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March 2017 Entry

Together we can help kids dream BIG!

Jennifer Muckler
Kanata · Ontario
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

Our cause is called the Pyjama Patrol. We are a group of Moms that want to help give children in need in our community warm pyjamas to wear at night instead of sleeping in their street clothes or nothing at all.

Last year we collected and gave Kanata Food Cupboard over 1,000 new pairs of pyjamas, 1,000 bedtime stories, 500 blankets and hundreds of toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste to be added to their holiday "adopt-a-family" program. Our community embraced our idea by donating pyjamas of all sizes and more.

After our first collection we saw how much need there still is all around our community. In saying this, we now also help Chrysalis House, a local shelter who supports women and kids fleeing from domestic violence.

How will you use the $10k?

We will purchase re-usable tote bags or backpacks for children coming into the shelter and food cupboard. The Pyjama Patrol will fill the bags with warm pyjamas, a bedtime story, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, socks and a cuddly teddy bear or blanket to help ease the fear that comes with new surroundings . Our goal is to give kids in need a true bedtime experience and the feeling that they are safe.

One of our goals is to not only give the children pyjamas, but also the women and Moms too. This extra money will help us go above and beyond and reach out to the women and Moms that we are usually not able to help. We could give them pyjamas and necessities needed during their time at the shelter and the kindness they so deserve.

What impact do you hope to make?

We believe that pyjamas give children the feeling of love, warmth and security so very much needed to get a good night's rest. We want them to feel the comfort they deserve in a very uncomfortable time in their life. The "power of pyjamas" is remarkable. It gives children pride. It gives them peace. And it gives them sweeter dreams for a brighter tomorrow. Our wish is to help as many children as possible and that when we do, they feel all of this and more.

Many of us take a simple thing like pyjamas for granted. We hope this kind act and our mission also helps bring awareness that not all children have pyjamas and the need is everywhere. Something as simple as donating pyjamas will make the biggest difference to a child.

Other Details
Together we can help kids dream BIG!
Together we can help kids dream BIG!
Together we can help kids dream BIG!
Together we can help kids dream BIG!

If we are lucky enough to receive this funding, we will purchase and create the ultimate bedtime experience bags for kids immediately. The need at the food cupboard and shelter is ongoing so we know our timing will always work. We plan to have everything purchased and distributed within two months of receiving the funding.

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