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May 2017 Entry

Hometown Hunger

Bonnie Wagner
Fillmore · NY
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Growing up there were many teachers and adults who took the time to give me that extra hand I needed when our family had next to nothing. I would like to be that person who can help those students after weekends and long breaks not be so tired and hungry. Getting finances to help support our PTO in our school district would allow us to help those students get meals that they would need on the weekends and on holidays. A lot of the kids in our area rely on a solid meal from school for breakfast, lunch, and even the after-school program for a snack.

How will you use the $10k?

We already have over a hundred students that we supply students meals over long breaks. Being able to supply them with meals on the weekends as well as the long holidays would be something amazing! In the first month of getting this we already know that there's one break, so we would need bags, food, juice boxes, for the first break. The next two months also have long breaks as well as the fourth month a long weekend. The fifth month some students get out a few weeks earlier than the elementary, and the last month we could use to make sure students start the summer off right with a "Summer Kick start Bag". Money for each child for a weekend is $5. Longer breaks cost about $20. The "Summer Bags" would be the remainder of the balance.

What impact do you hope to make?

The impact behind this is Monumental. Being able to pay back the families and the community in a way that people did for me is something that not everybody gets a chance to do. Knowing that the students that I have and the people in the community that I see everyday will be in a better position is something I never though I would see, and something you cannot imagine. This would make the lives of these students more successful because they can focus on their education and ultimately better themselves to learn and grow to be better people. Being better people is truly something we need in this world!!!

Other Details

In each of the next 6 months the plan would be to send bags home with each of the around 100 kids every weekend with six meals in them. This would help bring the students back to us and more energetic environment so they have a better prepared food for learning. In the months that we have breaks we would send them a box so that the students have more meals prepared for them in advance so that they have access to food over the longer breaks. At the end right before school gets out what we would do is set up a summer break box so they could have a kickoff to Summer to get them started. In this it would have tips and tools for them to survive the summer with fun ideas with things that they can use around the house to create simple meals.

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