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May 2017 Entry

Families "BloomAgain" with financial help

Nathalie Turner
Shrewsbury · NJ
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

The mission of BloomAgain Foundation is to provide economically vulnerable working women with financial assistance during times of financial need caused by medical emergencies, illness, or other health-related challenges.  BloomAgain does not fund medical procedures or medical care, but rather provides funding for living assistance during periods of personal or family incapacitation.  Examples of gifts eligible for funding include money for in-home health care, cab fare to and from doctor’s appointments, supplementing lost wages, transitional living, utilities or rent, child care and/or groceries as examples. The world would be kinder if we all found ways to helping people through acts of kindness and by supporting BloomAgain!

How will you use the $10k?

BloomAgain NJ receives on average one request a month to aid women at or near the poverty line, looking for financial assistance in light of a medical emergency. These women count on the kindness and aid we provide to help them get back on their feet. With new strategic relationships with Riverview Medical Center part of Hackensack Meridian Health, we'll see an increase in referring women who fit our criteria and anticipate requests will increase significantly. The Kind Cause grant will help us support more women within the next six months.

What impact do you hope to make?

The best way to describe how this grant will help the women that BloomAgain serves is through one of their own words: BloomAgain's strategic partner Love INC, a local faith-based initiative, referred Rosa to BloomAgain and helped her to secure the grant. Now Rosa can be more focused on her recovery from her cancer and not her house payments. Through tears, Rosa confided, "I'm just grateful that you were able to help during the most difficult time in my life so that I can keep my home and there is just one less thing to worry about..." Our payment to Rosa's mortgage company enabled her to keep her home, recover and return to work. We hope to be able to impact more women if awarded the Kind Foundation grant.

Other Details
Families "BloomAgain" with financial help
Families "BloomAgain" with financial help
Families "BloomAgain" with financial help

We anticipate kicking off our grant request campaign on May 1. The grant from the Kind Foundation would enable us to provide a financial bridge to more families so that more women in the community can concentrate on their recovery. Timing is optimal as we've just began a strategic partnership with Riverview Medical Center part of Hackensack Meridian Health. The team there work closely with patients and will leverage BloomAgain to help vet potential grantees during their treatment period. We hope that our cause spurs kindness and we receive enough votes to win the Kind Foundation Grant this month!

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