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May 2017 Entry

This Time Tomorrow Foundation

Kaitlyn Herzog
Milwaukee · WI
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Without a doubt, each and every one of us has been affected by cancer in some way or another. A mother, an uncle, neighbor or family friend - the stigma that comes a cancer diagnosis can stop the world in its tracks and leave the patient and their families feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Left with so many questions and a fear of what is to come. The This Time Tomorrow Foundation provides direct financial support to individuals and families fighting all forms of cancer. It is our goal to help those affected today reach the tomorrow they deserve.

How will you use the $10k?

Throughout the year, we use arts and music to help raise funds to support our Random Acts of Kindness initiative. At TTTF, families are nominated by friends and relatives to receive Random Acts of Kindness where the nominee must have cancer at the time of the nomination and be in financial distress. We then surprise them with a check and gifts to help ease their mind. We hope to use the $10,000 grant to support three families through their cancer journey.

What impact do you hope to make?

Everyone knows someone who has dealt with cancer—a mother, father, brother, sister, loved one or friend. A lot of them have stories that they want to share. Some just wanted to say “Thanks.” This is a way for families and friends to support their loved one in a way they would never expect.

Other Details

We hope to continue to raise funds this year for all of our nominated families.

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