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April 2017 Entry

Give Play a Chance!

Karema Atassi
Buffalo · NY
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Imagine the sweet sounds of children laughing and playing at a playground! That is what our cause at Universal School aims to achieve by creating an ongoing opportunity for play with the construction of a play space in the heart of inner-city Buffalo, NY. This captivating space will welcome all children, and especially those at risk, of whom reside in the surrounding area.

Further, we intend to make the world a little KINDer by spreading love through a KIND Kick-Off Play event at the unveiling of our new play equipment. We intend to distribute KIND activities kits at the kick-start that will help facilitate opportunities for social development and learning.

How will you use the $10k?

Upon receiving the award of $10,000, it will be used immediately and prior to June 2017 as follows:
(1) $4,500 will pay for permanent outdoor play equipment that will be used for the activity to further enhance our playground under phase one of construction.

(2) $5,500 will pay for KIND play kits (that will include bubbles, storybooks, t-shirt, craft, healthy KIND snack, and toothbrush) that will be distributed to all youth visitors for use at the event and to take home.

What impact do you hope to make?

The impact of a protected childhood filled with loving memories at the playground can never be underscored. This is the impact we would like to make. Universal School in located in a high-poverty area, and is largely comprised of refugee and minority groups. To these children, having permanent play equipment and a special Kind Kick-Off Play event in their neighborhood is like a dream that we would like to make reality.

By creating opportunities and a play space, where none exists, we intend to foster an environment where children feel safe to gain back their childhood through healthy options for play in a secure and monitored environment. Help us bring lasting smiles to impoverished inner-city children for miles!

Other Details
Give Play a Chance!
Give Play a Chance!
Give Play a Chance!
Give Play a Chance!

Upon receiving the $10,000 award, we will use $4,500 to immediately purchase the remaining play equipment for the event. Subsequently, we will use $5,500 to purchase the KIND play kits, which will be taken home by the participant. We hope to purchase the play equipment and prepare the play kits by mid-June 2017 and have a KIND Kick-Off event at the end of June 2017 to welcome all children to play this coming summer.

$4,500 will fund the following play equipment:
1 Double Bobble Rider for $1,500
1 Arch Tire Swing for $3,000

$5,500 will fund the KIND Kickstart event play kits, which will include bubbles, craft, healthy KIND snack, t-shirt, etc.

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