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May 2017 Entry

Zaching Against Cancer

Lynn Barnard
Columbia · MD
What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

The late Zachary Lederer battled brain cancer twice in his life before succumbing to the disease at age 20. While undergoing treatments, Zach felt it was his calling to help those around him with inspirational speeches, hospital visits and uplifting messages through social media and television appearances. He started the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation along with his parents to provide support to cancer patients and their caregivers through programs like massage therapy, music therapy, wellness days and days of beauty, as well as offering financial support for costs associated with cancer treatments such as prescriptions, parking, meals and transportation.

How will you use the $10k?

The financial strain on cancer patients is enormous and we would like to add this Kind reward to assist those who are dealing with the added stress of financial concerns during treatment. In the past we have provided a plane ticket for a daughter to visit her dying mother, paid an electric bill for a patient who was about to have service turned off, provided a hospital bed for another patient, and helped provide a birthday party for a 10 year old hospice patient. We will distribute the funds thoughtfully and work in conjunction with hospital social workers in our 13 partner hospitals and oncology centers to ensure our funds are used properly. We can provide you with a summary of the Kind funds as they are distributed.

What impact do you hope to make?

We hope to show cancer patients that they are not on their journey alone and that those of us who cared about Zach want to extend his love and legacy to them by acknowledging that the stress of treatment is often made worse by the financial burden.

Zach reached many people with the viral "Zaching" pose and in his role as a student manager of the University of Maryland's men's basketball team. We hope to reach people the way that Zach did.

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Zaching Against Cancer
Zaching Against Cancer
Zaching Against Cancer
Zaching Against Cancer

We will compile a list of stories of patients and caregivers who were offered help and how the Kindness of others can truly make a difference to those who are facing one of life's greatest challenges. Zach was blessed to be surrounded by a loving family and friends and said that he wanted the world to be a better place because he was here. It is and we are striving daily to honor his memory.

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