distress, and shock you would feel. Together, we have the power to change this, to make receiving a Turner Syndrome diagnosis an empowering time. A donation from the Kind Foundation will allow TSF to support girls and women coming to terms with their diagnosis by providing important information and resources in a comprehensive online learning activity and kit.

Other Details
Awareness & Education for Turner Syndrome
Awareness & Education for Turner Syndrome

Funds will be immediately used to advertise this opportunity to new patients and caregivers who could benefit from the welcome web course and startup kit. At $50 each, a $10K donation allows TSF to select 200 individuals to partake in this course. The course will continue over the next 6 months, at about 30 individuals per month. At the end of the 6 months, 200 newly diagnosed individuals will have a greater understanding of their condition, producing better overall health outcomes and greater advocacy efforts.

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