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May 2017 Entry

International Student Environmental Coalition

Kayla Soren
Louisville · Kentucky
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

We know that many young people are passionate about the environment. However, they are often unsure how to do their part in minimizing the effects of climate change. The International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC) aims to provide a base for anyone in the world to engage in environmental activism through national events and international working groups.
Our mission is to unite students to act against climate change globally, to mobilize youth activists to tackle the misconception that climate change is bigger than any one person, to challenge the popular belief that sustainability can be achieved solely through governmental action, and to foster holistic support for individual projects to achieve a sustainable future.

How will you use the $10k?

Upon receiving the award of $10,000, we will use it before November 2017 to:
1) $2,000 to each core region (Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America) that will be used to fund localized solutions to climate change, including conferences and campaign organization.
In Africa, the funds will be used to expand ISEC’s Plant for the Planet program throughout West Africa.
In Europe and the United States, the funds will be used to fuel divestment initiatives on college campuses.
In Asia, the funds will be used to host environmental youth conferences in Nepal and Pakistan.
2) $2000 to represent the youth voice at the 22nd Conference of Parties in Cologne, Germany in October

What impact do you hope to make?

ISEC hopes to inspire all young people that they do have power to minimize climate change. By bringing students together from around the world to develop solutions, we create a generation committed to creating a sustainable future. Our goals are to engage youth to promote sustainability, to encourage our schools, communities, countries, and world to become more environmentally friendly, and to give every student the opportunity to connect to a worldwide support network. Far too often, we witness how youth do not believe they can make an impact regarding environmental issues, and we aim to change this destructive mindset.

Other Details
International Student Environmental Coalition
International Student Environmental Coalition
International Student Environmental Coalition
International Student Environmental Coalition

From June to August, each region will budget and finalize the details and logistics of their respective projects. Once school begins in September, Plant for the Planet, an educative program where the ISEC team teaches students about the importance of the environment and they consequently plant trees, will be expanded throughout West Africa.
Europe and the United States will plan an international divestment initiative for college campuses, and they will enact their proposals for colleges in September.
Nepal and Pakistan will host their conferences in October.
Four representatives will be sent in October to the 22nd Conference of Parties to represent the student voice on climate change solutions.

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