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February 2017 Winner

Math Matters In South Side Chicago

Fernandel Salomon
Cambridge · Massachusetts
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Let's cultivate students' love of math and science through teaching code!

We all know that students who can see why math matters are more engaged in the classroom and do better in math.

We will provide students in Oglesby Elementary and Middle School in South Side Chicago with private lessons in app coding, math tutoring and academic mentorship. Students will go on to create their own mobile apps, showcase their work at a school technology fair and market their app via their own start-ups.

All students will also receive social entrepreneurship training, math homework help and visits to top tier universities - with the opportunity to take real college classes!

Finally, students will job shadow for a day at a tech company.

How will you use the $10k?

Funding will cover a portion of total costs for innovative, evidence-based STEM and academic enrichment programs at Oglesby Elementary and Middle School in South Side Chicago for the current school year.

Funding covers:
- Cost of entrepreneurship training and mentorship
- Cost of one-on-one and group math homework tutoring sessions
- Cost of one-on-one mindful mentoring sessions for college readiness
- Cost of mobile app development support
- Cost of college admissions, ACT/SAT prep, and academic leadership sessions
- Cost of visits to top tier universities
- Cost of trip to tech company for job shadowing
- Cost of Technology Fair to showcase apps
- Cost of publishing student apps in online market

What impact do you hope to make?

Oglesby Elementary and Middle School is a level three school. This means that its students are in the bottom 3% in math within the Chicago Public Schools system. The school serves the South Side Chicago community.

If we do nothing, these children most likely will be multiple grades behind, will not complete high school and will not have access to the American dream of graduating from college.

The new principal at the school has officially partnered with us to turn around the school's ranking. We hope that this KIND Cause will help to continue to bring national attention to Oglesby as its community strives to improve the academic outcome of its pupils.

We hope to transform the lives of students and the community around Oglesby.

Other Details

We have begun the program's initial development at Oglesby and compiled all necessary resources to ensure measurable outcomes and overall student success. This includes instructor and coder recruitment, technology support, teacher collaborations, and parent and community outreach.

The project is intended for one school year, with completion in June 2017. We aim for students to finalize their own apps in April and present them at the Technology Fair in May. We expect that tutoring and experiential learning will create measurable increases in math scores by the end of the school year.

The positive academic and leadership improvement outcomes of the program will enable students to achieve sustained success and improve their communities.

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