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Building Underserved Youth Opportunities (BUYCO)

Roderick Cunningham
Decatur · Georgia
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Building Underserved Youth Opportunities will encompass financial literacy with career path training that will aid 10 high school seniors with tools for today's job market. The tools include college financial aid preparation, resume writing, essay writing, goal setting, and financial management.

Our mission is to connect the worlds underserved youth to career paths diverting them from crime to a successful career path by providing them sustainable tools and skillets. Evidenced based reading is also a part of the curriculum.

How will you use the $10k?

BUYCO will use the 10k to aid our 10 week program for high school seniors to provide support by way of teachers, counselors and financial consultants. This will provide the students the support and knowledge needed for trade schools, colleges, and career paths. This grant will aid us with materials, educational activities, access to employers and food cost (lunches).

What impact do you hope to make?

BUYCO is providing high school seniors in high crime communities with access to a career path and skill sets. Our program offsets and helps to reduce the wave of crime in areas where mentorship and leadership is absent. The result will be to increase graduation rates with the 10 students in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Other Details
Building Underserved Youth Opportunities (BUYCO)
Building Underserved Youth Opportunities (BUYCO)
Building Underserved Youth Opportunities (BUYCO)

Journey begins- 8-13-16- 10-2-/16 (1 hour and a half per week)
1st Week- Orientation and Pre-Assessment
2nd Week- Essay Writing Workshop and Resume Writing
3rd and 4th Week- Financial Literacy
5th Week- Educational Activities
6th Week-Reading Readiness Workshop
7th Week- Career Preparation Activities
8th Week- Career Fair Activities and Employment Workshops
9th Week- College/Trade School Visits
10th Week- Graduation/ Post Assessment

The 10 week program will conclude in October 2016. A follow-up will be done in January and May 2017 to ensure these high school students are on a successful career path and therefore allow them to become a productive citizen of the world.

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