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May 03rd, 2013

bike through car-free New York City with the 5 Boro Bike Tour

By KIND Editor

Racing over the Brooklyn Bridge, descending into traffic in front of New York City Hall, New Yorkers dream about biking through Manhattan without the honking of taxis or the constant threat of cars.

Next Sunday, May 5th, the dream becomes a reality during the annual 5 Boro Bike Tour. Thousands of bicyclists will be taking over the streets of New York City on a car free, 40-mile ride through all five boroughs.

Bicycling has become a more vital and viable option for transportation in cities around the world with city governments opening up more bike lanes (over 300 miles in New York City over the past five years alone) and public bike sharing systems installed in places as diverse as Miami, Minneapolis and Washington DC. Simultaneously, bicycle culture has gone mainstream with advocacy groups and style blogs dedicated to promoting the lifestyle. Not only is biking an emission-free way to travel, it is a fantastic excuse to get daily exercise and interact with your environment from a fresh perspective.

Join in on the fun with the 5 Boro Bike Tour. It is exhilarating to ride across five bridges, cruise through Central Park, take in the view from the Staten Island Ferry and pedal down a car-free 6th Avenue with 32,000 other bicyclists. This year’s event will conclude in Staten Island with an outdoor festival.

Don’t forget to grab a KIND bar on your way to the starting line this year—we’re the official snack sponsor for this year’s ride. And although regular registration is at capacity, there are still opportunities to participate. Ride or donate to one of the 43 charity teams and raise money for a great cause. And no matter where you live, make bicycling a part of your life—check out for other great biking events around the country!

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