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ingredients a-z

take a look at everything we put in our snacks


  • alkalized cocoa

    also known as Dutch cocoa; a powder from roasted, ground cacao beans

  • allspice

    spice from the dried unripe berry from a tropical evergreen tree

  • almonds

    tree nut with sweet, creamy texture and flavor

  • almond butter

    butter-like paste made from crushed almonds and used as a spread

  • amaranth

    ancient super grain, naturally gluten free

  • ancho chili

    spice from a dried and ground poblano pepper

  • annatto

    powdered seeds of the achiote tree used for color

  • apple concentrate

    apple juice with some of the water removed

  • apple juice

    juice from pressed apples

  • apple juice concentrate

    apple juice with some of the water removed

  • apple puree

    another form of apple sauce

  • apple puree concentrate

    apple sauce with some of the water removed

  • apples

    rounded red, yellow, or green fruit of an apple tree

  • apricots

    stone fruit with yellow outer skin and a fleshy inside

  • ascorbic acid

    a source of vitamin c used to preserve freshness


  • bananas

    typically a yellow-colored tropical fruit botanically classified as a berry

  • black pepper

    powdered spice from a peppercorn

  • black peppercorn

    cooked and dried unripe fruit of the pepper plant

  • black sesame seeds

    sweet seeds with a slightly nuttier flavor than their white counterparts

  • blueberries

    small, sweet berries, blue in color and grown on bushes

  • blueberry concentrate

    blueberry juice with some of the water removed

  • blueberry puree

    ripened blueberries blended together into a sweet, blue sauce

  • brazil nuts

    large tree nut native to south america

  • brown rice

    a whole grain that is actually unpolished rice with only the husk removed

  • brown rice flour

    a gluten free, whole grain powder derived from grinding brown rice

  • brown rice syrup

    sweetener derived from cooking down brown rice starch

  • buckwheat

    gluten free, whole grain seed with a nutty taste


  • calcium carbonate

    mineral derived form earth's limestone, marble or crushed marine shells and used as a preservative

  • cane sugar

    solidified liquid from sugar cane

  • canola oil

    derived from non-gmo rapeseed, a bright-yellow flowering plant that actually belongs to the cabbage family

  • cardamom

    spice with an herbal, spicy character made from the seeds of cardamom pods

  • carob powder

    a ground legume related to the pea but with a sweet chocolate-like flavor

  • cascabel chili

    also known as the rattle chili for the sound they make when dry and shaken - used for spice

  • cashews

    kidney-shaped tree nut which is roasted and shelled before it can be eaten

  • cayenne chili

    a hot red pepper very spicy in flavor

  • chai spice

    spice blend made with the likes of ginger, clove, black pepper and cinnamon

  • chamomile powder

    flowers of the chamomile plant dried and ground

  • cherries

    small and round stone fruit from the cherry tree

  • chia seeds

    seeds from a flowering plant in the mint family

  • chicory root fiber

    plant-based fiber used to include fiber in some of our snacks

  • chipotle chili

    smoked, dried jalapeno pepper

  • chocolate liquor

    cocoa mass from fermented, dried and roasted cocoa beans

  • cinnamon

    spice from the dried, aromatic bark of a cinnamon tree

  • citric acid

    derived from citrus fruits and used as a preservative

  • citrus fiber

    a type of carbohydrate from the peel and pulp of ripe citrus fruits

  • citrus pectin

    a type of carbohydrate from the peel and pulp of ripe citrus fruits

  • clove

    spice known for its warm, sweet taste and derived from the dried flower bud of a tropical tree

  • cocoa butter

    vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean, essential in the making of chocolate

  • cocoa nibs

    dried and fermented bits of cacao beans

  • cocoa powder

    powder extracted from the cacao bean after it is roasted, dried, pressed and ground

  • coconut

    large thick shelled, stone fruit filled with white flesh and liquid and grown on tropical palm trees

  • coconut chips

    dried coconut

  • coffee

    a dark roast blend perfect for your morning java or flavoring our snacks

  • coffee powder

    ground roasted coffee beans

  • cranberries

    firm, tart berry red in color and grown in bogs

  • crisp rice

    rice kernels heated under high pressure and steamed to puff


  • d-alpha tocopheryl

    vitamin e to keep the nutty, fruity, spicy and whole grain goodness fresh

  • dark chocolate

    these are the chocolate chunks you'll see within the bar itself - it's slightly bitter chocolate made with sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract and no added dairy

  • dark chocolate flavored coating

    drizzled on some of our snacks to enhance flavor, it's a compound chocolate made with palm kernel oil, chicory root fiber, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor and salt

  • dates

    tropical stone fruits that come from the date palm tree

  • distilled vinegar

    distilled grain mixed with water for a clean, crisp flavor

  • dried fruit

    dried sultanas (white grapes), raisins and dates

  • dried raspberries

    dried red berries


  • flax seeds

    small seed with a nutty taste from the flax plant


  • garlic powder

    strong, savory spice from a dried garlic bulb

  • ginger

    the root of a flowering plant with a spicy warming taste

  • glucose syrup

    a simple sugar made from non-genetically engineered corn - not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

  • glycerine

    a sweet, syrupy liquid

  • gochujang seasoning

    sweet, spicy blend of gochugaru chili, cabbage, spices, distilled vinegar, onion powder, red bell pepper, garlic powder, lactic acid, garlic oil and chili pepper extract

  • gum acacia

    not chewing gum! it's naturally produced by the acacia tree and delivers fiber and a desirable texture in some of our snacks


  • habanero

    chili pepper with a very hot spice

  • honey

    natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from the nectar of plants

  • honey mustard seasoning

    a flavorful blend made of onion powder, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, mustard seed, black pepper, salt, mustard seed oil, turmeric, paprika


  • jalapeno chili

    chili pepper with mild to medium heat


  • kale

    dark leafy, cruciferous vegetable


  • macadamias

    tropical tree nut with a very difficult to crack shell

  • madagascar vanilla

    sweet spice derived from vanilla pods grown in Madagascar

  • madagascar vanilla extract

    flavor extracted from Madagascar vanilla pods

  • mango

    fleshy yellowish-red tropical fruit from the mango tree

  • maple syrup

    sweet syrup from the sap of certain maple trees

  • milk powder

    evaporated whole milk

  • millet

    ancient super grain, naturally gluten free

  • mixed nuts

    a selection of peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts in some of our snacks

  • molasses

    thick dark brown syrup made from sugar cane

  • mustard seed

    tiny strong-flavored seeds with a spicy hot taste

  • mustard seed oil

    oil extracted from the seeds of mustard plants


  • natural apricot flavor

    apricot flavor extracted from apricots

  • natural flavor

    flavors extracted from spice, fruit or fruit juice

  • natural smoke flavor

    actual smoke vapor from burning hardwood, collected and condensed down

  • nonfat milk powder

    evaporated skim milk

  • nutmeg

    spice from the ground nutmeg seed of a tropical tree


  • oat flour

    ground whole grain oats

  • oats

    a naturally gluten-free whole grain

  • onion powder

    strong, sweet spice from a dried onion


  • palm kernel oil

    Oil from the seed of the palm fruit. Used as a better alternative to trans fats or hydrogenated oil, it's added to our chocolate drizzle to raise the melting temperature allowing our snacks to be truly on-the-go anywhere. We're a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), we source only from RSPO certified suppliers, and we are committed to the sustainable sourcing of palm kernel oil.

  • paprika

    sweet, bitter spice from the ground, dried red pepper

  • pea crisp

    plant-based protein with a crunchy texture

  • pea protein isolate

    plant-based protein derived from yellow or green split peas

  • pea starch

    plant-based carbohydrate extracted from yellow or split peas and added for texture

  • peanut butter

    roasted peanuts ground to bring out the rich, nutty flavor

  • peanut flour

    made by crushing defatted peanuts into powdered form

  • peanut oil

    oil extracted by pressing peanuts

  • peanuts

    seeds that comes from underground pods of the peanut plant - related to the pea or legume family

  • pecans

    a smooth brown nut with a sweet, rich flavor

  • peppermint extract

    oils extracted from peppermint leaves

  • peppermint leaves

    dried leafy herb that is a part of the mint family and contains menthol that gives it a stronger flavor and a cooling sensation on the palate

  • peppermint oil

    oils extracted from peppermint leaves

  • pineapple

    a large, juicy tropical fruit

  • pistachios

    though commonly known as a nut, pistachios are actually a pale green seed with a sweet and nutty flavor

  • plum concentrate

    plum juice with some of the water removed

  • plum puree

    blended plum flesh

  • plum puree concentrate

    plum puree with some of the water removed

  • pomegranate

    medium-sized fruit with a tough reddish outer skin and sweet red gelatinous flesh containing many seeds

  • popped sorghum

    a type of whole grain that swells up and bursts with a pop when heated - similar to popcorn

  • powdered yogurt

    dried yogurt

  • pumpkin seeds

    edible seed of a pumpkin- typically flat, oval and light green in color


  • quinoa

    a naturally gluten free, ancient super grain; originally a staple of the Inca's and now the healthy eaters of today


  • raisin paste

    sun-ripened raisins ground into a paste

  • raisins

    sun-ripened white grapes

  • raspberries

    soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink berries

  • rice flour

    flour from finely milled rice

  • rice starch

    carbohydrate derived from rice


  • salt

    crystalline granular used to season and enhance flavors

  • sea salt

    Brazilian sea salt with a clean, delicate taste

  • semi-sweet chocolate

    slightly bitter chocolate made from sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla extract and without added dairy

  • sesame seeds

    delicate and nutty seed from the flowering sesame plant

  • skim milk

    milk from which the cream was removed

  • smoked sea salt

    crystals of Pacific Sea salt are infused with wood smoke for a rich deep flavor

  • sorghum

    cereal super grain, naturally gluten free with the same ability to pop like popcorn (only into smaller puffs!)

  • sorghum flour

    whole grain, gluten free sorghum that has been ground into a flour

  • soy crisp

    an ingredient consisting of soy protein isolate, tapioca starch and calcium carbonate baked into a crisp for added texture

  • soy lecithin

    a by-product of soy oil used as an emulsifier to prevent ingredients from naturally separating

  • soy protein isolate

    vegetable-based protein derived from soy beans

  • spices

    a flavorful blend of cayenne chili, black pepper, clove, and cinnamon

  • spinach

    vegetable with large, dark green leaves and a slightly bitter taste

  • strawberries

    sweet, soft, red fruit with a seed-studded surface

  • sugar

    sweet crystalline granule obtained from various plants and used to sweeten food or beverages

  • sultanas

    dried green-flesh grapes smaller and slightly sweeter than raisins

  • sunflower lecithin

    a by-product of sunflower oil used as an emulsifier to prevent ingredients from naturally separating

  • sunflower oil

    oil compressed from the seeds of sunflowers

  • sunflower seeds

    seeds from the flowering sunflower plant used for their nutty taste and crunchy texture


  • tapioca starch

    carbohydrate extracted from the cassava root and added for texture

  • tapioca syrup

    natural liquid sweetener created from tapioca starch

  • thai seasoning

    a flavorful blend turbinado sugar, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt, paprika, tomato powder, jalapeno chili, and citric acid

  • tocopherols

    Vitamin E to keep the nutty, fruity, spicy and whole grain goodness fresh

  • tomato powder

    ground, dried tomatoes

  • turbinado sugar

    a light-brown sugar with larger crystals obtained from pure sugar cane extract

  • turmeric

    spice derived from boiled and dried turmeric plant - a member of the ginger family


  • unsweetened chocolate

    slightly bitter chocolate, without added sugar


  • vanilla

    sweet spice derived from vanilla beans

  • vanilla bean

    fruit of the vanilla plant used for its sweet spice

  • vanilla extract

    concentrated flavor of vanilla

  • vegetable glycerine

    clear, slightly sweet liquid derived from plant oils and used to create texture

  • vegetable glycerin

    clear, slightly sweet liquid derived from plant oils and used to create texture

  • vitamin a acetate

    Vitamin A Acetate is a form of Vitamin A - an important antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin and support normal growth and development

  • vitamin a

    an important antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin and support normal growth and development

  • vitamin c

    Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and support a healthy immune system

  • vitamin e

    vitamin e to keep the nutty, fruity, spicy and whole grain goodness fresh


  • walnuts

    tree nut consisting of two halves enclosed within a hard shell

  • water

    100% h20

  • whey

    powder created by the watery part left over when making cheese

  • whole grains

    a cereal grain that contains all three parts of the grain: the germ, endosperm, and bran


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