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April 2017 Entry

Give a #HappyPeriod

Chelsea Warner
Palmdale · CA
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

#HappyPeriod provides menstrual products to anyone with a period that has a low-income, is homeless, or living in poverty. Our initiative supports all people with periods, including LGBTQ, veterans, and disabled. We hold public volunteer gatherings to collect, assemble, and distribute the kits through street distribution, and shelter drop-offs. The gatherings are held in a public space where volunteers are asked to bring any item from our list of suggested donations. Using all of the collected items the group then assembles everything into kits using small biodegradable plastic bags. Each kit has a supply of pads, tampons, wipes, pantyliners, soap, and pair of underwear for 1 monthly cycle.

How will you use the $10k?

The funding will support our "Make it a #HappyPeriod" campaign! We will ship #HappyPeriod kit boxes” to donors and supporters, equipping them to join the movement by making kits for those that may go without products in their community. Once the box is they can pack kits with their friends and family using donations they have collected. Lastly, they can decide to who and where they will donate the kits to.
The funding will cover purchasing 10000 kit bags, 1500 mailer boxes, 5000 pins as well as goodies for our supporters, like stickers, brochures, and thank you cards. We will also be able to purchase marketing materials such as banners and donation bins to help us promote the campaign at festivals, forums, seminars, and other events.

What impact do you hope to make?

People with periods should be able to manage their menstrual hygiene stress-free and with dignity. However for individuals experiencing homelessness or living in poverty, that can be a dreaded monthly challenge. Menstrual products are not easily accessible or affordable to everyone. Homeless women and girls may use unsanitary materials such as plastic bags, old rags, newspaper, dried leaves, or socks, because they do not have access to menstrual products. Poor menstrual hygiene not only affects physical health, but also social and mental well-being. Everything we do, we believe in ending the social stigmas and taboo surrounding menstruation.

Other Details
Give a #HappyPeriod
Give a #HappyPeriod
Give a #HappyPeriod
Give a #HappyPeriod

We hope to swiftly spread our initiative across the country. With the "Make it a #HappyPeriod" campaign, the initiative will be carried into homes, workplaces, and schools. Giving supporters an opportunity to help those in need of pads and tampons in their own communities. Over the next six months, tampons shoppers will make a change by purchasing an extra box for someone in need. Girl groups at junior and high schools will host "period positive" volunteer events. We hope that this will inspire more people to get involved, to volunteer, and also encourage groups of friends to form #HappyPeriod chapters where they live! Shipping out 1500 boxes, having 10000 kits distributed before the end of summer would be a milestone for #HappyPeriod.

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