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April 2017 Entry

Fostering Success Leadership Development Program

Dr. Craig Smith
Philadelphia · Pa
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

An intensive 12-week character and leadership development program was designed to infuse hope, transform minds and equip young men in foster care with the foundational tools required to navigate this life as a man. Fostering Success addresses the physical, emotional and social needs of young males ages 13-18 through intensive programming. The ultimate goal of the program is to intervene in the cycle of violence and poverty that can trap these youth. To meet these goals, Fostering Success’s model includes three main program components:
• Values Clarification and GRIT
• Leadership Development
• Ongoing Mentoring & Support

How will you use the $10k?

Budget based on Cohort of 15 youth for 12-week (3-month) program:

Uniform {3 t-shirts, sweat pants} and pair of boots, professional outfit i.e. shirt, tie, slack, belt, sock, under garments and shoe/ per student.
Food (breakfast and/or snack)/per student each session
Supplies (bricks, notebooks, ink pens, leadership pins, luminaries, etc)
Activities (College tour, fine dining experiences, broad way play, team building activity, etc)
End of Program Luncheon (traditional luncheon w/ program or probate show w/ DJ)
End of Program Gifts:

What impact do you hope to make?

The objective of the Fostering Success Youth Leadership Academy is to reach to rescue at risk youth age 13-18 in foster care, teach and transform them from unmotivated youth to youth passionate about success and to have a positive impact on their lives through intensive programming and intrusive mentorship. A 12-week program has been developed that addresses issues from positive self-image to leadership development. A series of workshops will be implemented by educated professionals who will ensure that the youth are equipped with the skills necessary to maximize their full potential as responsible young men.

Other Details

The Fostering Success Leadership Development program is currently implemented within the Department of Human Services and the School District of Philadelphia in Philadelphia. Partnerships are established with Carson Valley Children’s Aid Services and Dobbins Vocational Tech High School. This grant award will allow another cohort to begin in June and continue throughout the summer.

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