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April 2017 Entry

Underserved Kids Learn Yoga Coping Tools in School

Lauren Greenspan
Columbus · Ohio
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

We teach healthy coping skills to underserved youth by teaching yoga in inner-city schools. Equipping students with yoga coping strategies, such as breathing and relaxation, and providing opportunities for movement reduces the chronic stress students are under. It also increases their social-emotional competence and academic achievement, and produces a more kind school culture because the principles of yoga require teachers and students to support each other. Because yoga teaches students to utilize their body and breath to regulate their inner state, they have access to these inner tools throughout their lifetime. We believe this will result in a more productive, peaceful and kind community.

How will you use the $10k?

Youth Yoga Project will teach a 12-week yoga program in 16 underserved classrooms, serving 480 young people, over the course of the school year.

Professional Yoga Teacher: $7680
Printing, Documentation and Travel: $440
Supplies: $400

In addition, we will provide a professional development workshops at each school (4 schools total) so teachers can learn the tools we are teaching in our program. In this way, students will continue to have these healthy coping tools reinforced throughout their day.

Teacher Workshops ($250 each): $1000
Yoga Card Decks (Teacher resource): 120 total $480

Total: $10,000

What impact do you hope to make?

We know that equipping the most vulnerable youth in our community with yoga tools to support their well-being is critical. We cannot be a thriving community if there are youth that fall behind academically, socially and emotionally because they have not been taught the skills to manage the stressors and burdens in their lives. Our mission to serve the vulnerable youth in our community through yoga programming aligns with the KIND Foundation principle of fostering communities that are healthier and more empathetic. As a result of our yoga programming, we hope to see a reduction in discipline referrals and an increase in attendance as well as more focused, empathetic and connected classroom in the four schools that receive our programming.

Other Details
Underserved Kids Learn Yoga Coping Tools in School
Underserved Kids Learn Yoga Coping Tools in School
Underserved Kids Learn Yoga Coping Tools in School
Underserved Kids Learn Yoga Coping Tools in School

We will work in four schools and have the support of the administration at each school. Our yoga programs will take place during the 2017-2018 school year. We will teach 8 yoga programs from September to December and 8 programs from January to April. Youth Yoga Project will lead professional development (PD) workshops at each of the 4 schools that receive our program. During the 90-minute PD session, we will give teachers strategies to incorporate yoga tools and non-competitive games so that their classrooms will also be peaceful places that teach kindness. Because yoga teaches students to be empathetic and supportive rather than competitive, we will also see an increase in peaceful cooperation and kindness.

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