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with a monthly snack subscription
After ordering this box, you will be enrolled in monthly Snack Club deliveries of 12 Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars and 12 Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bars for $29.98 (plus $7 shipping) per month. Change or cancel your snacks at any time. See full deal terms below.
10 bars
shipping not included

it’s a snacking dream come true

With this online-exclusive variety box, you’ll get to try 10 of our favorite bars from 5 of our unique product lines. Whether you’re looking to add some whole grains to your breakfast, find a new on-the-go snack or experiment with bold new flavors, we've got you covered. Once you’ve tried them all, just mark down your favorites and head back here to order more!

Please see individual product's nutrition panel for fat content. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.

Deal Terms – After your first shipment, you’ll be enrolled in the KIND Snack Club to receive monthly shipments of Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt (12 bars) and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt (12 bars) for $29.98/month plus $7 shipping. Want to try new snacks, change the frequency, skip a shipment or cancel your subscription? Just head to your account before your next ship date and update your preferences. Limit one “Give KIND® a Try” variety pack per household. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

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linda 5/21/2017

delicious mix

nice variety of flavors, great price
Ash 5/30/2017

Amazing variety

Such a great price for the amount and the variety of flavors. The mango apple chia and the roasted jalapeño are my favorite flavors. It was nice to try a mix of the offered products too. The breakfast bar was perfect with a banana on the way out the door in the morning. What an awesome product!
Ryan 6/13/2017


Really good variety of Kind Snacks. I got to taste everything from the breakfast bars to the pressed bars and they all taste so great. This box with 10 bars is also an amazing value and would definitely recommend.
Angie 5/2/2018

I purchased the Kind minis 10 count and they were absolutely delicious

Please try them they're very satisfying
Kamry 4/24/2018

Kind is my Favorite!!

Kind Bars are such a great value for the price. It is more than most granola bars, but it's expensive to be healthy these days in my opinion and they are less than other brands that are also better for you. The flavors are amazing; this variety packk did not last long in my house! And I don't mind because I know my boys aren't eating granola bars full of sugar and preservatives. The pressed chia and fruit bars take some getting used to, their texture is not that great and I don't like chia but that's just my opinion. Kind bars are all around awesome!!
Dorene 4/7/2018


Just unhappy with the method used to charge you for additional shipment. You are given only a few days to cancel the subscription, there is no next month. How are you suppose to try all the bars in 4 days??? It’s pretty much shipped immediately. Then they ship 24 random bars and hit you up big time. Also, finding where to cancel on the website is a challenge. Took me forever!! I’ll not reorder. In fact this experience has left such a bad taste in my mouth, I’ll probably purchase another product.
Donna Carnelli 4/4/2018

Snack bars

these really helped me when I was hungry, I bought a few not a package great price
renata 3/28/2018

I love theme

they are great and healthy.
Wendy J Buerger 3/26/2018

Im really looking forward to getting my first box.& thank You for it in advance

Im really looking forward to getting my first box & the 3 others that Ya'll are going to send me & thank You very muh in advance.!!!!
Juanita 3/10/2018

You say it's free but you have to pay what's the deal.

You say it's free but you say I have to pay what's the deal.
Patty Morris 3/8/2018

Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt

Looks appealing. I always eat a protein bar for breakfast as well as late afternoon so I am always interested in trying new flavors though only if my nutrition needs are met per bar. I was optimistic,isn't chewy, breaking off, making if seem as though I needed utensils. I can eat without convenience and I so wanted to like this bar. But, I found it tasteless. I also did check the expiration date only because the nuts were so hard yet it was well within selling date. Perhaps another flavor but not worth buying a case of them just to see if I like one flavor. For now, I will stay with my Favorite.
Xandra 3/7/2018


Why not just give the snacks free as a promotion without a subscription?
Not cool. Worth the money but this is not a cool sales pitch.
Francine 12/23/2017

Want to try the bars but not the subscription

I love KIND bars but I am tired of companies trying to rope you into buying a subscription. If the product is good, then I can decide on my own to sign up for a subscription.
Susan Fenocchi 11/14/2017

I'm loving my 1st box!

Not a fan of the Pineapple Banana Kale Spinach but would like to try similar WITHOUT the banana. Wish I liked bananas for the health benefits but it's not happening! How about cherries and/blueberries?
Dawn 10/10/2017

I saw the kind bars on qvc inthe kitchen with david. I love them. I have them for my meal.breake for baskets for x'mas. Thank u for a wonderful snack. I will keep buying them.

Love the kind bars. I get them for gits in food baskets. They are my go snack after work. Or my meal break for work.
sean 10/3/2017

great price but poor tastes

bought three flavors, all tastes like baby food. back to trail mix
John D 10/2/2017

Very Deceptive

I've never had a Kind bar. So when I heard on a podcast of a free sampler (pay shipping only), I thought it was a great chance to try.

But no! Not the case. It's about hooking me into a subscription.

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think I'll pass, thank you . . .
Sharon 9/15/2017

Mostly Wonderful

Whether hiking or trying to stay healthy at work, your snack bars are miles ahead of the rest of the pack - great flavor - great nutrition... except for the apricot almond ones. You really should tell us when there's going to be a strong coconut component in the mix so we can leave that one on the shelf. Ugh!
Ilene 8/1/2017

Doesn't sound like free to me

If you have to sign up for a subscription then it doesn't sound free to me. A string attached to a deal is not my kind of deal and I eat Kind bars all the time. Had one today.
Levi 8/1/2017

Not Really "A Try"

It's not really giving it a try if I have to sign up for a subscription. I understand I can cancel at any time but that requires more time and attention then it would for someone who actually wants a subscription. Sorry, I realize you're not the only company to use this method but it is quite ridiculous to offer it as "A Try".
Tammy Hollenbeck 7/30/2017

You get a five plus

Best bars ever! My occasional treat. I can't afford them like I wish I could. My favorite bar is the caramel almond & sea salt. A bar I don't feel guilty about. It's nice to be Kind.

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