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Education Without Walls (EWW)

Celine Adair
Wilmington · NC
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

EWW is a year round adventure education program, which utilizes an evidence-based personal development curriculum and support services for motivated but impoverished teens. Students participate in 5 expeditions a semester, each one a stepping-stone for the next. Instructors teach a core curriculum to address environmental sciences (e.g., geology and oceanography), personal development (e.g., communication and decision making), and technical skills (e.g., rock climbing and river navigation). Students kayak, surf, rock climb, mountaineer, raft, and backpack throughout NC, earning high school credits, certifications, and an opportunity to be hired as a paid intern. The wilderness, as a classroom, offers an unprecedented learning environment.

How will you use the $10k?

We would use the $10,000 to offer aspiring teens scholarships for Education Without Walls. $10,000 covers the costs for all the technical and non-technical outdoor equipment needed (such as: hiking boots, tents, sleeping bags, socks, base layers, backcountry cooking equipment, water bottles, first aid supplies, maps, compasses, kayaks, hygiene supplies, surf boards, climbing ropes, jackets, student field journals, gloves, helmets, and paddles), all meals and snacks, course materials, transportation, CRP instruction, support services in between courses, and outdoor instruction. Sunsets, improved esteem, lifelong friendships, improved leadership, rainbows and 360-degree views are also included in the costs.

What impact do you hope to make?

EWW students often have not lived easy lives. A majority of our students don’t have the luxury of living with both parents in the home. Many have lost family members to suicide, drugs and jail. These events all leave children vulnerable to additional attacks on their future. By providing free outdoor, adventure-based programming to students living in poverty, we offer positive and productive skills for a very high-risk population. EWW goals are for students to; achieve or maintain academic success and to improve self-actualization, decision-making, self-esteem, communication, civic responsibility, environmental stewardship, and leadership skills. According to data analysts, EWW is in fact, reaching its program goals.

Other Details
Education Without Walls (EWW)

Education Without Walls operates throughout the year (specifically on long weekends, holiday breaks, and summer vacation). Our spring semester runs from January to June, our summer block courses (16 day long expeditions) run through out June, July and August and then our fall semester runs from August to December.

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