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April 2017 Entry

Beauty for Ashes

Sylvia Hill
West Helena · Arkansas
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Beauty for Ashes hopes to bring a sense of pride and hope to desolate, poverty stricken communities and neighborhoods by way of flower/vegetable gardens. Growing up here in Arkansas I'm saddened by how our once vibrant and full of life neighborhoods, parks and properties are at an alarming rate being neglected, abandoned and eventually demolished leaving the children and families of this once close knit community with false images of who they are and where they live. Our children and families deserve a place to be proud of again, a place they can interact and and be social again. This decrease in pride, interaction and socialization has contributed to the increase in obesity, diabetes, and social injustice by way of violence and crime.

How will you use the $10k?

With $10,000 Beauty for Ashes would be able to incorporate vegetable and flower gardens to several deserving neighborhoods. Specifically those homes where grandparents are raising grandchildren, neighborhoods that have become eyesores as a result of decay and neglect, and of course parks and schools as well. $10,000 should cover the building expenses for material as well as labor.

What impact do you hope to make?

Beauty for Ashes hopes to inspire hope, healthy social interaction in the community and among families reviving our community back to a place of pride, beauty and abundance of life.

Other Details

The next six months could be the beginning of a new trend spreading throughout neighboring cities and states. Children and families everywhere could be infected with this hope and inspiration to live and enjoy their lives right where they are. These efforts will begin rebuilding and strengthening relationships among the people. Acts of love and kindness, a sense of pride and togetherness will be seen on a larger scale in the city and among the children and families while obesity, diabetes, and social injustices by way of crime and violence will be reduced dramatically.

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