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May 2017 Entry

The Letter Project

Whitney Saxon
Atlanta · GA
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

At its core, The Letter Project is simple: women writing letters to girls around the world who need extra encouragement. No problem is too big or small for us to send handwritten love their way. Our primary goal is to teach women and girls that they are enough, no matter what. We live in a world where women are constantly reminded they are less than – from anti-aging and diet products to our selfie culture – and everything in between.

Our goal is to flip the message: this has nothing to do with how you look, what you’ve done or what you can’t do. You are already enough - you were fearfully and wonderfully made! By teaching women to love themselves better, we believe they will better love others. And what could be kinder than more love?

How will you use the $10k?

Upon receiving the $10,000 it will be used immediately as follows:
- $5,000 will pay for a new website and Writers’ Portal. The portal will include an easier way for Writers to sign up and track their letters. It will also include a way to categorize the letters by subject, to help women write about causes closest to their hearts. Finally, it will include a community aspect, so the Letter Writers can support one another.
- $5,000 will go toward creating Campus Ambassador Starter Kits. These will include markers, stickers, stationery, stamps, etc., which will help our Campus Ambassadors host events and train Writers. Our Campus Ambassadors are our hands in feet in communities – helping us reach more women and girls who need encouragement.

What impact do you hope to make?

Our aim is simple: to help women and girls know they are enough. We believe, deeply, in the power of collaboration over competition. Our letters come with the message that, even though we don’t know you, we – women all over the world – believe in you and are rooting for you. We hope this message will wash over the recipients and Letter Writers alike, helping them feel more confident and connected to one another. Nothing could be more powerful than women and girls loving themselves more and, in turn, better loving one another.

Other Details
The Letter Project
The Letter Project
The Letter Project
The Letter Project

Month one:
- Hire web designer to launch a new portal and website.
- Begin creating Ambassador training guides and kits. This will include sourcing products, identify crucial needs, etc.

Month two and three:
- Work with designer to solidify portal, ensuring it meets all of the Writers’ needs. Test portal with select Writers.
- Begin assembling toolkits. Host assembly night with local Letter Writers to assist.

Months four through six:
- Finalize website, transfer existing information to new portal. Launch website with Writers! Fix any glitches.
- Ship toolkits to all Ambassadors. Include a thank you note to them for being amazing!

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