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April 2017 Entry

"No One Eats Alone" at Montour High School

Rhonda Marasco
McKees Rocks · PA
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Montour High School's Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club strives to create positive school experiences for students by conducting uplifting campaigns within our school. Our current cause is one that involves spreading kindness during lunch. “No One Eats Alone” is a nationwide movement that promotes an inclusive community of students during times of social interaction at school. Our goal is to provide a hospitable setting where students can spend time together, eating, talking, laughing, and interacting. Students will never have to worry about feeling isolated, as Ark Club peer mentors and teachers will be available throughout all lunch periods to offer their kindness, comradery and support.

How will you use the $10k?

We would like to create a space in our school where students struggling with social anxieties are welcomed and included during their lunch. With $10,000, we hope to decorate and furnish a large room with inviting tables/booths and lounge furniture, giving the room a “café” feel. We hope to paint the walls using chalkboard paint, where students will be encouraged to express their creativity on the walls. We would order all furniture as soon as possible and the room would be ready for students to enjoy upon their return for the impending school year (September 2017).

What impact do you hope to make?

Kindness and empathy can be taught, learned and modeled in schools; it is our vision as ARK sponsors to help make that happen. We have adopted the KIND Snacks hashtag (#kindawesome) and included it in all of our kindness campaigns via Twitter (@MontourARK) this year. We are passionate about promoting kindness, unity and a positive climate in our school, incorporating the KIND hashtag and colors into our mission (our “cause photo” is a wall in our school). We hope that by adopting “No One Eats Alone” at MHS, we will impact our entire school community. It is our hope that by providing a safe and welcoming area for students to gather, we will decrease social isolation and bullying and increase compassion so no student will ever eat alone.

Other Details
"No One Eats Alone" at Montour High School
"No One Eats Alone" at Montour High School
"No One Eats Alone" at Montour High School
"No One Eats Alone" at Montour High School

Envision a cafeteria where a young man eats in isolation each day; or a bathroom stall where a girl takes her tray because she is insecure in her abilities to “fit in”. Continue to envision a room filled with students so dedicated to enhancing the lives of their peers that they are willing meet on their own time and eat on a floor. Our milestones would include discussing possibilities, planning procedures, ordering materials, receiving supplies, organizing our environment, inviting those in need, and improving the lives of others. With your help, we can take our vision through fruition within a six month period. Upon completion, many students can walk away from a gray world of indifference into a vibrant world of compassion.

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