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September 17th, 2013

Color Run: Crazy for Haysie

By Sarah Hillyard

Today we wanted to highlight a very special young man and fantastic Color Runner. This is Hays Monsour.

Hays was diagnosed with kidney disease at 18 months old, leaving him in the Children’s Hospital and close to death several times. He miraculously recovered, but after eight years of fighting the disease, his kidney function kept decreasing.

At eight years old, he needed a kidney transplant. Again, nothing was easy and Hays and his family tried to wait patiently. After three disappointing candidates, a lifelong friend of his mother was approved as a donor.

Team “Crazy for Haysie,” over 15 family and friends, completed The Color Run to celebrate Hays’ success and health.

Their team writes, “[Hays] and his family have been an inspiration to our entire community and we run for him and for our celebration of God’s healing power.”

Thanks to Hays and his team for showing us what it means to “Do the KIND Thing!” We are certainly Crazy for Haysie.

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