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madagascar vanilla almond

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Sounds exotic, because it is. The island of Madagascar is the only place in the world where you can find many things including the spicy and seductive taste of Madagascar Vanilla. This nut-packed bar is loaded with a sweet and nutty flavor and contains 4g of sugar per bar.

This bar has 4g sugar; the average nutrition bar has 12g sugar. Contains 16g of fat per bar. Contains almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts and soy. Made in facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds. OU.

what's in this bar?

what's not in this bar?
Methylcellulose - This cellulose compound adds additional bulk to food products but it also reduces their nutritional value. We'll pass, thanks.
Featured Ingredients


Undoubtedly the hero of KIND's pantry, we use only perfectly whole, smooth California almonds and roast them to perfection.


The honey in our bars is a special blend made from various wild flower varieties - its subtle sweetness doesn't overpower and creates the perfect texture to hold together wholesome ingredients.

madagascar vanilla

Madagascar: known for its exotic animals, diverse ecosystems and…vanilla. In order to be called Madagascar vanilla, it must be sourced directly from the island nation, and that's exactly where we find this sweet spice for our healthy snacks.

For a full list of ingredients, refer to the ingredients list on package.

what about the texture?

  1. soft
  2. chewy
  3. crunchy
  4. hard

ratings & reviews

49 reviews
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kathy 9/2/2016

Type 2 Diabetes

Yum! Good Net carbs there is not much you can find with 4-6 grams of sugar. Whether savory or sweet it hits all the right taste buds! Not an earthy crusty person but daughter in law gave me one .......
Michael 7/14/2016

My Favorite!

This is my favorite Kind bar for a morning snack with coffee. People who have figured out that refined sugars and carbohydrates are the enemy will enjoy this one. It's a tasty snack with 4g sugar and 8g net carbs. It's the best thing I've found that doesn't contain sucralose or any of that other garbage! Some people worry about the fat content of the nuts, but that is just a lack of understanding. Fat is your friend.
Michael 4/19/2016

Wonderful Product!

This is probably one of the "leanest" Kind bars you're going to find. A ratio of 4 grams of sugar to 6 grams of fiber makes it lower on the glycemic index than most other foods you'll naturally encounter. The bar is comprised entirely of REAL and ingredients, and has always left me feeling light and full of energy. I dropped a ton of weight before my wedding with these exact bars being a substantial part of my diet, and felt amazing the entire time. If the taste doesn't wow you, there are a lot of other options in the Kind bar line with similar nutritional profiles (try the mocha almond, or caramel sea salt). In any case, I think this bar excels in accomplishing exactly what it sets out to do; being a super low glycemic, fiber and protein fueled, whole food snack. Great stuff.
Tim 4/17/2018

Great flavor and wonderful ingredients, In my top 3

I love the low sugar and low sodium. These make a great breakfast! I have a kind bar every morning for breakfast!
I really like the combination of flavors, this is really a good bar, one of my go to breakfast bars.
Keith Clay 8/26/2017

Great bars for low glycemic index and fiber, just wish I could taste the vanilla

They bars taste really good and a good workout for the jaw muscles which I expected. I was disappointed in the seemingly lack of vanilla flavor. I was pumped to taste a new type of vanilla but it's not to be. Regardless I love the bars and will order more. They provide that hint of sugar and a nice texture to satiate my sweet tooth.
L 3/11/2016

Nuts on nuts

Just a note about the fat content.. It's all coming from the nuts. Nuts are "real" food and incredibly healthy/protective against disease. Unless you eat a large amount of animal products you are probably just fine with some nut fat, even 16 whole grams! The recent update to the dietary guidelines in the U.S. has done away with the percent daily values of macro nutrients like fat, it's not a good measure for so many types of bodies. The point of an energy bar is to have calories, if you're concerned about that eat fruit instead.
JimH 2/8/2016

Too much fat :(

These taste fine. Not terribly filling though, and wow, total fat 25% DV? No thanks. I'm trying to maximize the nutrition density of all of the food I eat. I don't mind a little healthy fat in my diet, but I prefer to get that from real food. The last thing I want to do is to eat a 'snack' that is 25% fat.
Karen 1/21/2016

Lo sugar and delicious!

Have only recently become aware of your products.....with the FDA recommendations to lower sugar intake, these bars that are very lo sugar are a delightful find ....and yummy
Laura 1/5/2016

Not worth the calories or fat grams

I just had this bar. Its an OK healthy bar, but not worth the 210 calories and 16G of fat. Now when I go to spin class tonight I will be working off this bar. I would have enjoyed something else more.
Very good 10/21/2015

Nashville, TN

I just ate one for the first time from the hospital that I work. The 2 bars was in my wife's gift bag that she received after the birth of our daughter. Not to impressed with power bar and the after taste these had none. Very well made bar.
MARK 9/9/2015


Tastes great, less filling... now I can drink more beer and feel less guilty


I'm a runner and love sugar but it don't love me so I was on a quest for a low-sugar, high protein bar that tasted good.

Dis is da KIND bradda~;)

I like the VEGA bars also.

You can get these at COSTCO for less than a $1 = 18 bars in a box (9 dark chocolate and 8 vanilla) for just $17.99

Sid 4/20/2015

Deez Nuts

You know, when I first heard of this brand KIND, it was at my friend's house and I couldn't believe they were getting all serious over which bars were good. So naturally (pun intended, get it? because they're natural bars@f0), I had to try these bars to see if the hype was real and to be honest, I was blown away by the texture and flavor of the nuts that were in the bar. A must try, if you ask me.
Vienna 4/11/2015

Nuts + Mild Vanilla Taste = Perfection

I tried this kind bar today (actually it's my first time trying it) and it simply tastes amazing. I'm nuts about nuts to start with, but this kind bar has a mild vanilla flavor that tastes and smells really good which transcends the nuts to a whole new level. Now I'll have to buy a whole box of it.
Brenda 4/6/2015

My second favorite Kind bar

Again, perfect for my needs a diabetic controlling my blood sugar thru diet. Not too sweet, crunchy, nutty - love them.
LJ 3/24/2015


Tryed this the other day and IT WAS DELICIOUS! Kind company Keep up the good work I really love all of your products. I just wish SHOP RITE would have a complete display of your products. Currently they scatter them all over the store in different locations and they are impossible to find.
Alexander 3/19/2015

The first fully natural snack that I actually enjoy

I am located in Romania, someone brought some here from the United States with her when she arrived for a social mission, and I had one as well. Very tasty, might buy a box or two in the near future :D
Adrianne 3/11/2015

Since when did they have peanuts?

This used to be my favorite KIND bar, but at some point they changed it from just almonds (as the title would indicate...) to mixed nuts! I hate peanuts in anything sweet, so after one bite I had to toss it. I'm really irritated that the name of the bar doesn't say anything about it being a mixed nuts bar now, and I have to flip over the back to see that it has peanuts. It sounds like this isn't the only bar that's been reformulated, either. What gives?
Lauri 10/26/2014

Tried them all!!!

As the title states..."Ive tried them all" and I can truthfully say, these bars are the best. I'm not a chocolate person per se, therefore, it is difficult to find a bar that is healthy and doesn't have chocolate. It seems they sell better with chocolate as an ingredient. But I like to CHEW...and these nutty, grainy, fruity bars fill my overwhelming need to masticate. Try them if you haven't already.
Andrea 10/20/2014

Just a Sample

Received a bar from my local Costco's to try and I loved it. I will be purchasing these again and also trying others.
Alexis 10/14/2014

Amazing! Favorite flavor

These are probably the best flavor by Kind, which makes the tastiest and healthiest bars. If you can't find them anywhere, check by your local wegmans or trader joes, since it's more of a speciality flavor.
Cj Leslie 10/6/2014


This is my favorite of all them but I can not find it in stores.. Also try the vanilla and blueberry clusters they are great.
gardemer 9/7/2014

Unbelievably good!

I've tried any number of trail-suitable snack bars before, and mostly they have tasted like cardboard to me. NOT THIS ONE! THIS ONE IS UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!

I found this - in a package which also had the dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt flavor (I have yet to try that one) - at Costco, of all places. This is one time that I am GLAD that I gave in to an impulse buy! I now have a trail treat which is HEALTHY *AND* TASTY!
nolita 8/6/2014

Awesome snack !!!!

Great and Healthy Snack Bar !!! Love It !!!!
stacy 7/25/2014

madagasgar bar

I received this bar form my doctors office .I love this bar but i cant find this one in stores. I am a super busy person and I usually don't eat but this bar is awesome and it helps me to catch a bite even when i am busy.
Kathleen 7/17/2014

Wonderful bar

This was in a goodie bag I was given from ElCamino Hospital,Mt. View Ca. When I was released . Oh these bars are the best I have ever tasted. I can't wait to get more. They are like eating straight nuts. Not the usual gritty texture like other health bars.
The greatest
BellesHoney 6/2/2014

Oh So GOOD!!!

I buy these by the boxful from my local Whole Foods. They are the first "health" bar that I actually enjoy. I recommend the kind products to everyone. If I am too busy at work to stop for lunch I am able to have one of these and not feel an afternoon slump. Thank you Kind!
Lorelie 5/11/2014


I absolutely love this flavor! I have a sweet tooth and this bar satisfies my sweet craving and it is healthy too!
Kathy 3/29/2014


My package not only lists the ingredients, but also has a disclaimer that the bar "contains peanuts and tree nuts. In fairness to the other reviewer, this statement is under the foldover flap. Tasty product.
Michael 3/20/2014

Worth it all!

I must say, i really enjoyed this bar. Recently had gastric surgery and wanted something low on EVERYTHING but high in some things. And it did it. i hate grainy bars and this was by far, the best in a LONG time. Thanks KIND for the KINDness you show in this one! :)
Bruce 2/1/2014


I have one of these in my hand and, try as I might, I can't find a list of ingredients on the package. On the website I find the list includes peanuts. Considering how dangerous peanut allergies are to some people, it's outrageous not to disclose this ingredient on the package of the bar itself. Rubbing salt in the wound, the package says the bar contains "ingredients you can see." See, but not read, so you have to be botonist to be able to figure out the ingredients by looking at them.
Kayre 6/12/2013

Absolutely Yummy

I love that something so low in sugar AND without artificial sweetners is slow full of flavors and so good. So many good-for-you bars are bland and this one is not so at all! My only wish would be for the soy leichtin to be GMO free, otherwise, this rates a perfect score!
Bob D 5/23/2013


Very tasty bar just a little bit chewy. Definitely satisfying and at only 4g sugar no spike like other bars. Can wait to try some of the other new flavors
Sylvia 3/4/2013

Leave out the Peanuts

Without Peanuts my husband - who has a Peanuts Allergy (like a LOT of people), would be able to taste this wonderful bar. Please make a low sugar (4g per bar) snack without peanuts.
Sylvia 3/4/2013

Low Sugar

I am so happy that you finally made a product that is low in sugar. I encourage you to make more products that have only 4g per bar. That is exactly what we need.
Keep on the good work! Sylvia
Danni D. 2/14/2013

Okay, but kinda dull

I like it but not enough to ever buy it again. Just not strong enough on flavor for me.
Pam 2/13/2013

RE: nut allergy

I just had to comment to the poster that has a nut allergy and then bought a Madagascar Vanilla ALMOND bar and surprised that she had a reaction. Really?? It's not the company's fault. It clearly says almond and you can see them through the packaging. Shaking my head~
Laura 2/6/2013


I picked this bar up at the grocery store I work at and decided I would try it since we are promoting them in front of every register and the madagascar vanilla almond was my choice! I fell in love with it, it is satisfying and definitely calmed my hunger.ill defnitely be buying a case yummmm. Thanks kind snack!
Marylin V 1/27/2013


I have celiac disease. Since these bars are gluten free they are perfect for my diet and satisfy my need for a sweet treat that is also healthy.
Kenny Mc 1/25/2013

Delicious, but a bit HARD.

So delicious! Don't really know how anyone could be confused with the name...haha
Wish it was a little more chewy and less hard, but the taste is amazing.
patty burks 1/20/2013

Misled by package

I have a nut allergy. Bought a bar named Madagascar Vanilla Almond assured by liking prior purchases i.e. (macadamia apricot and cranberry almond which are thoroughly enjoyed.....I experienced an allergic reaction with this bar. Mislead by the packaging name. After tending to the reaction...itchy tongue and throat....then stomach discomfort with baking soda...I had to let you know that you should be careful that your bar names reflect the ingredients and enjoyment of the bars.
Tiffany 1/20/2013


I love the fact that it only has 4grams of sugar! Now a days it's hard to find a healthy, quick, and tasty treat that isn't packed with sugar. This bar has enough protein to keep me full and satisfy my sweet tooth!so happy I found them!
Ginger Baker 1/11/2013


Love, love this flavor but can onky find individual bars at the local Acadeey store when they have this flavor in stock. Wish they were sold in boxes of 24 or 35 in the stores,
Bonnie 12/12/2012

Delicious and Satisfying

I purchased several nutrient bars at my local health food store to see which ones I would like the best. By far, Kind's Madagascar Vanilla Almond won hands down. My husband recently had surgery and I was in the waiting room with nothing to eat. I then found a bar I had in my pocketbook, and it saved the day, refreshing and energizing me. Thank you, Kind, for making this delicious, low sugar, high fiber bar.
Corine 12/6/2012

Delicious and low sugar!!

Thank you so much for your Madagascar Vanilla Almond flavor. I need low-sugar options and your bar is absolutely delicious and satisfying, I can't believe it only has 4 grams of sugar, and it also has 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein!! Keep it up, you have a loyal fan :-).
Mariano 11/13/2012

Awesome Stuff

Fits in a pocket and the taste is fantastic.
Curtis 7/20/2012


The list of ingredients contains all the different nuts included in the bar.
Renee 5/31/2012


I just ate the FREE bar that was sent to me by KIND (Thank you). It was so YUMMY! The vanilla is not overpowering but adds a hint of exotic flavor. Please make minis!!!
Dana H 5/30/2012


Just got a sample of this in the mail yesterday, so I had it for breakfast today. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! This bar will definitely be on my order in the near future!! LOVE KIND BARS!!!
Lisa 5/22/2012

re:name of bars

It would be nice if a bar contains more than1 single nut that it be stated in the name of the bar. I was all excited to try it but now am not able to because I'm allergic to the other nuts included...such a bummer....

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