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January 14th, 2014

do the KIND thing: 3 tips for a healthy New Year

By KIND Editor

I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you that the holidays are crazy and full of opportunities to do terrible things to your body. Late nights, cookies, eggnog, bourbon, putting your running shoes in the closet and pretending like they never existed. It’s all cheery and fun until somebody gets bloated, sick and fatigued. Why do we do this to ourselves?? (hint: cookies are delicious) Luckily, there are so many ways to be kind to your bod post-holiday. We at the Wanderlust headquarters have been helping each other be good to ourselves in a couple of fun, easy, even cheery ways!

Easy Office Workouts
Not everybody has space in their office to get in a workout, but we are so lucky at Wanderlust Festival HQ to work in a big open room with space for yoga mats and jumping jacks. A couple weeks ago, my lovely exercise-enthusiast coworker Isabelle suggested that we all try out Physique 57—a bar method exercise (read: you get to pretend you’re a ballerina while you work out!)—in our office after work one evening. Once the bosses were on their way home, we all put on our stretch pants, popped in the Physique Express DVD (only 30min long) and got started. Now, we’re all yoga people, so you’d think we could handle thirty minutes of a workout DVD…BUT IT WAS SOOOO HARD! At the end of the workout we were all exhausted, sore and smiling. It was so nice to get in a real workout in the middle of holiday madness. Now we’ve made our after work group exercise time a little family tradition! Together, we’re doing the kind thing for our bodies, and we get the added perk of team building at the same time! Win!

Flu-Fighting Foods with Friends
‘Tis the flu season, folks. Luckily, ‘tis also stew season! And stew fights flu! Last year I got a gorgeous Le Creuset stew pot and started hosting stew parties at my house. I have each friend bring a vegetable and then we throw them all in the pot, whip up some stew, and enjoy a cozy night in together. It’s a great way to hang with your buddies without spending the night yelling over the music at a crowded bar, staying out late and spending all your holiday dollars. I always make a point of adding lots of garlic, ginger and turmeric to the stew to amp up the flu-fighting factor. When I’m not slurping down stew, I am kind to my body throughout the season by avoiding most processed sugar, wheat and dairy. KIND bars are a perfect snack (I particularly like the maple pumpkin seed KIND healthy grains bars) making it easy for me to be kind to my body between stew parties! We keep them stocked in the office and try to help each other exercise the willpower to not scarf them all down the minute we open the box.

De-Stress While You’re In the Middle of Stressing Out
After shopping for gifts, traveling, hosting parties and all the other relatively fun stuff that comes with the holidays, you’re now back at work. Coming out of the holiday fun, you might find yourself stressed out. At Wanderlust HQ, we are all super committed to living a low stress, happy life, so we make an effort to help each other de-stress during the day. Walking over to your coworker’s desk to chat and laugh for a minute between emails can do a world of good to bring the stress level down for everyone. Because we’re all buddies over here at Wanderlust, we’ll actually give each other little mini shoulder massages during the day. Taking your hands off the keyboard, closing your eyes, and taking a couple of deep breaths really does do all the good stuff they say it does. You immediately feel calmer, more even, and refreshed. Seriously, try it sometime! (Like maybe right now!)

What are you all doing to be kind to yourself and others during this season? Bringing health into your office life? Maybe getting out there and doing some volunteering? Whatever it is, I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and each other, and that all your days are healthy and bright!

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