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May 2017 Entry

unCommon Construction Apprentice Transportation

Aaron Frumin
New Orleans · LA
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

unCommon Construction's unique apprenticeship program engages high schoolers from across the city of New Orleans to build a house in a semester while simultaneously building their own leadership abilities and team-working skills. 81% of high school dropouts say that real world, relevant learning opportunities would have kept them in school. uCC apprenticeships tackle that problem by using the build site as a hands-on learning environment where apprentices can work collaboratively, lead community volunteers, and develop their career-readiness skills so they graduate high school prepared to lead the workforce or further education of their choice, all the while building their communities, one house at a time.

How will you use the $10k?

The most important part of any job is showing up, but it's one of the biggest barriers to entry for many people to get and maintain employment. This is especially true in New Orleans and particularly for youth. unCommon Construction contracts locally-owned transportation companies so that making it to work is not a hindrance to employment. A $10,000 donation from the KIND Foundation will enable unCommon Construction to provide the next two cohorts of apprentices with transportation to and from the build site for after-school sessions and build days.

What impact do you hope to make?

Having reliable access to worksite transportation is a necessity for many apprentices, and it can be the determining factor in an apprentice's ability to attend work days and be impacted by the program. In addition, providing apprentices with a space to interact and bond in an informal setting without the supervision of uCC staff creates a sense of team identity and closer relationships outside of work. A contribution from the KIND Foundation will ensure that all unCommon Construction apprentices have the ability to work and contribute to their successes and the successes of their peers.

Other Details
unCommon Construction Apprentice Transportation

November and December - uCC fall 2016 apprenticeship program continues and wraps up building a single-family home in New Orleans' 8th ward. 14 days throughout these two months require group transportation. January through May - uCC spring 2017 apprenticeship program builds two homes in New Orleans' 8th ward. 24 days during these months require group transportation.

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