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June 24th, 2014

do the KIND thing: 3 tips to travel like a pro

By KIND Editor

With summer in the air, wanderlust fever is sure to follow. Any big plans to hit the open road or jet set off to a distant land are sure to be accompanied by some potential fears of the unknown. No worries! I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know on how to ‘travel like a pro,’ so you can be fully equipped to Do the KIND Thing whether at home or abroad.

Eat: As much as you may want to stick to your usual diet in whichever distant land, do yourself a favor and eat like a local. Go to the local market to scout the produce and other fresh goodies. Strike up conversation with the vendors about their food. In my experience, you learn so much about a location by its marketplace and the vendors who hold its history. When eating out, ask your waiter what the restaurant or region is known for, and try it. Coming from a self-proclaimed foodie, this is truly one of the best ways to experience a culture.

Speak: Try your best to speak the language. Ok, ok you may not be a linguistic genius, and I’m not saying you have to be, but at the very least, download an app with the basics for getting around and learn a few phrases. Whatever you do, do not use an app that speaks or point your device in the face of who you are trying to speak to. This is a major travelling no, no, and beyond that, it’s very rude. Try your hand at the local dialect and don’t be afraid to look silly. In my traveling experience, I’ve learned that native people really appreciate the willing heart of a visitor and will be more inclined to help you, welcome you, educate you, and celebrate you. Willingness + Gratitude melts hearts and dismantles pre-conceived opinions.

Do it like a local: What’s the local mode of transport? What is the common pastime?
Wherever you are in the world traveling, do your best to live like the locals while in that place. Don’t assume your way of living is “the right way,” appreciate the variety the world has to offer, and dive in. You learn so much more about a culture, a city, a new way of being, and even yourself when you choose to see and experience life from another perspective.

Where are you traveling off to this summer? How will you Do the KIND Thing on your trip? Share your travel tips with the #kindawesome hashtag.

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