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Support Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Humayun Sarabi
Medford · Medford
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

WE-Afghanistan empowers local change agents to advocate for women's rights, girl's education and gender equality in Afghanistan. We train young female and male university graduates to use media as a platform to promote women's rights. WE-Afghanistan’s projects empower women to improve their own lives. For example, our Media Advocacy Program, for which we received funding in 2014-15, trained 24 young journalists in human rights, with a focus on women’s rights, in how to use the media to increase public awareness of women’s rights. The program served participants’ direct needs by developing their professional capacities, while enabling them to promote lasting societal change via their access to media platforms.

How will you use the $10k?

The $10,000 will be applied directly to the workshops and maximizing the reach of the participants. $4000 will be used for logistics and operational cost of the workshops. We will conduct due diligence to cover all aspects of the training workshops. The other $4000 will be used to hire specialized trainers with experience in women's rights reporting and media skills that will incorporate discussion on women's issues, gender norms and advocacy. The remaining $2000 will be used for the compensation of the trainees and the transportation of trainees to the seminars.

What impact do you hope to make?

With the support of KIND Causes, the WEA workshops will yield qualitative and quantitative improvements in the narratives around women's rights by training young female journalists and also create support among women's rights activists and journalists, in person and a virtual network. By holding our workshops in Kabul training both young female and male journalists by trainers from US and Europe, we will also utilize our international media network through our trainers. We will expand the reach of multi-national female voices that promote cross-cultural understanding and attract more females to chose journalism as their profession and its consequent skills to advocate for and advance gender equality and women's rights in Afghanistan.

Other Details
Support Women's Rights in Afghanistan
Support Women's Rights in Afghanistan
Support Women's Rights in Afghanistan
Support Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Mar-Apr 2017 – Hire specialized staff, accept journalist applications, and confirm logistics (location, meals, accommodations, and travel).
May 2017– Plan training workshops, develop curriculum, update website to accommodate the virtual network of journalists and trainees.
Jun-July 2017 – Host the workshops and prepare dissemination of stories and courses.
Aug 2017 – Follow-up mentoring, networking and publication.

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