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February 2017 Entry

Be Kind America!

Kelly Schindler
Phoenix · AZ
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

The Be Kind People Project® (BKPP) believes in the power of kindness. Youth development lasts a lifetime. We teach students core values today so they flourish into kind leader’s tomorrow. BKPP initiates positive social change in elementary schools by providing culturally relevant programs that effectively integrate social, emotional, academic, and physical education. With the help of The Be Kind Crew™- a group of talented and high energy street fusion dancers and educators- BKPP teaches children what TO do instead of what NOT to do by introducing students to the Be Kind Pledge™, a statement of core human values. Through The Pledge and a wide array of engaging programs, children learn to become respectful, responsible, and kind citizens.

How will you use the $10k?

In the next 6 months, we will effectively use the $10,000 to launch “Be Kind America.” This initiative will help over 33,360 students in America put the skills of kindness into ACTION in their schools, families and communities. With the $10k, we will be able to make 1,112 deliveries to classrooms focusing on a “pay-it-forward” mentality distributing over 75,000 materials for students to use to recognize heroes in their own communities. Together we will teach elementary students how to be successful citizens and leaders of this country through practicing the 10 tenets of the Be Kind Pledge- be encouraging, be supportive, be positive, be helpful, be honest, be considerate, be thankful, be responsible, be respectful and be a friend.

What impact do you hope to make?

It is time for a change in America. By voting for our cause, you will give kids a voice to thank American heroes in their own community. Through “pay-it-forward” cards, students will be able to show their gratitude and build relationships with community leaders such as firefighters, police officers, and first responders. The programs and activities provided to classrooms will teach children what it means to appreciate leadership and will highlight the many qualities of the be kind pledge that our bravest and most hard working leaders possess, such as being helpful, being responsible, etc. Youth development today builds strong leaders tomorrow.

Other Details
Be Kind America!
Be Kind America!
Be Kind America!
Be Kind America!

The Be Kind People Project has delivered over 28 million kindness supplies and resources to classrooms across America. Student behavior improves 20%+ in schools with our programs in the first year alone. With over 15 programs available, The Be Kind People Project offers unique and culturally relevant youth development programs that have influenced over 5 million students nationwide. The Be Kind Crew has performed over 310 school assemblies, transforming elementary schools with a focus on creating a culture of kindness across America.

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