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April 2017 Entry

Building Schools in Nepal – Edge of Seven

Peter Mason
Denver · CO
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

In Nepal, poverty, culture, natural disasters, and a lack of schools prevent girls from getting an education. When it comes to push and shove, girls are often the ones left out of schooling because of an emphasis on boys’ education. But Edge of Seven (Eo7) is working every day to give girls a chance at a better education. By building classrooms, more girls get to go to school. More education improves their lives and their family’s lives because girls with more education, have fewer children, have them later, and earn more money that gets reinvested within their family. More education also creates a generational shift to educate daughters and raise themselves out of poverty. Eo7’s mission is to support communities and girls in this mission.

How will you use the $10k?

The $10,000 would build an entire classroom supporting 40 girls every day in attending school. Each classroom built means that more girls who aren’t attending school currently, will get a seat and get another year of education. Edge of Seven builds using earthquake resistant building designs including “earth bag” techniques.
$900: Grading & Foundation (materials)
$1900: Walls (materials)
$1500: Roof (materials)
$800: Doors & Windows (materials)
$400: Furnishing (materials)
$300: Finishing (materials)
$1200: Transportation of materials (concrete, wood, etc.)
$3000: Labor (over 3 months)

What impact do you hope to make?

Specifically, girls are the primary recipients of Eo7 projects because they are most likely to be sidelined in access to education. When it comes time to decide whether a girl or a boy should continue school because of a lack of space, or who will work more on the family farm, it is too often the girl. But additionally, communities are impacted positively because Eo7 works to build the capacity of community leadership in starting, managing and completing each project. By building community capacity to take on their own projects, Eo7 is creating the environment for leadership, ownership and sustainability into communities which is more than kind — it’s the right thing to do to give people the power to pull themselves out of poverty.

Other Details
Building Schools in Nepal – Edge of Seven
Building Schools in Nepal – Edge of Seven
Building Schools in Nepal – Edge of Seven
Building Schools in Nepal – Edge of Seven

The project is planned to kick off through partners on the ground in Nepal in August of 2017 with general milestones listed below. Completion expected by December 31, 2017.
Community engagement August
Skill building for the School Building Committee August
Grading & Foundation September
Walls (October)
Roof (October)
Doors/Windows (November)
Furnishing (November)
Finishing (December)

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