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May 2017 Entry


Gary Estanislao
New York · NY
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

EVERYONE COUNTS (EC) is a unique educational program for youth with neuromuscular conditions, their caregivers, and their interdisciplinary healthcare providers. EC will provide a platform on specialized topics typically missed in healthcare or school settings. These include self-care/determination, healthy relationships, mental & spiritual health, social participation, and caregiver health/burdens/injury prevention. It will develop relationships with NYC-based community organizations and will fill the educational gap and unmet needs of this growing vulnerable population, and foster a family-centered approach. EC will positively impact transitioning youth and their families' quality of life given health- appropriate tools and kindness.

How will you use the $10k?

The $10,000 grant will go toward fully funding our initiative for 6 months. It would deliver a high quality transition educational program and presentation for the community- for Everyone Counts. The cost would also cover all materials, supplies and refreshments for all the events.

Here is our estimated breakdown:

Education Materials $4000
Mailing/Advertising $1500
Metrocard for patient/caregivers $750
Outreach/Promotion $500
Honorarium $500
Refreshments $1500
Interpreters $750
Photographer/ Videographer $500

What impact do you hope to make?

Youth with neuromuscular and chronic conditions largely depend on the love and compassion of their families and caregivers. Their physical conditions are severe and will get more sensitive as they age, grow older, and so science-based transition care training and ongoing support must be given to them to handle the day-to-day and the relationship of both parties going forward. The impact this transition education achieves is the elimination of barriers for care, inasmuch as increasing the readiness of youth patients to the challenges they will face in the adult healthcare system, which could be intimidating compared to the more intimate model in pediatric care. We aim to ease the burden of caregivers and give them partnership they deserve.

Other Details

EVERYONE COUNTS’ transition education program will integrate an instructional and recreational calendar spread over a 6-month period, and will be held at our hospital auditorium as well as other venues donated by our partners in the community. Here’s an overview:

Month 1 and 2:
Health Provider Forum: An Interdisciplinary Education and Best-Practices Tools for Transition

Month 3 and 4:
Family and Caregiver Forum: A Family-Centered Program to Disseminate Knowledge and Guidance into Transition and Healthy Relationships

Month 5 and 6:
FOR YOU(TH): Self-Determination, Empowerment and Readiness Forum and Social Integration, Quality of Life Building and Unleashing Youth Potential into their Future

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