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April 2017 Entry

Cribs 4 Kids

Tracy Brookshier
Bowling Green · Missouri
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Our mission is to promote safe sleeping and play time for families with newborns and young children. It is focused on those with financial difficulties and/or those experiencing unstable living environments. When parents feel secure and confident that they have created a safe and loving space for their child, it results in less stress and a happier well being for the parent. When a child is raised in a comfortable, secure environment it assists in their growth into a kinder, more caring adult. For some families, the home that they live in may not always be the safest. Pack & plays would offer that secure space that babies require to properly develop. Recipients of this gift will also be educated on safe sleeping, playtime habits and more.

How will you use the $10k?

We plan to purchase as many pack and plays that the budget will allow and will distribute them based on a short needs assessment application, primarily through our local WIC program and outside referrals.

What impact do you hope to make?

We hope to aid families in creating a stress free and safe environment for their young children. We believe every baby deserves a safe space to properly develop regardless of their family’s financial situation. We believe this is a long-term benefit that we can offer to our community as the pack and play grows with the child, can also be used for multiple children, and is versatile in its various uses as a sleeper, play space, and changing station.

Other Details

We plan to purchase roughly 200 pack and plays with the budget allowed. Our building does not have the adequate storage needed for this many so we plan on purchasing and storing 20-30 at a time from our local Walmart store. We plan on advertising through our website, facebook, public health programs such as WIC, and our local birthing hospitals that we are offering these to those in need. We will continue to search for other resources to keep this program going for our community after the grant money has been used. This would be a program that may last more than six months depending on the demand, and we are happy to see it through.

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