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May 2017 Entry

Play n' Say Speech Therapy

Jackie RIggs
Holland · OH
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Many children go to their 2 year check up and the pediatrician tells the family that their child has an expressive or receptive speech delay. In today's world, many commercial insurance companies are no longer covering speech delay as a diagnosis or the families deductibles are so high that they cannot afford speech therapy for their child. Play n Say is a group play based summer program that will allow children with speech delay to grow confident and learn from their peers. Our program will have an emphasis on phonemic awareness and pre-literacy skills that involves art, story time, snack time, play and music. Our program will encourage communication through a structured play based environment while helping prepare child for school.

How will you use the $10k?

15 kids between the ages of 2 and 5 will be able to attend the program for free.
Group summer Program:
Evaluation: 250.00
Camp cost: 25.00/visit 2 times per week 50.00/week
$650.00 per child for summer

What impact do you hope to make?

Ealry intervention services 600 children a year in Lucas county and with one speech therapist on staff, she can only see one child a month. Our program's mission is to create a group language based program to improve receptive and expressive language abilities of preschool aged children and to provide hope to families that their children will be able to communicate in a way that they can be confident, successful and responsible members of our community.

Other Details

March and April: ato pediatricians and daycares
April 26th Lunch with Pediatricians to market the program
May 10th Informational night with parents
June 5th to August 4th run the program

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